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What are some famous Christmas quotes?

What are some famous Christmas quotes?

“Christmas is the season of joy, of gift-giving, and of families united.” “Peace on earth will come to stay when we live Christmas every day.” “He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree.” “Like snowflakes, my Christmas memories gather and dance—each beautiful, unique, and gone too soon.”

What is the most quoted Christmas movie?

15 Most Quotable Christmas Movies Of All Time

  • 8 8. Bad Santa.
  • 7 7. A Christmas Carol.
  • 6 6. Home Alone.
  • 5 5. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.
  • 4 4. Elf.
  • 3 3. A Christmas Story.
  • 2 2. The Grinch (both versions) “I must stop this Christmas from coming… but how?”
  • 1 1. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. “Merry Christmas!

What is the famous line from Miracle on 34th Street?

Fred Gailey: “Look Doris, someday you’re going to find that your way of facing this realistic world just doesn’t work. And when you do, don’t overlook those lovely intangibles. You’ll discover those are the only things that are worthwhile.”

What is the famous line Everyone tells Ralphie in A Christmas Story?

But much to his chagrin, everyone from his mom, his teacher Miss Shields, and even Santa himself all tell him the same thing: “You’ll shoot your eye out!” So Ralphie gets creative in his ways to convince everyone that he *needs* the Red Ryder gun, from hiding an ad for the toy in his mother’s magazine, to penning a “ …

What are some short Christmas sayings?

Sincere and Heartwarming Christmas Sayings

  • May your Christmas be wrapped in happiness and tied with love.
  • Christmas is love come down to earth—a precious gift of infinite worth.
  • Christmas is a treasure chest for memories of our innocence.
  • Remember the reason for the season.
  • Let it snow!

What are some cute Christmas quotes?

Cute Christmas Captions

  • “May this Holiday Season sparkle and shine and may all your wishes and dreams come true, Merry Christmas.”
  • “Merry everything and happy always.”
  • “Fairy Lights on Winter Nights.”
  • “It is the Season to Sparkle.”
  • “Christmas Magic is in the air.”
  • “Kindness is Free, Sprinkle that Stuff Everywhere.”

Why ELF is the best Christmas movie?

Elf is the best Christmas film in the world.

  1. Will Ferrell is perfection.
  2. The plot is genuinely inspired.
  3. It’s got James Caan in it.
  4. You’ll be unable to believe that that is, in fact, Zooey Deschanel every time you watch it.
  5. They never did a sequel.

Is Rambo a Christmas movie?

That’s right. The first Rambo movie, released in 1982, could be considered a Christmas movie. The fictitious town of Hope, which John Rambo finds himself in, is clearly decorated for Christmas. See: the Christmas tree in the police station.

What is the last line in Miracle on 34th Street?

The last line of the film is from defense attorney Fred Gailey, who sees Kris’s cane in the Dream Home and says, on his winning the case for him, “Maybe I didn’t do such a wonderful thing after all.” Note that he does not use “amazing,” but “wonderful.” Hence, the line can be read in one of two ways: a) He realizes …

What does the old man say in Christmas story?

Ralphie as an Adult : [narrating] In the heat of battle my father wove a tapestry of obscenities that as far as we know is still hanging in space over Lake Michigan.

What did Ralphie say when he beats up Scott?

Ralphie says: “oh, fudge!” (Actually the F-dash-dash-dash word). At home, his mother puts a bar of soap in his mouth, one that he dislikes in taste above all others he’s had the opportunity to sample.

What is the best message for Christmas?

Best Christmas Wishes to Write in Christmas Cards

  • This Christmas, you’re the best gift I could ask for.
  • Merry Christmas!
  • Wishing you nothing but the best this holiday season.
  • May your holidays sparkle with joy and laughter!
  • Merry Christmas!
  • May the true spirit of Christmas shine in your heart and light your path.

What words describe Christmas?

There are many adjectives that are commonly used to describe christmas including:

  • colourful,
  • sparkly,
  • cute,
  • tasty,
  • hot,
  • jolly,
  • precious,
  • bright.

What is a good Christmas slogan?

Christmas party slogans

Christmas comes but once a year. Join us for some holiday cheer! Come rock around the Christmas tree with us! Let’s let music fill the air and joy fill our hearts.

What do you call a person who loves Christmas?

Several online forum or crowdsourced dictionaries (i.e., Urban Dictionary, Uncyclopedia) have suggested the following words: yulephile, yuletidephile, Christmasphile, and Christougenniatikophile. There is, however, an official word for fear of Christmas, Christougenniatikophobia.

Why are elves so good?

Elf does a great job of focusing on many typical holiday themes but doing so in a fresh and heartwarming way. The movie is about Buddy learning more about family and finding love and acceptance, and these are the themes that are rather timeless when it comes to holiday films.

Why was Elf so popular?

Ultimately, the reason why Elf is the greatest Christmas movie of modern times is that it leaves you with a smile. It’s witty without being vulgar, sweet without being cloying, and as Christmassy as singing loud for all to hear. Elf is available on Sky Cinema.

What was the first ever Christmas movie?

Santa Claus
The first known Christmas movie, and the first-ever on-screen appearance of Kris Kringle, was in 1898’s Santa Claus. This two-minute film came from the U.K., at the very dawn of the film era.

Is Batman and Robin set at Christmas?

While not officially set during Christmas, Batman & Robin is the coolest time you could possibly have during any season.

What does the cane mean at the end of Miracle on 34th Street?

What does Fred mean at the end of Miracle on 34th Street?

It’s the source of an oft-spoofed scene
“The Simpsons” did this bit once, for example. Well, that’s all in homage to “Miracle on 34th Street.” In the movie, Fred, who is representing Kris Kringle in court, has bags and bags of mail for Santa Claus dumped on the judge’s desk as proof that his client is the real Santa.

What did Ralphie say?

Ralphie as an Adult : [narrating] Only I didn’t say “Fudge.” I said THE word, the big one, the queen-mother of dirty words, the “F-dash-dash-dash” word!

What does Ralphie say after be sure to drink your Ovaltine?

“Be Sure To Drink Your Ovaltine.” After drinking gallons of Ovaltine Ralphie finally receives his long-awaited Orphan Annie Secret Society decoder pin in the mail.

What did Ralphie call his gun?

Red Ryder BB Gun
One of the most iconic themes from the movie A Christmas Story is, of course, Ralphie’s “official Red Ryder, carbine action, 200-shot, range model air rifle, with a compass in the stock and this thing that tells time.” This line alone is uttered nearly 30 times throughout the movie.

What can I say instead of Merry Christmas?

For friends and family

  • Glad tidings of comfort and joy.
  • Wishing you a season full of Yuletide cheer.
  • May the beauty of the holidays warm your spirit.
  • There’s no place like home for the holidays, but since you can’t be with us…
  • Happy holidays from our family to yours.