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Who is Sephiroth in love with?

Who is Sephiroth in love with?

He develops a messiah complex, proclaiming to be “the chosen one” destined to lead the planet. He becomes sadistic and enjoys mentally torturing Cloud. Sephiroth is devoted to Jenova and her cause, even though her body serves as little more than his avatar.

Did Sephiroth appear in Kingdom Hearts?

Physical Appearance

Sephiroth’s appearance in both Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II is largely the same as his appearance in the various games of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, though with a few significant differences.

Is Sephiroth Cloud’s heartless?

Cloud is a Nobody and Sephiroth is his Heartless… And they used to be Zack! : r/KingdomHearts.

Why does Cloud look different in Kingdom Hearts?

In Kingdom Hearts II, Cloud is dressed in his Final Fantasy VII Advent Children attire, his hair also having changed to reflect his movie counterpart’s. He wields his Fusion Swords from Advent Children as well, though it is bandaged like the Buster Sword.

What race is Sephiroth?

Sephiroth (Final Fantasy)

Race Human
Weapon Masamune
Class SOLDIER 1st Class

What kind of angel is Sephiroth?

While Sephiroth may view himself as a God, he more likely represents a fallen angel.

Can Sephiroth beat Sora?

peak Sora vs peak Sephiroth. Sora can use Donald, Goofy, Ultima Weapon, Master form, and rage form. Sephiroth takes it. Even though you canonically “beat” him in KH2 (sora doesnt recognize sephy making the fight in 1 noncanonical) he was holding back and is hardly bothered by it, stating only Cloud can defeat him.

Who is harder unknown or Sephiroth?

Unknown appeared in the first game and is considered by many gamers to be even harder than Sephiroth. This is due to the fact that he was an incredibly fast opponent that can even summon a force field to push back Sora while dealing damage at the same time.

Why does Cloud have bandages on his sword?

to hold back the power,cause his blade can seperate into like 5 smaller swords, so the bandages hold it together so that when it is used with great force, it wouldn’t seperate or something like that…

Are Cloud and Sora related?

Cloud and Sora CANNOT be related.

Is Cloud white or Japanese?

Cloud Strife
Voiced by English Steve Burton (2002–18) Cody Christian (2020–present) Major Dodson (2020, young) Japanese Kenyu Horiuchi (Ehrgeiz, arcade version) Nozomu Sasaki (Ehrgeiz, home console version) Takahiro Sakurai (2002–present) Yukihiro Aizawa (Final Fantasy VII Remake, young)
In-universe information
Race Human

Why does Sephiroth have 1 Wing?

So he didn’t fully die and wasn’t able to be completely taken over by Jenova either, as he had become too formidable. The wings in Sephiroth’s final form, “Safer Sephiroth” are a result of his fusion with Jenova, hence why he has the one black wing.

What is Sephiroth weak to?

Since Sephiroth will rotate between absorbing and being weak to different elements throughout the latter part of the fight, it’s best to avoid using Elemental on your weapon, so use it on Cloud (or Barret, although that’s a gamble) and bind it to Ice or Fire.

Can Noctis beat Sephiroth?

Noctis might not be able to match up against Sephiroth when it comes to magic, but this doesn’t mean he’s weak. His physical power and warping abilities is more than enough to take on Sephiroth.

Why is Cloud’s sword so big?

It seems the sword is only as big as it is due to Angeal’s father having the best intentions for his son, but not necessarily knowing what makes for a practical sword, having been poor and likely not well-versed in such matters.

What is Cloud’s sword called?

The Buster Sword (バスターソード, Basutāsōdo?) is a weapon that first appeared in Final Fantasy VII and has since appeared in several other games in the series. It is Cloud Strife’s trademark weapon, and was wielded before him by Zack Fair and Angeal Hewley.

Does Cloud have a wing?

Other appearances
As a sign of the dark powers he is using in the series, as well as his connection to Sephiroth, Cloud Strife bears a demonic black wing from his left shoulder. Squall, known in the series as “Leon”, has two red wings on the back of his jacket as an allusion to Rinoa.

Does Cloud Strife have a child?

The story was set eight to twelve years down the line from Final Fantasy VII, Cloud and Tifa were living together with a child(Denzel and were likely married as well. Cloud’s involvement with investigating the disappearing children wasn’t just him being a good Samaritan, his son was missing.

How tall is Cloud’s sword?

Judging by Cloud’s official height of five-foot-seven, fans have calculated the Buster Sword to be about six feet long and one food wide. In-universe, the blade was originally created for a SOLDIER named Angeal Hewley, who passed it down to Final Fantasy 7’s Zack Fair, who then gave it to Cloud.

What made Sephiroth evil?

In the original Final Fantasy 7 he is evil because of his intentions to use Meteor. In his past Sephiroth had no goals and no purpose; he simply did what Shinra asked of him. It is good to have something to fight for, but Sephiroth should have just made it a morally just cause.

Is Cloud a clone of Sephiroth?

Cloud isn’t a Sephiroth clone, he had the cells implanted in him after he was born and grown up. Whereas Sephiroth had the cells implanted in the womb.

How tall is Safer Sephiroth?

Sephiroth (Final Fantasy)

Species Human
Height 6’1″
Weight 38 lbs
Alignment Chaotic Evil

Can Kratos beat Sephiroth?

Kratos grabbed the wing, and with a swift motion, ripped the wing out of Sephiroth’s body. He grasped the hilt of the Blade of Olympus, and pulled it out of Sephiroth. He than stabbed the blade through Sephiroth’s throat, beheading him.

Can Sephiroth beat Superman?

Sephiroth’s magic would do a lot of damage to Superman. However, Superman has been able to defeat magic users before. Both men have a wide variety of powers but Superman is pretty much Sephiroth’s superior in every way except for Sephiroth’s magic and that will make a huge difference.

How heavy would Cloud’s sword be?

Vsauce3’s Joey Roper estimated the weapon would weigh about 60 pounds if made of high-carbon steel, but Roper also calculated a weight as low as 20 pounds if it were instead made of a zinc-aluminum alloy.