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What does Mataitai mean?

What does Mataitai mean?

What is a mātaitai? A mātaitai is a way to recognise and provide for traditional fishing through local management. They allow customary and recreational fishing but usually don’t allow commercial fishing.

How many blue cod are you allowed?

two blue cod

This system reduces the recreational daily blue cod limits to two blue cod per person in ‘red’ areas, which are the areas at most risk of localised depletion, and higher limits of 10 and 15 in ‘orange’ and ‘green’ areas respectively, which hold healthier stocks of blue cod.

What is Maori customary fishing?

Māori customary fishing is legally defined as fishing using a permit issued by a Kaitiaki (guardian), for a cultural occasion. The ability of mana whenua to provide their specialty kai moana to visitors enhances the mana of the marae and people.

What is a Taiapure?

Taiāpure (local fisheries) – estuarine or coastal areas that are significant for food, spiritual, or cultural reasons. They allow all types of fishing and are managed by local communities.

What is Rohe Moana?

A coastal and marine area over which an iwi or a hapū exercises its mana and its kaitiakitanga. Kaitiaki are appointed for the management of customary food gathering within the area/rohe.

What is the East Otago Taiapure?

The East Otago Taiāpure. The East Otago Taiāpure (established 1999) is home to a rich range of species and habitats. The area has long been valued by both Māori and non-Māori fishers. Kati Huirapa Runaka ki Puketeraki have chosen to exercise their chieftainship through a community-based taiāpure management committee.

Are blue cod bottom feeders?

They live on the bottom, and adult fish eat almost any animal that comes their way. Blue cod form an important commercial fishery in places such as Stewart Island, where they are caught in baited pots.

What is the difference between cod and blue cod?

Blue cod and cod are from different families of fish and not from the same species. Blue cod is shorter in length than cod and weighs less. Blue cods are blue and green while cod is brownish. Blue cod is found near New Zealand while cod is in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean and the North Pacific Ocean.

What is a Rohe Moana?

Can Māori go fishing?

Fishing today
Māori now own half of New Zealand’s largest fishing company, Sealord. Māori people continue to catch fish in the traditional way. At feasts they enjoy dried flounder, shark-liver sausage and other seafood delicacies.

What are Mataitai reserves?

Mataitai reserves are areas where the tangata whenua manage all non-commercial fishing by making bylaws. The bylaws must apply equally to all individuals. Mataitai reserves may only be applied for over traditional fishing grounds and must be areas of special significance to the tangata whenua.

Can Maori go fishing?

What are Maori customary rights?

Protected customary rights can be granted for a customary activity like collecting hāngi stones or launching waka in the common marine and coastal area. A protected customary right lets the applicant group carry out the protected activity without needing a resource consent.

Who is Brendan Flack?

Brendan Flack
Brendan is Kāi Tahu (Kai Te Ruahikihiki) and a Tangata Tiaki for Kāti Huirapa and Chair of the East Otago Taiāpure Committee. He works as a researcher on Te Tiaki Mahinga Kai and leads research within the East Otago Taiāpure as well as supporting the research team in the field when working in other areas.

What is the best bait for blue cod?

As a result most baits are an option for catching these fish.

  • Best Rigs. The best rig for blue cod is the dropper rig. Jigs, flashers and softbaits work well also. —– Advertisement —–
  • Best Baits. The best baits are any cut bait such as pilchard, skipjack, mullet, squid etc.
  • Best Spots.
  • Best Times. Any time.

What is the best bait for cod?

Cod have large mouths, so hook size may vary, but the bait need not be large—a good sized ocean clam will do for almost any size cod. Other good baits include strip baits of squid, fish, crabs, sand eels, and capelin.

Is Blue cod high in mercury?

There are many species of cod, however. If you were comparing the different types of cod, the cod with the lowest mercury levels is Atlantic cod and Blue cod.

Which cod fish is best?

Fish from Alaska is considered the best choice because the population is healthy. Avoid Pacific Cod from Japan and Russia as those waters have been over-fished.

How many paua can Maori take?

Bag limits
The maximum that one person can have in their possession (including at home) at any one time is: 20 pāua. 2.5kg of shucked pāua (shell removed).

What does the Maori hook mean?

The hei matau, or hook, is said to grant strength, good luck and safe travel to its wearer, and signifies connection to the ocean (or water).

Can Māori customary land be sold?

An interest in Māori land is, like general land, an economic asset that may be used, traded, sold or transferred. However, unlike general land, our Act sets strong rules around ensuring that land stays in the hands of its owners, whānau and the hapū associated with it.

Who can inherit Māori land?

Māori land is owned by either one owner or several owners. In some cases there are hundreds of owners for one block or title1. When an owner dies, it is important to transfer his or her interests to whoever is entitled to receive those interests. Those people are called successors2 and the process is called succession.

What depth do blue cod live at?

Blue cod are: bottom-dwelling fish found at depths of up to 150m. only found in New Zealand waters.

What do blue cod like to eat?

Adult cod eat almost any animal that comes their way -they are opportunistic carnivores with a voracious appetite for a wide variety of marine animals such as pilchards, sprats, mullet, rock cod, red pigfish, mussels and crabs. In one area, 52 different prey species were identified as part of the blue cod diet.

What size hooks are best for cod fishing?

A size 1 B940 is strong enough to land a decent cod. Larger hooks are required for a big cocktail bait (lug/squid or shellfish/crab).