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Who owns Lecturio?

Who owns Lecturio?

Martin Schlichte is the CEO and Founder of Lecturio, a leading e-learning platform—mainly for medical video education serving students as well as universities and medical institutions.

Where is Lecturio located?

Leipzig, Germany

Headquartered in Leipzig, Germany with teams in the US and Bulgaria and colleagues around the world, Lecturio’s team of 200+ is led by co-CEOs Pascal Bendien and Stefan Wisbauer.

How many users does Lecturio have?

More than half a million learners and educators from more than 175 countries are using Lecturio. Join us on this journey!

What is Lecturio medical?

Lecturio is a medical education resource used by students of medicine and nursing. It is also aimed at students training to become physician assistants, pre-med students and anyone interested in learning more about the core medical sciences.

Is Lecturio completely free?

Do I need to pay to register with Lecturio? You can register your Lecturio account for free, no obligations, no credit card required. Your free account gives you free access to around 20% of all video lectures and quiz questions AND allows you to browse through our ever-growing collection of textbook articles.

Is Osmosis good for medical school?

As a medical student, you’re inundated with so much information, it’s difficult to know what’s important. Osmosis provides you with the right study techniques to help you retain, understand, and study more efficiently throughout med school.

Is Lecturio worth it for medical school?

To conclude, Lecturio is the most comprehensive and exhaustive and has the “best-looking” online platform in terms of user-friendliness. However, the degree of detail is WELL beyond what is high yield and not well suited for focused studying or short study periods.

Do you have to pay for Lecturio?

How do I get Lecturio for free?

You can register your Lecturio account for free, no obligations, no credit card required. Your free account gives you free access to around 20% of all video lectures and quiz questions AND allows you to browse through our ever-growing collection of textbook articles.

Is Lecturio or Osmosis better?

Osmosis (3.8/5) marginally beats Lecturio (3.5/5) in our points rating.

Which is better amboss or Osmosis?

I used both on different years. Without a doubt, I go with AMBOSS. Way better for 3rd year. Osmosis can help with videos second year, but AMBOSS learning cards are way better.

Is Lecturio high yield?

All of our lectures provide the most high-yield knowledge for both standardized exams (MCAT®, USMLE®, COMLEX) and in clinical settings.

How can I get free Lecturio?

At Lecturio you will receive a 24-hour free trial of all courses after registering. After those 24 hours you will be able to watch the free video lectures until you purchase a premium membership plan.

Do I have to pay for Lecturio?

How do I get premium Lecturio?

You can purchase Lecturio Nursing Premium by credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Discover) or debit card (Maestro) or with PayPal. (Please note: Not all currencies can be used for all methods of payment.) If you download our Lecturio Nursing app, you can get Lecturio Nursing Premium from the iTunes Store or Google Play.

Is Lecturio worth it for med school?

Is Osmosis enough for med school?

I’ve been a fan of Osmosis for a couple of years now. It’s helped guide me through a couple of tough med school exams and is still one of my top go-to resources. Even now as an international medical student entering the later years of my medical degree!

What is the best online medical lectures?

The top 10 online resources for medical students

  • Osmosis. Osmosis combines simple videos with fantastic explanations across a wide range of topics, with questions and study notes to help consolidate your knowledge at your own pace.
  • Passmedicine.
  • Amboss.
  • Med Mastery.
  • Dr.
  • Online MedEd.
  • Acland Anatomy.
  • Life in the Fast Lane.

How many hours is Lecturio?

Complete 2,500 challenging USMLE questions using the Lecturio Qbank. Study a total of 650 hours (just 6 hours and 40 minutes per day)

Which YouTube channel is best for medical students?

Osmosis. What is it: Osmosis (YouTube) is a leading medical and health education platform.

  • Alila Medical Media. What is it: Alila Medical Media (YouTube) offers medical illustrations and animations.
  • MedCram.
  • Zero To Finals.
  • Armando Hasudungan.
  • Medicosis Perfectionalis.
  • Can I study medicine for free online? is a privately funded nonprofit and tuition-free virtual medical school. This virtual medical school is open 24/7. is open to anyone with a secondary or high school diploma. We offer programs for those who want to study medicine thru apprenticeship.

    Is Khan Academy good for MBBS?

    Khan Academy Medicine YouTube channel consists of highly-informative educational videos that every medical student should see. The peculiarity of this medical channel is that it provides high-quality, excellently explained lectures on topics that are relevant throughout medical school.

    Which YouTube channel is best for physiology?

    The best YouTube channel for studying physiology is ” Dr. Najeeb ” youtube channel .

    Can I become a doctor at 60?

    There is no age limit for medical school. You can become a doctor in your 30s, 40s, 50s, and even 60s. In the end, medical schools want students who will make good physicians. Age is not a factor.

    What country has free medical school?

    Located in the northeastern region of Sweden, Umea University was founded in 1965, making it one of the oldest educational institutions in the country. For students enrolled domestically, there is the option to study the Medicine and Dentistry programs that are tuition-free.