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How to write a personal statement?

When applying to the university every student should write a personal statement, or an application essay, in order to help the Selection Committee to make a decision whether you will be a right person for the studying in the university or not.

What is a personal statement?

The personal statement is a paragraph describing shortly your autobiography, achievements and participation in different activities. The main goal of any personal statement is to persuade the university admissions that you are the exact person they are looking for. The application essay is usually required in many universities because they are overcrowded with entrants and there are excessively many willing to study. Therefore, when the time comes the short essay may be the only thing that will separate you from the failure and success.

What does personal statement consist of?

The Committee will look for the answer to the following most important questions:

  • Why do you want to study at this particular university?
  • Why did you choose this particular specialization?

Those are two main reasons why the personal statements are written in the first place, yet there exist a few more subquestions that you shall give an answer to:

  • Has the student all required qualities to study in this particular university?
  • How well can he adapt to the new conditions?
  • Are his communication skills high enough?
  • How responsible is he?
  • Will he be interested in some particular programs that the university offers?

Those are the main points that should be covered in your personal statement. Beyond all doubt, they differ from one place to another, as all universities have their rules and regulations. Make sure you have browsed all of them before writing your application essay.

What should you write?

When answering the two main questions you can write about some specific aspects of the specialization or university that interested you and made you decide to apply for it. You can also write about some literature that you have read or some articles that you may have written yourself. Do not forget about your previous experience if you have any; write about different conferences that you have taken part in, your job experience or some volunteering. You can mention some events of your life that helped you to choose this particular branch of studying.

Then you should write about your skills and qualities that will make you a decent student in this particular area. Describe your personality, your achievements, and your interests. If you are applying for magistracy, you shall concentrate on describing your achievements in the sphere of science and academic spheres. Write everything that may be considered useful to persuade the selection Committee that you are worthy.

Yet do not go overboard and start bragging, as it will have an opposite effect. Your personal statement shall be transparent, sincere and consistent. If you feel that you can not do it yourself, you can always ask for a help of a professional on this site where qualified people are always ready to give you a hand with your writing.


When you are writing a personal statement, you may face a temptation to copy some of it from the variety of samples given on the Internet. Yet you shall remember that the plagiarism is strictly forbidden in any case. Even if you take a few sentences from others essays, your personal statement will not be considered even as a tolerable one. Further on, when you will work on some academic papers you will give sources to any thought and quote you use from the Internet and scientific papers, yet in the personal statement, you should write your own thoughts and experiences, as it is crucially relevant.