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Who played for the 49ers in 1994?

Who played for the 49ers in 1994?

The 1994 49ers ranked #19 on the 100 greatest teams of all time presented by the NFL on its 100th anniversary.

1994 San Francisco 49ers season
Pro Bowlers 10 QB Steve Young RB Ricky Watters WR Jerry Rice TE Brent Jones G Jesse Sapolu C Bart Oates DT Dana Stubblefield CB Deion Sanders SS Tim McDonald FS Merton Hanks

Who played for the 49ers in 1995?


Pos Player Summary of Player Stats
Offensive Starters
QB Steve Young* 299 for 447, 3,200 yards, 20 td, 11 int, & 50 rushes for 250 yards and 3 td
RB Derek Loville 218 rushes for 723 yards, 10 td, & 87 catches for 662 yards and 3 td
FB William Floyd 64 rushes for 237 yards, 2 td, & 47 catches for 348 yards and 1 td

Who played for the 49ers in the 90s?

1990 San Francisco 49ers Roster

# Player College
79 Harris Barton North Carolina
31 Chet Brooks Texas A&M
96 Dennis Brown Washington
64 Jim Burt Miami (FL)

Who did the 49ers beat in 1995?

the Chargers

The 49ers defeated the Chargers by the score of 49–26, becoming the first team to win five Super Bowl championships. The game was played on January 29, 1995 at Joe Robbie Stadium in Miami, Florida.

Who won NFC Championship 1994?

the San Francisco 49ers
After losing to Dallas in both the 1992 and 1993 NFC Championship Games the San Francisco 49ers got the best of the Cowboys in the 1994 rematch.

Who played for the 49ers in 1996?

The 1996 roster for the 49ers included Steve Young at quarterback, Terry Kirby at running back, Jerry Rice at wide receiver, Brent Jones at tight end and Ray Brown at offensive lineman.

Who played for the 49ers in 1985?


Pos Player Summary of Player Stats
Offensive Starters
QB Joe Montana* 303 for 494, 3,653 yards, 27 td, 13 int, & 42 rushes for 153 yards and 3 td
RB Wendell Tyler 171 rushes for 867 yards, 6 td, & 20 catches for 154 yards and 2 td
FB Roger Craig* 214 rushes for 1,050 yards, 9 td, & 92 catches for 1,016 yards and 6 td

Who were the Forty Niners not the football team?

49er or Forty-Niner most often refers to: A miner or other person that took part in the 1849 California Gold Rush.

Who won the 1994 NFC Championship game?

Who won the 1994 NFL Championship?

San Francisco 49ers
1994–95 NFL playoffs

Dates December 31, 1994–January 29, 1995
Champions San Francisco 49ers
Runners-up San Diego Chargers
Conference runners-up Dallas Cowboys Pittsburgh Steelers
NFL playoffs ← 1993–94 1995–96 →

Who won the 1993 NFC Championship Game?

the Dallas Cowboys
Watch highlights from the Dallas Cowboys 38-21 victory over the San Francisco 49ers at Texas Stadium in the 1993 NFC Championship Game.

Who played for the 49ers in 2000?


Pos Player Summary of Player Stats
Offensive Starters
QB Jeff Garcia* 355 for 561, 4,278 yards, 31 td, 10 int, & 72 rushes for 414 yards and 4 td
RB Charlie Garner* 258 rushes for 1,142 yards, 7 td, & 68 catches for 647 yards and 3 td
FB Fred Beasley 50 rushes for 147 yards, 3 td, & 31 catches for 233 yards and 3 td

Who is number 97 on the 49ers?

Nick Bosa

No. 97 – San Francisco 49ers
Weight: 266 lb (121 kg)
Career information
High school: St. Thomas Aquinas (Fort Lauderdale)
College: Ohio State (2016–2018)

Who played for the 49ers in 1982?

1982 San Francisco 49ers Roster

# Player Birth Date
87 Dwight Clark January 8, 1957
90 Mike Clark March 30, 1959
46 Tim Collier May 31, 1954
49 Earl Cooper September 17, 1957

Who played for the 49ers in 1989?


Pos Player Summary of Player Stats
Offensive Starters
QB Joe Montana*+ 271 for 386, 3,521 yards, 26 td, 8 int, & 49 rushes for 227 yards and 3 td
RB Roger Craig* 271 rushes for 1,054 yards, 6 td, & 49 catches for 473 yards and 1 td
FB Tom Rathman 79 rushes for 305 yards, 1 td, & 73 catches for 616 yards and 1 td

What is a 49er girl?

The “49er Syndrome” is a phenomenon sweeping the Bay Area that originally affected mostly just single females between the ages of 21-35.

What does 49ers stand for?

Sorrell suggested the team be named “49ers” after the voyagers who had rushed the West for gold. It is the only name the team has ever been affiliated with and San Francisco is the only city in which it has resided. The original team logo depicted San Francisco’s wild beginnings.

Who won 1995 NFC Championship game?

SF 49ers
While the 1982 NFC Championship game is special for SF 49ers fans, history shouldn’t forget the dominant 1995 win over the Cowboys. The SF 49ers have had some legendary moments take place in their seven NFC Championship wins over the years.

Did Tony Romo ever won a playoff game?

Tony Romo won twice in the playoffs in his career.

Who won the NFC championship in 1994?

As if that’s not enough to stoke another 49ers-Cowboys bonfire, let’s reintroduce you to an overlooked hero from their last playoff meeting against the Cowboys, that 1994 team’s 38-28, NFC Championship win at Candlestick Park.

Who won the 1992 NFC Championship Game?

Watch highlights from the Dallas Cowboys 30-20 victory over the San Francisco 49ers at Candle Stick Park in the 1992 NFC Championship Game.

Who won the 1995 NFC Championship?

The Dallas Cowboys
The Dallas Cowboys handily defeated the Green Bay Packers, 38 to 27, in the 1995 NFC Championship game on January 14, 1996.

Who is the best 49er of all time?

All-Time Team – San Francisco 49ers

  • 1 / 25. Quarterback – Joe Montana.
  • 2 / 25. Running back – Joe Perry.
  • 3 / 25. Fullback – Roger Craig.
  • 4 / 25. Wide receiver – Jerry Rice.
  • 5 / 25. Wide receiver – Terrell Owens.
  • 6 / 25. Tight end – Vernon Davis.
  • 7 / 25. Offensive tackle – Bob St.
  • 8 / 25. Offensive tackle – Joe Staley.

Who was the 49ers running back in the 90s?

Ricky Watters played for the 49ers from 1992-94. Watters was a very flashy player, but he also wore out his welcome with his brash attitude. Nevertheless, he was very productive in a 49er uniform. Watters carried the football 653 times for 2,840 yards and 25 touchdowns.

Who wore 88 for the 49ers?

Garrett Celek

No. 88
Undrafted: 2012
Career history
San Francisco 49ers (2012–2019)
Career NFL statistics