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Who is Stephen Tompkinson partner now?

Who is Stephen Tompkinson partner now?

Elaine Young (2007–)Stephen Tompkinson / Partner

What happened Stephen Tompkinson?

The 56-year-old, who is best known for playing the title role in the ITV crime drama DCI Banks, is due to go on trial at Newcastle crown court next year. Tompkinson is accused of “unlawfully and maliciously” inflicting grievous bodily harm on a man named Karl Poole on 30 May last year.

Who is Stephen Tompkinson wife?

Nicci TaylorStephen Tompkinson / Wife (m. 2001–2006)

Personal life. He was married to Celia Anastasia and subsequent to the couple’s divorce he became engaged to Ballykissangel co-star Dervla Kirwan. He then married Nicci Taylor, with whom he has a daughter, Daisy Ellen.

How old is Stephen Tompkinson?

56 years (October 15, 1965)Stephen Tompkinson / Age

Why did Ballykissangel end so abruptly?

The show faced a decline in ratings from a peak level of 10 million viewers to 4.8 million and was eventually cancelled in 2001.

Is Stephen Tompkinson married?

Nicci TaylorStephen Tompkinson / Spouse (m. 2001–2006)

Did tompkinson leave Ballykissangel?

Take Ballykissangel. The producers anticipated that Tompkinson and Kirwan would quit after three series, so they started to take steps to ensure that the show ceased to be a star vehicle for them. This delicate evolution will be turned up a few notches in the coming series.

Does Niamh marry Sean in Ballykissangel?

Summary: It is the day before Niamh and Sean’s Wedding and the men of the village are desperate for him to have a stag night.

Why was Assumpta killed in Ballykissangel?

As the fiesty landlady of Fitzgerald’s pub, Assumpta formed a close bond with Father Clifford. At the end of series three it seemed he was finally going to declare his love for her but then tragedy struck when Assumpta was killed by a faulty fuse box.

Where is Stephen Tompkinson from?

Stockton-on-Tees, United KingdomStephen Tompkinson / Place of birth

What happened to Padraig on Ballykissangel?

Peter Caffrey who played troubled village mechanic Padraig O’Kelly left the series in 1999 and suffered a stroke the following year. Mr. Caffrey died in 2008.

What happened to Assumpta Fitzgerald?

Why did Padraig leave Ballykissangel?

Caffrey left Ballykissangel in 1998 after the first four series and, in 2000, ill-health struck again when a stroke left him partially paralysed and with impaired speech.

Why did Father Aiden leave Ballykissangel?

They never mentioned a racing stables in 5 seasons! 2)Where did the Father Aidan go? To say that he felt like “he wasn’t making a difference, so he left”, is abrupt and at odds with the last episode of season 5… 3)Where did Orla go?

What happened to Brian Quigley in Ballykissangel?

Brian Quigley, Doyle’s Ballykissangel character, was written out of the show in the first episode of the final series where Quigley fakes his own suicide, supposedly drowning himself and fleeing to Brazil. The Tony Doyle Bursary for New Writing was launched by the BBC following his death.