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Who owns bending winery?

Who owns bending winery?

Dr. Bob Young

Bending Branch Founder and Co-Owner Dr. Bob Young spoke about our winemaking processes, and General Manager Jennifer McInnis Fadel led a wine tasting for the 250 attendees. Bending Branch Enologist and Texas A&M alumna Allison Thomason also attended and assisted with the event.

Does Bend Oregon have wineries?

Wine tasting in Bend embodies distinctive, fruitful, and diverse flavors with an array of sophisticated wine shops and bars, award-winning local wineries, and events celebrating Oregon’s vintages. We have plenty to offer, even to the most selective oenophile.

Who owns Tedeschi Winery?

Emil Tedeschi
Emil Tedeschi, Founder & Winemaker Emeritus
Emil was born in the Calistoga Hospital and raised on the current winery estate. In his early 20’s, with a thirst for adventure, he traveled the globe and landed in Hawaii.

What is a montage wine?

$29.99/bottle. Apple dessert wine aged in bourbon barrels fortified with apple brandy distilled from estate grown apples. Smooth, warm and inviting with hints of vanilla and caramel.

What kind of wine is Tannat?

red wine grape
Tannat is a red wine grape, historically grown in South West France in the Madiran AOC, and is now one of the most prominent grapes in Uruguay, where it is considered the “national grape”.

Is bend in Willamette Valley?

Bend may seem marooned in the high desert of central Oregon, but the city is a veritable playground, built to entertain both outdoors and in. Oregon’s biggest city outside the Willamette Valley, Bend is a sheer paradise when it comes to outdoor recreation and the activities that naturally follow: eating and drinking.

What kind of wine is Montrachet?

Montrachet (pronounced Mon-rashay; French pronunciation: ​[mɔ̃ʁaʃɛ]) is an Appellation d’origine contrôlée (AOC) and Grand Cru vineyard for white wine made of Chardonnay in the Côte de Beaune subregion of Burgundy.

What wine is the healthiest to drink?

Pinot Noir
Pinot Noir is rated as the healthiest wine because of the high levels of resveratrol. It is made of grapes with thin skin, has low sugar, fewer calories, and low alcohol content.

Is Tannat wine good for you?

Tannat has been touted as one of the “healthiest” red wine grapes, thanks to much higher levels of antioxidants (like resveratrol). Newer Tannat vine clones are improving this wine. They maintain power, structure, and complexity, but roll back the frisky acidity and heavy-handed fruit profile.

Why is Bend Oregon so popular?

There are endless amounts of hiking trails and biking trails. You can go mountain climbing, skiing, fishing, boating, exploring, and more. Bend is located in the high desert region of Oregon but sits near the Deschutes Forest. It has the best of all worlds in a geographical sense.

What is so special about Bend Oregon?

Bend is world-famous for both its outdoor pursuits and pristine beauty. You can catch an art exhibit, dine at an award-winning restaurant, spoil yourself at one of our many spas, or trek the legendary Bend Ale Trail, the largest beer trail in the West.

Is Pouilly Fuissé Chardonnay?

Pouilly-Fuissé is a dry white wine made from Chardonnay grapes. It is pale and refreshing, often quite delicate, and often shows a clear oak influence. On average these wines sell for much less than the white wines of Côte de Beaune to the north.

What kind of wine is Petrus?

red wine
Pétrus is a Bordeaux, France, wine estate located in the Pomerol appellation near its eastern border to Saint-Émilion. A small estate of just 11.4 hectares (28 acres), it produces a red wine entirely from Merlot grapes (since the end of 2010), and produces no second wine.

Which alcohol is good for high blood pressure?

One study found that three glasses of nonalcoholic red wine a day over a month led to a significant drop in blood pressure in men with heart disease risk factors. But men who drank red wine with alcohol, or 3 ounces of gin, had no change in their blood pressure.

Which wine is good for weight loss?

Red Wine for Weight Loss Benefits
According to researchers, drinking red wine in moderation can actually help you in your weight loss journey. How does it work: As per researchers, drinking two glasses of red wine can help you in losing weight.

What is Tannat similar to?

With its roots in Madiran (a tiny village in South West France), Tannat might be the next Malbec. Why? Well, it has more gusto than Cabernet Sauvignon, and Tannat wines from up-and-coming Uruguay are surprisingly affordable!

Is Tannat the same as Malbec?

To my palate, Tannat wins out over Malbec. Both have a similarly smooth power and broad-shouldered character, but the best Tannats also come with a rich complex of berry, spice, and dark, earthy-stony flavors perked up by juicy acidity. The problem with the grape for winemakers is how to tame all that tannin.

Is Bend Oregon expensive?

According to, the cost of living in Bend, Oregon, is 5.5% higher than the average for the rest of the country. Energy costs are higher by 26.1%, and transportation by 5.3%.

Is Bend Oregon worth visiting?

Bend is a darling little mountain town nestled at the base of the Cascades, along the Deschutes River in Central Oregon. And with its many rivers, mountains, hiking trails, lakes, and clear, crisp, high desert climate, it is the ideal home for adventure-lovers.

Is Bend Oregon expensive to live?

What does Pouilly mean in French?

noun. : a dry white burgundy from an area west of Mâcon, France.

What does Pouilly-Fuissé mean in English?

a dry white burgundy
Definition of Pouilly-Fuissé
: a dry white burgundy from an area west of Mâcon, France.

Why is Petrus so expensive?

The main reason why Petrus wine is so expensive is because of its rarity. It consists entirely of Merlot grapes grown in iron-rich clay soil, a unique factor that isn’t found in any other vineyard in the area!

What is the oldest wine you can drink?

Oldest Wine on the Market: 1796 Lenox Madeira
The oldest wine on the market is a collection of 1796 Lenox Madeira discovered in 2015 in the Liberty Hall Museum – part of the Kean University campus in New Jersey.

What is the average blood pressure for a 70 year old?

The ideal blood pressure for seniors is now considered 120/80 (systolic/diastolic), which is the same for younger adults. The high blood pressure range for seniors starts at hypertension stage 1, spanning between 130-139/80-89.