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Why HTL is used in AEM?

Why HTL is used in AEM?

The purpose of HTML Template Language (HTL), supported by Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), is to offer a highly productive enterprise-level web framework that increases security, and allows HTML developers without Java knowledge to better participate in AEM projects.

Why is the sly element used in HTL?

The SLY Element

A central concept of HTL is to offer the possibility of reusing existing HTML elements to define block statements, which avoid the need of inserting additional delimiters to define where the statement starts and ends.

How do you use HTL?

Use Case. The HTL Java Use-API enables an HTL file to access helper methods in a custom Java class through data-sly-use . This allows all complex business logic to be encapsulated in the Java code, while the HTL code deals only with direct markup production.

How do I find the size of a list in sightly?

length-1); * count: one-based counter (1.. length); * first: true for the first element being iterated; * middle: true if element being iterated is neither the first nor the last; * last: true for the last element being iterated; * odd: true if count is odd; * even: true if count is even.

Why Maven is used in AEM?

What is a Maven project? – Apache Maven is a software management tool to build projects. All Adobe Experience Manager implementations use Maven projects to build, manage and deploy custom code on top of AEM.

What is OSGi in AEM?

OSGi is a fundamental element in the technology stack of AEM. It is used to control the composite bundles of AEM and their configuration. OSGi “provides the standardized primitives that allow applications to be constructed from small, reusable and collaborative components.

What is sightly HTL?

HTL (Sightly) is the HTML templating system for AEM. Our style guide for frontend and backend developers helps to keep your scripts clean and easy to read.

Why is sightly used in AEM?

Sightly is the new AEM 6 template language that can be used to replace the use of JSP when developing an AEM component. Sightly helps you to separate your design from your application logic. Sightly is a simple template language for Adobe Experience Manager that has a strong focus on security.

What is sling in AEM?

AEM is built using Sling, a Web application framework based on REST principles that provides easy development of content-oriented applications. Sling uses a JCR repository, such as Apache Jackrabbit, or in the case of AEM, the CRX Content Repository, as its data store.

What is sly tag in AEM?

HTML elements with the tag name SLY are automatically getting unwrapped and will not be part of the final markup. <!–/ * Bad */–> <div data-sly-include=”content.html” data-sly-unwrap></div> <!–/ * Bad */–> <div data-sly-resource=”${item @ selectors=’event’}” data-sly-unwrap></div> <!–/

How do I use i18n in sightly?

i18n implementation using Sightly

  1. Create a i18n node of type sling:Folder as below.
  2. Create a node of type sling:Folder under i18n of mixin type mix:language and add a property called jcr:language and assign value of lang code as below.

How do you use clientLibs in sightly?

How to use client libs in Sightly

  1. how to include only CSS of clientLibs. <output data-sly-call=”${clientlibInclude.css @ categories=’clientlib1, clientlib2′}” data-sly-unwrap/>
  2. how to include only JS of clientLibs.
  3. how to include both CSS and JS of clientLibs.

Is AEM PaaS or SaaS?

Adobe announced today that Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is now available as a cloud-native SaaS application.

What language is used in AEM?

For custom development for the front end, AEM uses HTL (HTML Template Language). HTL is JSP-like in that it mixes HTML and special directives. It is secure and does not require knowledge of Java to code in it.

What is @inject in AEM?

thisUnlike Like3. Sling Models field injection, @inject, are used to support injection of AEM Library-specific context objects. However, there is an alternative way to inject AEM objects into Sling Models, and its called Constructor Injection.

What is XSS in AEM?

This security vulnerability can be exploited by malicious web users to bypass access controls. AEM applies the principle of filtering all user-supplied content upon output. Preventing XSS is given the highest priority during both development and testing.

HOW include HTML file in sightly?

Inside your component create a template folder(not mandatory but to maintain clean folder structure), under template folder, create a “template. html” file. In “template. html”, have your part-1 and part-2 variations like below.

Why is AEM better than CMS?

AEM streamlines website content management and delivery through modules for website creation, forms, mobile applications, community, and assets. All together, these modules make AEM a great CMS tool. The AEM CMS module allows the company to build sites and manage them from one location.

Is AEM a dam or CMS?

Experience Manager Assets is a cloud-native DAM built for today’s content needs, letting you easily manage thousands of assets to create, manage, deliver and optimise personalised experiences at scale.

What is jackrabbit in AEM?

Apache Jackrabbit Oak is an effort to implement a scalable and performant hierarchical content repository for use as the foundation of modern world-class web sites and other demanding content applications. It is the successor to Jackrabbit 2 and is used by AEM 6 as the default backend for its content repository, CRX.

What is ACL AEM?

AEM WCM uses Access Control Lists (ACLs) to organize the permissions being applied to the various pages. Access Control Lists are made up of the individual permissions and are used to determine the order in which these permissions are actually applied.

Is i18n necessary?

Internationalization (i18n) is an essential part of global software development and needs to be integrated into your workflow from the very beginning. Akio Morita, Sony’s co-founder, coined a phrase that’s the mantra of some of the most successful entrepreneurs: “Think globally, act locally.”

What is the use of i18n?

Internationalization (sometimes shortened to “I18N , meaning “I – eighteen letters -N”) is the process of planning and implementing products and services so that they can easily be adapted to specific local languages and cultures, a process called localization .

Why are Clientlibs used in AEM?

Clientlibs or Client libraries in aem is one of the most widely used features provided by Adobe, it allows us to not only manage our client side resources like ( JavaScript, CSS, images, fonts etc ), but also provide options to debug, minify,merge and gzip the client-side code.

Is AEM a DAM or CMS?