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What is the most popular topic on Twitter?

What is the most popular topic on Twitter?

Twitter Trends – United States

S.No. Topic/Hashtag Tweet Volume
1 Giants 118,030
2 Giants 118,030
3 Daniel Jones 16,869
4 CeeDee 50,943

How do you see No 1 trending on Twitter?

On Twitter’s mobile apps, you can find Trends listed under the Trends section of the Explore tab when signed in to on a desktop or laptop computer, Trends are listed in many places, including the Home timeline, Notifications, search results, and profile pages.

What are topics on Twitter?

Twitter Topics is a Twitter setting that allows users to select and follow trends they’re interested in from a list of Topics. When a user follows a Topic, more news and related tweets will show up in their regular Twitter timeline.

How do I find the popular topics on Twitter?

In general, you can find Twitter trending topics on your homepage feed, by clicking on the “Explore” tab, and then you can navigate to the trends section, to explore what are the latest trending hashtags and topics.

What topics are trending right now?

With that, here is a collection of trending topics worth keeping an eye on:

  • Tiktok ads. 5-year search growth: 9400%
  • Digital Twin. 5-year search growth: 266%
  • Fasting Tea. 5-year search growth: 100%
  • Prime gaming. 5-year search growth: 7000%
  • Cat toothpaste. 5-year search growth: 40%
  • Brightwheel.
  • Alivecor.
  • Drunk elephant.

What is trending Twitter now?

Realtime India Twitter Trends

#WorldTourismDay Trending since 1 hrs, 14 mins. #59thSelfRealizationDay Trending since 11 mins. Purn Guru Kripa Mili Trending since 11 mins. Public Demand Justice 4SSR Trending since 41 mins.

How do you find trending topics?

Here are 14 of the best sources to help you find out what’s trending.

  1. Google Trends. Google Trends is the gold standard for identifying trending search topics in your industry.
  2. Exploding Topics.
  3. SparkToro Trending.
  4. FrontPageMetrics.
  5. Feedly.
  6. Podcast Notes.
  7. Buzzsumo.

What hashtags are trending today?

Use this list to find new related hashtags for your posts

  • #trending- 100.00%
  • #viral- 24.60%
  • #instagram- 26.27%
  • #instagood- 22.81%
  • #explore- 16.05%
  • #love- 21.74%
  • #tiktok- 15.14%
  • #explorepage- 14.95%

What is trending on Twitter now?

Purn Guru Kripa Mili. 88K. have a safe flight yoongi. Prasad. द्वितीय स्वरूप

Who is the best to follow on Twitter?

15 Best People to Follow on Twitter: A Guide for 2021

  1. Naval Ravikanth (@naval)
  2. Buzzfeed (@BuzzFeed)
  3. The Economist (@TheEconomist)
  4. Kamala Harris (@kamalaharris)
  5. Funny Or Die (@funnyordie)
  6. Darth (@darth)
  7. Elon Musk (@ElonMusk)
  8. Kinda Funny Vids (@KindaFunnyVids)

What topics are trending today?


  • Sputnik V.
  • Surgical strike.
  • Balakot Airstrike.
  • Tokyo Olympic.
  • Covaxin.
  • Cyclone.
  • Amarnath Yatra.
  • Loni Assault Case.

What is trending twitter now?

What is the hot topic of 2022?

Vaccines. And our number one hot topic for the summer of 2022 – it’s vaccines. As we have all seen in recent years, vaccines are a key mitigation strategy against viruses.

What is the most trending topic in 2022?


  • Leading Through Change & Uncertainty.
  • Adapting to the Changing Workplace.
  • Managing Obstacles, Overcoming Adversity, & Thriving in Uncertainty.
  • Sparking Innovation.
  • Diversity & Inclusion.
  • Maintaining Positivity, Balance, & Mental Health.
  • Experiences & Entertainment.

What topics are Trending right now?

What is the most tweeted hashtag in history?

Guinness World Records celebrated #WorldSocialMediaDay on June 30 and shared some interesting records set on different social media platforms. The global authority shared that the most used hashtag in 24 hours on Twitter is #TwitterBestFandom, which achieved 60,055,339 uses from 16 to 17 March 2019.

What are the hot topics of 2022?

What are the top 3 trending hashtags?

Currently, the 100 most popular Instagram hashtags are as follows:

  • #love.
  • #instagood.
  • #photooftheday.
  • #fashion.
  • #beautiful.
  • #happy.
  • #cute.
  • #tbt.

What hashtag is most popular?

These are the top 50 hashtags on Instagram: #love (1.835B) #instagood (1.150B) #fashion (812.7M)

Who is popular on Twitter?

Most followed accounts on Twitter

Rank Account name Owner
1 @BarackObama Barack Obama
2 @justinbieber Justin Bieber
3 @katyperry Katy Perry
4 @elonmusk Elon Musk

Can you get paid to tweet?

Most content creators on Twitter and other social media platforms make a considerable part of their revenue from sponsored content. You can become a part of sponsored tweet networks, which is where sponsored content is sold. For example, you can post a paid tweet from your Twitter account to sell products.

What’s popular right now 2022?

Pinterest just revealed the biggest trends of 2022—here’s what to…

  • Pearlcore. Pearls are all the rage this year, based on Pinterest’s report.
  • Luxury laundry rooms.
  • Nightdresses.
  • Curved sofas.
  • Biophilic offices.
  • Tiny library rooms.
  • Furniture dog beds.
  • Trendy watches.

What are the most trending topics?

Top 100 trending topics in the U.S.

# Topic
1 yankee game today
2 yankees game today
3 probable pitchers
4 padres game today

What is the most viral tweet ever?

Most Retweeted Tweets Till 2022

S. No. Most Retweeted Tweets of all Time Retweets
1 Giveaway 100 Million Yen 4 Million
2 Giveaway 1 Million Yen 3.3 Million
3 A man needs his nuggs 3.28 Million
4 The Last Goodbye 2.9 Million

What is the most liked tweet ever?

The honour of the most liked tweet ever is with late actor Chadwick Boseman, whose death announcement on Twitter has a whopping 7.1 million “likes”. The “Black Panther” actor died in August 2020 and his family had posted a statement from his Twitter account announcing his demise.