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What was the problem with Asarco?

What was the problem with Asarco?

A Toxic Century: Mining Giant Asarco Must Clean Up Mess : NPR. A Toxic Century: Mining Giant Asarco Must Clean Up Mess After years of polluting and contaminating the environment, the American Smelting and Refining Company’s notorious copper-smelting plant in El Paso, Texas, will be cleaned up this year.

What did Asarco do?

Pollution and environmental issues

ASARCO has been found responsible for environmental pollution at 20 Superfund sites across the U.S. by the Environmental Protection Agency. Among those sites are: American Smelting and Refining Co., located in Omaha, Nebraska. Plant dissembled, remediation completed and site reused.

What does Asarco stand for?

ASARCO. American Smelting and Refining Company.

When did the Tacoma smelter close?

After the closure of the plant in 1985, Dungey had worked to assist with the clean up issues and the demolition of the plant. A closer view of the plant in Tacoma. O’Donahue stated that even after the plant closed, workers weren’t being followed up with in regard to their related health issues.

Where was the Asarco smelter?

For almost 100 years, the Asarco Company operated a copper smelter in Tacoma. Air pollution from the smelter settled on the surface soil of more than 1,000 square miles of the Puget Sound basin.

Is ASARCO still on strike?

TUCSON (KVOA) – The United Steel Workers Union has ended its nine-month strike against ASARCO. About 2,000 hourly workers at five ASARCO LLC locations in Arizona and Texas went on strike in Oct. 2019.

When did the ASARCO plant close?

The ASARCO smokestack — once the world’s largest — is demolished at the company’s old copper smelter in Ruston, north of Tacoma, on January 17, 1993.

What did Tacoma Asarco smelter do with its slag material?

Asarco used slag to extend the natural shoreline to expand its plant area. Slag contains high levels of metals, such as arsenic, copper and lead. Surface Water: Surface water generally has elevated concentrations of arsenic, copper and other metals, along with organic compounds.

Where was the Tacoma smelter located?

The Tacoma Smelter, on the shores of Commencement Bay in Ruston, near Tacoma, Washington, began operating on September 12, 1889 to extract lead from melted metal ores.

How tall is the Hayden smelter?

about 1,000 feet tall
It is along this street that the primary business district is located. The ASARCO smelter is a large complex of approximately 200 acres at the eastern end of the town. Two large emission stacks dominate the horizon. One is about 1,000 feet tall and the other is 250 feet tall.

Where was the ASARCO smelter?

What do they mine in Hayden Arizona?

Hayden Smelter is a copper smelter at Hayden, Arizona, owned and operated by ASARCO. It has a 305 meters (1,001 feet) tall chimney, which is the tallest free-standing structure of Arizona. It processes copper from the Ray mine.

What is mined in Hayden AZ?

copper ore
Founded in 1911, Hayden was a company town owned by the Kennecott Copper Corporation for employees working in operations and extraction of high-grade copper ore.

What happened to Hayden Arizona?

The town is now in the process of becoming a ghost town. One of the main reasons the people are abandoning the town is that the crime rate is much higher in Hayden than the Arizona average crime rate. It is also much higher than the national average crime rate in the rest of the United States.