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What are some combos on Little Alchemy?

What are some combos on Little Alchemy?

Or you could keep on reading for the first one’s big list of combinations.

  • Acid Rain rain, smoke/rain, smog.
  • Airplane bird, steel/bird, metal.
  • Alarm Clock clock, sound.
  • Alcohol fruit, time/juice, time.
  • Algae water, plant/sea, plant/ocean, plant.
  • Alien life, space.
  • Allergy human, dust.
  • Alligator lizard, swamp/lizard, river.

How do you make all the elements in Little Alchemy in order?


  1. Lava: Combine earth and water.
  2. Energy: Combine air and fire.
  3. Steam: Combine fire and water.
  4. Dust: Combine earth and air.
  5. Mud: Combine earth and water.
  6. Rain: Combine air and water.
  7. Sea: Combine two waters.
  8. Pressure: Combine two air or two earth.

What are the 9 hidden elements in Little Alchemy?

Hidden Gems

Doge, Keyboard Cat, Ninja Turtle, The One Ring, TARDIS, The Doctor, Astronaut Ice Cream, Nessie and Yeti. Careful, being Hidden Gems these creations do not appear in your permanent inventory and must be recreated on your workspace every time.

What is the rarest Little Alchemy item?

The rarest item in Little Alchemy is The Doctor.
Uniquely, it’s so rare that it requires another Hidden Gem element just to make – the TARDIS we mentioned earlier. The Doctor requires 27 combinations to make, starting with Earth and Fire and eventually getting to Life, Moon, Human, and Time.

What is everything you can make in little alchemy?

Complete Element and Ingredient Combination List for Little Alchemy

Resulting Element Ingredient Combination(s)
Armadillo wild animal, armor
Armor tool, metal / tool, steel
Ash volcano, energy
Astronaut human, moon / rocket, human / human, space station / human, space

How do you make man on little alchemy?

Walkthrough for human in Little Alchemy

  1. air + fire = energy.
  2. earth + water = mud.
  3. air + water = rain.
  4. earth + rain = plant.
  5. earth + life = human.

What is the final item in little alchemy?

Final Elements in Little Alchemy are those that can’t be combined with any other. Obsidian is an early example of these, but there are plenty of others you can find by mercilessly mixing the elements.

How do you make a villain in Little Alchemy 2?

Creating Evil in Little Alchemy 2

  1. Evil + Angel = Demon.
  2. Box + Evil = Pandora’s Box.
  3. Diety + Evil = Demon.
  4. Evil + Heaven = Hell.

What is the last element in Little Alchemy?

How do you make Batman on Little Alchemy?

Human and Bat = Batman

Can you make Godzilla in Little Alchemy?

To create Godzilla in the classic version of Little Alchemy, you’ll need to combine a dinosaur with a city. The fastest way to make a city is to combine village with village, although you can also combine skyscraper with skyscraper.

How do you make a cat keyboard on little alchemy?

How to make Keyboard Cat in Little Alchemy from scratch

  1. Fire and Earth = Lava.
  2. Water and Water = Sea.
  3. Water and Air = Rain.
  4. Air and Air = Pressure.
  5. Water and Earth = Mud.
  6. Fire and Air = Energy.
  7. Pressure and Air = Wind.
  8. Lava and Air = Stone.

How do you make the One Ring in little alchemy?

How to make ring in Little Alchemy?

  1. diamond + gold.
  2. diamond + metal.

How do you make the One Ring in Little Alchemy?

How do you make a cat keyboard on Little Alchemy?

How do you make mummy in little alchemy?

How to make mummy in Little Alchemy 2?

  1. corpse + fabric.
  2. corpse + pyramid.
  3. fabric + pyramid.
  4. human + pyramid.

How do you make a apple of discord in Little Alchemy 2?

Apple of Discord Little Alchemy 2 Cheats

  1. evil + fruit tree.
  2. evil + fruit.

How do you make a villain in little alchemy?

Once you have Human and Pandora’s Box combine them to create Evil and use it to create some more sinister combinations like Demon or Hell.

How do you make legend in little alchemy?

How to make legend in Little Alchemy 2?

  1. big + fairy tale.
  2. big + story.
  3. fairy tale + story.
  4. fairy tale + time.
  5. story + time.
  6. 2 × story.

How do you make Batman on little alchemy?

How do you make King on little alchemy?


  1. human. castle.
  2. excalibur. human.
  3. human. crown.

How do you make Cowin in little alchemy?


  1. livestock + barn.
  2. field + livestock.
  3. livestock + grass.
  4. farmer + livestock.

How do you make an army man in little alchemy?


  1. human + sword.
  2. human + bow.

How do you make Rivulet?

How to make rivulet in Little Alchemy 2?

  1. motion + puddle.
  2. small + stream.

How do you make pie in little alchemy?


  1. dough + fruit.
  2. fruit + cookie dough.
  3. dough + meat.
  4. fruit + baker.
  5. fruit + bakery.