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Who won the 200m in 2008?

Who won the 200m in 2008?

Usain B

Second place for Shawn Crawford, third for Walter Dix. Churandy Martina and Wallace Spearmon are disqualified.

What did Michael Phelps win in 2008?

However, Phelps swam the 100-metre butterfly in an Olympic record time to become the first swimmer to defend an Olympic butterfly title. It also brought his seventh gold at Beijing 2008, which took him level with Mark Spitz then.

What races did Phelps win in 2008?

Michael Phelps swims to win the men’s 200m individual medley final at the National Aquatics Center during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games in Beijing on Aug. 15, 2008. Clinching his sixth gold medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Michael Phelps competed in the men’s 200m Individual Medley on Day 7.

Who holds 200m freestyle world record?

Most notable of these suits was the Arena X-Glide, and 100% polyurethane suit that was worn by the current world record holder in 200 in both short course and long course, Germany’s Paul Biedermann.

Who won 2008 Olympics 100m?

Jamaican Usain Bolt
The final was won by Jamaican Usain Bolt in a world record time of 9.69 seconds.

Athletics at the 2008 Summer Olympics – Men’s 100 metres.

Men’s 100 metres at the Games of the XXIX Olympiad
Winning time 9.69 WR
Usain Bolt Jamaica Richard Thompson Trinidad and Tobago Walter Dix United States

Who won the women’s 200m in the 2008 Olympics?

Veronica Campbell-Brown
Athletics at the 2008 Summer Olympics – Women’s 200 metres

Women’s 200 metres at the Games of the XXIX Olympiad
Competitors 46 from 36 nations
Winning time 21.74 s
Veronica Campbell-Brown Jamaica Allyson Felix United States Kerron Stewart Jamaica

Is Michael Phelps the greatest swimmer of all time?

That’s what makes Michael Phelps special. There’s no debate. He’s the greatest swimmer and most decorated Olympian of all time: 28 medals won over four different Olympic Games, 23 of them gold.

How Fast Is Michael Phelps 50 freestyle?

Personal Best Results

Event Time Competition
Men 50 Freestyle 22.93 13th FINA World Championships 2009
Men 4×100 Freestyle Relay 03:08.24 WR Olympic Games Beijing 2008
Men 4×200 Freestyle Relay 06:58.55 WR 13th FINA World Championships 2009
Men 4×100 Medley Relay 03:27.28 WR 13th FINA World Championships 2009

How Fast Is Michael Phelps 25m?

Personal Best Results

Event Time Pool Length
Men 100 Freestyle 47.77 25m
Men 200 Freestyle 01:42.78 25m
Men 400 Freestyle 03:59.16 25m
Men 800 Freestyle 08:06.70 25m

What is Michael Phelps fastest speed?

Olympic gold-medalist Michael Phelps can swim the 200-meter freestyle in approximately 1.42 minutes, which equates to a speed of about 4.7 mph (miles per hour) or 7.6 km/h (kilometers per hour). A sailfish could cover 200 meters in about 10 seconds!

What is Michael Phelps fastest time?

Michael Phelps – 400 I.M. (2008) – 4:03.84
When Phelps touched the wall in 4:03.84, it was clear a special week awaited. Thirteen years later, Phelps’ record has not been sniffed, the closest challenge the 4:05.18 from Ryan Lochte at the 2012 Olympics in London.

Who ran faster than Usain Bolt?

Erriyon Knighton
Olympics news 2022: Erriyon Knighton fastest teenager in the world, 19.49 in 200 metres, faster than Usain Bolt, sprinter, athletics.

Is Usain Bolt still the fastest?

At the record-winning event, Usain Bolt’s average ground speed was 37.58km/h, whilst reaching a top speed of 44.72km/h in the 60-80m stretch – numbers fitting for the world’s fastest man. Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt is regarded as the fastest man on the planet.

Who won the women’s 200m in the 2012 Olympics?

Allyson Felix
Athletics at the 2012 Summer Olympics – Women’s 200 metres

Women’s 200 metres at the Games of the XXX Olympiad
Competitors 54 from 39 nations
Winning time 21.88
Allyson Felix United States Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce Jamaica Carmelita Jeter United States

Who won the men’s 200m at the 2012 Olympics?

Usain Bolt Jamaica
Athletics at the 2012 Summer Olympics – Men’s 200 metres

Men’s 200 metres at the Games of the XXX Olympiad
Winning time 19.32
Usain Bolt Jamaica Yohan Blake Jamaica Warren Weir Jamaica
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How many world records did Michael Phelps break in the 2008 Olympics?

7 world records
World records are often broken, but at the end of the 2008 Olympics Phelps held 7 world records and 1 Olympic record. World Records: 400 m individual medley 4:03.84. 4 x 100 m freestyle relay 3:08.24.

How long can Phelps hold his breath?

22 minutes and 22 seconds
Michael Phelps, smashed his own record of 17 minutes and 28 seconds, clocking up 22 minutes and 22 seconds. He also beat a previous record held by American magician David Blaine, who in 2008 managed to hold his breath for 17 minutes and four seconds on Oprah Winfrey’s talk show.

Who is the fastest 12 year old swimmer?

12-year-old Hollie Widdows shows blistering pace to win Summer Meet gold

  • Men’s 100m Butterfly. Ross Philp held off a fast-finishing Ewan Wilson to win the Men’s 17 Years 100m Butterfly title.
  • Women’s MC 50m Freestyle.
  • Men’s MC 50m Freestyle.

Who is the fastest 13 year old swimmer?

Popovici touched in 46.86 seconds at the European championships to top the time of 46.91 set by Brazil’s César Cielo at the 2009 world championships, which also were held at Rome’s historic Foro Italico.

What is Michael Phelps 100 free time?

Leading off the United States’ 400 freestyle relay on March 25, Phelps popped a 48.42 clocking for the 100 freestyle. Out in 23.46, the face of the sport came home in 24.96 to put the American squad in command, ahead of Canada (Brent Hayden – 48.55) and Brazil (Cesar Cielo – 48.63).

How fast can a normal person swim?

about 2 miles per hour
The average swimmer can move at a speed of about 2 miles per hour, which is about the same as taking 56 seconds to swim a 50 metre length of a pool.

Is Usain Bolt faster than a cheetah?

A cheetah is 45 miles per hour faster than Usain Bolt. While the answer may not surprise you, Usain Bolt is no match for a cheetah in terms of speed and agility. However, with adequate training, Usain Bolt may have enough endurance to beat a cheetah in an endurance or long-distance competition.