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Where are the 2024 and 2028 Olympics?

Where are the 2024 and 2028 Olympics?

Following the decision to award the 2024 and 2028 Games simultaneously, Paris was understood to be preferred for the 2024 Games. On July 31, 2017, the IOC announced Los Angeles as the sole candidate for 2028, with $1.8 billion of additional funding from the IOC, allowing Paris to be confirmed as the host for 2024.

Where will the 2024 Summer Olympics be held?

ParisStade de France
2024 Summer Olympics/Location

Which country will host 2028 Olympics?

Los Angeles2028 Summer Olympics / Location

Where are the next 5 Summer Olympics?

Host cities for Summer and Winter Olympic Games

City Country Year
Pyeongchang South Korea 2018
Tokyo Japan 2020
Beijing China 2022
Paris France 2024

Who will host 2032 Olympics?

Brisbane Organising Committee for the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games was established by the Queensland Government in 2021 to plan, organise and deliver the Olympic and Paralympic Games in accordance with the host contract.

Where are 2032 Olympics held?

Brisbane2032 Summer Olympics / Location

Which country will host 2032 Olympics?

Which country will host 2040 Olympics?

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan announced his bidding hopes for London to host the summer Olympic Games for a historic fourth time in 2036 or 2040 ahead of the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2021.

Where will 2036 Olympics be held?

CAIRO, Sept 24 (Reuters) – Egypt will apply to host the Summer Olympic Games in 2036, the Egyptian youth and sports minister said in a statement on Saturday, a bid that if successful would make it the first Arab or African nation to host the event.

Where are the next 5 Winter Olympics?

In Paris, France, from 26 July to 11 August 2024. In Milan and Cortina d’Ampezzo, in Italy, in 2026. In Los Angeles, USA, from 14 to 30 July 2028. In Brisbane, Australia, in 2032.

Who will host the 2030 Olympics?

The 2030 Winter Olympics, officially known as the XXVI Olympic Winter Games, is an upcoming international multi-sport event. The host city is set to be elected at the 140th IOC Session in Mumbai in 2023.

2030 Winter Olympics.

Opening 8 February
Closing 24 February
Winter TBD 2034 → Summer Brisbane 2032 → 2030 Winter Paralympics

Can India ever host Olympics?

India had two times tossed its cap in the ring to have the Olympics — for 2024 and 2032 — yet couldn’t assemble a bid. With the hosts for the next three Olympics already decided— Paris in 2024, Los Angeles in 2028 and Brisbane in 2032 — the next opportunity will come in 2036.

When did the Philippines host the Olympics?


Republika ng Pilipinas (Republic of the Philippines)
Years Hosted Olympics none
Years Attended Olympics Summer: 1924-76, 1984-2012 Winter: 1972, 1988-92
Medals 2012 Summer none
Medals 2010 Winter did not enter

Where is Milan Cortina?

MilanCortina d’AmpezzoVeronaValtellinaVal di Fiemme
2026 Winter Olympics/Location

Where is the next Olympics 2032?

How far apart is Milan and Cortina Italy?

The journey time between Milan and Cortina d’Ampezzo is around 5h 35m and covers a distance of around 417 km. This includes an average layover time of around 1h.

Is Milano Cortina in Italy?

Milan and Cortina d’Ampezzo were elected as the host cities on 24 June 2019 at the 134th IOC Session in Lausanne, Switzerland.
Host city selection.

City Nation Votes
Milan–Cortina d’Ampezzo Italy 47
Stockholm–Åre Sweden 34
One abstention

Where is Milano Cortina in Italy?

Milan–Cortina d’Ampezzo bid for the 2026 Winter Olympics

City Milan, Lombardy, Italy Cortina d’Ampezzo, Veneto, Italy
Chair Giovanni Malagò
NOC Italian National Olympic Committee (ITA)
Previous Games hosted

Where is Milano Cortina country?

Who is hosting the 2030 Olympics?

Sapporo and Japan NOC vow to ensure corruption-free bid for 2030 Winter Olympics. Sapporo Mayor Katsuhiro Akimoto and Japanese Olympic Committee President Yasuhiro Yamashita have made a joint commitment to ensure that the city’s bid to stage the 2030 Winter Olympics and Paralympics is free from corruption.