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What causes a no spark condition?

What causes a no spark condition?

Loss of spark is caused by anything that prevents coil voltage from jumping the electrode gap at the end of the spark plug. This includes worn, fouled or damaged spark plugs, bad plug wires or a cracked distributor cap.

What would cause a forklift not to start?

For LPG forklifts, this could indicate the fuel tank isn’t connected properly. Sometimes the rubber seal can become dislodged when the tank is changed. This will need amending or replacing if it happens. A common issue for forklifts that will turn over but won’t start is the spark plugs.

How is no spark problem diagnosed?


If the engine has no spark, check for voltage at the coil positive terminal when the ignition key is on. If there is voltage, the problem is on the trigger side of the coil (pickup, crank sensor, ignition module or primary wiring circuit).

How do you check a distributor’s spark?

Pull the coil wire from the distributor and hold it near a ground. Again, have your assistant crank the engine and look for spark from the coil lead. If you have spark, you likely have a problem with your distributor rotor or cap, so you may want to replace them.

What sensors can cause no spark?

A Bad Crankshaft Position Sensor
The crankshaft position sensor monitors the position and rotational speeds of the crankshaft. Without the crank sensor, the engine control module (ECM) wouldn’t know when to fire the fuel injectors and ignite the spark plugs.

Can a ignition control module cause no spark?

stalling: a failing ignition module can occasionally prevent the engine from getting spark, causing it to stall. 4. car won’t start: an engine needs four basic things to run: fuel,compression, spark and exhaust. if the ignition module has failed completely, the vehicle won’t get spark and won’t start.

Why is my propane forklift not starting?

If your propane powered forklift cranks but will not start, especially after replacing the LP tank, check for a “Double O-ring” in the hose connection that screws into the propane tank. There is a sealing O-ring which belongs in the tank fitting. Oftentimes, the O-ring gets stuck in the forklift hose connection.

Is there a fuel filter on a propane forklift?

Many Forklifts and engines are equipped with liquid fuel filters located outside of the tank. These fuel filters require routine maintenance and should be serviced regularly. The smallest speck of dirt can clog a fuel injector resulting in sub-par performance.

What would cause no spark from coil?

There are a few reasons for no spark, new coil pack could be defective, crank sensor, ignition module or bad wire in primary circuit, faulty ECM/PCM. You may have to have a good technician have a look, diagnose and estimate repair.

Why do I have power to my coil but no spark?

How does a propane fuel system work on a forklift?

The Mechanism of a Propane Forklift
The gas is pushed into the engine where it depressurizes and is converted into vapor. A throttle controls the flow of vapor. Inside the engine, the vapor mixes with air and is ignited by a spark plug, which creates pressure that moves pistons and creates power.

Where is the fuel filter on a propane forklift?

What sends spark to the coil?

The low voltage primary circuit operates at battery voltage (12 to 14.5 volts) and is responsible for generating the signal to fire the spark plug at the exact right time and sending that signal to the ignition coil.

What sensor would cause no spark?

Does a propane forklift have spark plugs?

A throttle controls the flow of vapor. Inside the engine, the vapor mixes with air and is ignited by a spark plug, which creates pressure that moves pistons and creates power. The power helps to turn the wheels and run the hydraulic pump of the forklift.

Does a propane forklift have a fuel filter?

Otherwise, the flow of fuel will be inhibited and the forklift won’t start. At a minimum, propane fuel filters should be changed every 2,000 hours. Changing your forklift’s fuel filter is one of the most important maintenance items for fuel system integrity.

What would cause a coil not to spark?

What causes crank but no spark?

If you do not have any spark, the most common problem is faulty ignition coil/s or a faulty crankshaft sensor. If you have an older car, you might have a problem with the single ignition coil or the distributor.

Where is the spark plug on a forklift?

Tuning up a Forklift – YouTube

Can crank sensor cause no spark?

A failed crankshaft positioning sensor can cause your engine tp have no spark. In most modern ICE engines they all use electronic ignition and engine management systems. Theses systems depend on the signal sent from the crankshaft position sensor to determine what cylinder is coming up on top dead center (TDC).

What would cause spark plugs not to fire?

A spark plug won’t fire properly if its electrodes have been worn thin, if they are covered with combustion deposits or if they’re wet. If the plug has seen many hours of service, the electrodes may just be worn out, and replacing the plug will restore normal engine operation.

Does a propane forklift have a carburetor?

If your forklift was manufactured after 1999, it’ll have a mixer. But if it was made prior to 1999, it’ll have a carburetor. As with regulator troubleshooting, propane carburetor troubleshooting is often a matter of how filled with “gunk” it is.

How does a propane forklift engine work?

What causes a propane regulator to freeze up on a forklift?

During normal operation propane regulators can become covered in frost. This “freezing” of the regulator may be a symptom of an actual problem, but it is typically a sign that the outside humidity is at a level capable of producing condensation.

Does a propane engine use spark plugs?

The ignition and combustion properties of propane are much different than those of gasoline. Engines powered by LNG and CNG should follow these guidelines. Use Iridium finewire spark plugs for best durability.