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When did the Seahawks add lime green?

When did the Seahawks add lime green?

On September 27, 2009, the Seahawks wore lime green jerseys for the first time, paired with new dark navy blue pants in a game against the Chicago Bears. The jerseys matched their new sister team, the expansion Seattle Sounders FC of Major League Soccer who wear green jerseys with blue pants.

Why are the Seahawks blue and green?

The colors now are College Navy, Action Green and Wolf Grey. The colors represent the blue water; the lush green landscape; and grey for the mountain ranges according to Nike designer Todd Van Horne.

What color are Seattle Seahawks away jerseys?

lime green

Away Jersey
The lime green, yellowish color brings a great deal of brightness as it highlights the numbers, which is a common theme for Seahawks’ new uniforms.

What NFL team wears lime green?

The Seahawks revealed their ‘Action Green’ uniforms on Tuesday, the uniform they will wear during their Color Rush Thursday Night football game against the Rams on December 15.

What color green are the Seahawks jersey?

They are all green, and not just any green. They are special Seattle neon green, dubbed “action green,” all the way down to the socks and shoes.

What were the Seahawks original colors?

The original Seattle road jerseys were white with blue numbers, while the striping sequence on the sleeves below the TV numbers was green-white-blue-white-green. The Seahawks’ pants for both the home and road uniforms were gray, with green-white-blue-white-green striping down the legs.

What color is the Seahawks green?

The Seattle Seahawks colors are college navy, action green, and wolf gray.

Color Codes of Seattle Seahawks as RGB.

Color Name RGB Color Code
Action Green (105, 190, 40)
Wolf Gray (165, 172, 175)

When did Seahawks get neon green?

The Seahawks join the NFL Color Rush initiative in 2016, with the club unveiling an Action Green alternate uniform that it will wear during its ‘Thursday Night Football’ game against the Los Angeles Rams on Dec. 15 at CenturyLink Field.

What color Is Seattle Seahawks green?

Color Codes of Seattle Seahawks as Pantone

Color Name Pantone Color Code
College Navy PMS 289 C
Action Green PMS 368 C
Wolf Gray PMS 429 C

Why are the Seahawks called the neon green?

The Seahawks first donned green jerseys in 2009 in a 25-19 home loss to the Chicago Bears. The hue was coined “lime green” and was paired with contrasting blue pants. After the game, then-coach Jim Mora blamed the loss on the jerseys, and a superstition was born.

What football team has bright green uniforms?

the Seahawks
Known as their “Action Green” set, the Seahawks first introduced the highlighter-inspired pairing for the 2016 season, wearing it for a 24-3 victory over the Los Angeles Rams on the Week 15 Thursday Nighter that year.

When did Seattle Seahawks change colors?

The Seahawks underwent a radical uniform redesign in 2002 as they prepared to move back to the NFC West and into their new outdoor stadium. Chief among those changes was a new navy blue helmet with a dark navy blue facemask.

What color is the Seattle Seahawks helmet?

navy blue
The original AFC era Seahawks had a silver helmet, whereas the current Seahawks have the navy blue.

Why is Seattle lime green?

Nike went on to explain that the color was “designed to provide a pop of color on the uniform just as the vibrant bright greens pop in the rain-soaked environment.”

What are the Seattle Sounders colors?

The Seattle Sounders FC colors are Sounder blue, rave green, and cascade shale.

Who was the quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks?

Drew LockGeno Smith
Seattle Seahawks/Quarterbacks

What is the Seahawks green color called?

Action Green
Billed as “Action Green,” the new uniforms come as part of the NFL’s Color Rush series. Last season, eight teams wore Color Rush jerseys, and this season all 32 teams will have a Color Rush to roll out on Thursday nights.

What Color Is Seahawks green?

What Color Is Seattle Seahawks green?

What were the original colors of the Seattle Seahawks?

When did the Seahawks and neon green?

The Seahawks even went with neon green jerseys for one game in 2009, three years before their Nike redesign.

What is the color rave green?

The rave green Pantone color of the Seattle Sounders FC can be found below.
Color Codes of Seattle Sounders FC as Pantone.

Color Name Pantone Color Code
Sounder Blue PMS 7686 C
Rave Green PMS 363 C
Cascade Shale PMS 7547 C

Did Seattle Sounders change colors?

Seattle Sounders FC, in conjunction with Major League Soccer and adidas, today introduced its newest Rave Green kit, Legacy Green, which serves as the team’s primary jersey for the 2022 and 2023 MLS seasons.

Where is Russell Wilson going?

Denver BroncosRussell Wilson / Current team (#3 / Quarterback)
Thirteen months later, Seattle traded Wilson to the Denver Broncos along with a 2022 fourth-round pick in exchange for Drew Lock, Shelby Harris, Noah Fant, Denver’s first- and second-rounders in each of the next two drafts as well as a 2022 fifth-rounder.

Who will be Seahawks QB in 2022?

Geno Smith
Geno Smith is heading into the 2022 season as the Seattle Seahawks’ starting quarterback. Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll named Smith the starter for Week 1 of the regular season following the team’s preseason loss to the Dallas Cowboys on Friday night.