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How to write a dissertation

The dissertation is not easy work, because it should contain a new idea, a look at those scientific thoughts that have already been voiced in the scientific world. This is an independent scientific work that has scientific novelty and contributes to the field of knowledge that has been studied.

Let’s consider the main steps for writing a dissertation

  1. Choosing a research supervisor

It’s important to choose a teacher you respect and who will help you at all the stages of your work.

  1. Choosing a dissertation Council

Go by your major subject and your job profile in a certain period of time.

  1. Study of the scientific passport

Based on it dissertation Council makes reception of theses

  1. Object and subject of the research

It is a part of the field of science studied by the researcher, in which the processes and phenomena are not fully understood.

  1. Relevance

Importance of the studied questions is considered. Assessment of timeliness and the necessity of their decision is also made.

  1. The theme of the dissertation

It‘s based on the wording of the object, as well as on the subject of research.

  1. Hypothesis

Form a working hypothesis, which you should put forward and predict the expected result of the work. These scientific principles are submitted to protection, they are confirmed or refuted.

  1. Formulating goals and objectives

Purpose of the work is usually consonant with the theme of the dissertation research. It is only necessary to add typical words at the beginning or end of the phrase: “find…”, “develop…”, “which ensures effective application…” etc. To determine the tasks, you need to determine the stages of your study. Each stage involves the solution of a certain task. Also, the structure of the thesis is formed on the basis of the tasks.

  1. Analysis of literature sources

It is necessary to analyze the scientific works of domestic and foreign authors that correspond to the theme of your thesis. The analysis is carried out in order to identify those issues that have not been sufficiently investigated and need further deep consideration.

  1. Concept

Development of the concept consists of the main characteristics. This is the relevance, goals and objectives, the object and subject of the research, scientific novelty, scientific provisions (they need to be confirmed on the defence), practical significance. It also briefly describes the content of the chapters of the study. The concept reveals the essence of the problem, its depth and expediency.

  1. Consideration of the concept by the scientific supervisor

The researcher presents his vision of the research to the scientific supervisor, and he must work with the members of the Department to develop recommendations that allow to correctly build the course of the study and eliminate the obviously wrong decision.

  1. Writing the dissertation

Finally, you can begin to write the text of the thesis. Clearly, it’s the most laborious part of the work. You can do it on your own or spend less time to find the best dissertation writing service on the Internet.

  1. Structure

Like all kinds of student works, the thesis is written according to the standard rules, in principle, not differing structurally. But in each educational institution there may be minor differences, so you should read these rules.