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What was the biggest buck shot in Maine?

What was the biggest buck shot in Maine?

The state record for non-typical is the Hill Gould buck taken in 1910 at Grand Lake Stream Maine by Mr. Gould, a Maine guide. This set of remarkable antlers scored 259 plus.

What is the biggest point buck ever shot?

At the 22nd Big Game Awards Program in Dallas, Texas, the Boone and Crockett Club Judges’ Panel declared Hanson’s buck the new world’s record typical whitetail with a final score of 213-5/8 points.

Where was the butcher buck shot?

Kansas bowhunter, Brian Butcher, 38, killed the whitetail buck in Chase County last October. Butcher knew he had killed a really unique buck, but didn’t realized just how good of a deer it was until the buck’s rack was measured by the Boone and Crockett Club on Friday, Jan. 3.

When was the rompola buck shot?

The Legend

Rompola, a Michigan hunter, claimed to have shot a buck in Grand Traverse County that shattered Milo Hanson’s typical whitetail world record on Nov. 13, 1998. But the buck was never entered into any book and Rompola effectively went into hiding, leaving the whole incident shrouded in mystery.

How wide was the Hanson buck?

The Hanson buck boasts a 24 4/8-inch tip-to-tip spread.

Where is the best whitetail deer hunting in Maine?

Downeast Maine is home to some of the best white-tail hunting the state has to offer. Grand Lake Stream is home to the historic 31-point Hill Gould buck harvested in 1910, which holds the record for the largest non-typical rack on a Maine deer. Today this area continues to produce massive racks and big-bodied bucks.

How big is a 200 point buck?

These measurements would be somewhere in the ballpark of 3.5-4 inches. The third and fourth circumference measurements are around ¾ the size of the eye so can be estimated to be around 3 inches.

How big is a 180 score Buck?

than the ear measurement of 7-8 inches, you can quickly gather a rough sum of the tine measurements. This buck’s tines can roughly be summed to roughly 18 inches.

Where is the real hole in the horn buck?

The Hole in the Horn buck was found dead along a railroad in Kent, Ohio in 1940. The buck was discovered by a group of railroad workers who had noticed the dead animal stuck under a nearby chain-link fence of the Ravenna Arsenal.

What is the biggest non-typical buck ever killed?

B&C World’s Record – Non-typical Whitetail Deer

  • SCORE: 333 7/8.
  • LOCATION: St. Louis County, Missouri.
  • HUNTER: Picked Up.
  • OWNER: Missouri Dept. of Conservation.
  • DATE: 1981.

What ever happened to the rompola buck?

One of five wide-racked bucks Rompola allegedly killed in the years following his 1998 deer. All were allegedly shot in the same area of Michigan — an area not known for whitetails of this caliber. Rompola’s website URL is no longer valid, and Rompola’s whereabouts is unknown.

How big is a 140 class buck?

For this buck, a very symmetrical buck, we can total the antler measurements to be roughly 51-52 inches. By multiplying 51-52 inches by two, taking the shortcut in estimating the score of the other antler, we can arrive that this buck’s antlers are around 102-104 inches.

What county in Maine has the most deer?

Most of Maine’s more than 200,000 deer reside in southern and central parts of the state, while some 18,000-22,000 are estimated in the six wildlife management areas that comprise most of Aroostook County, Bieber said.

Where is the best deer hunting in Maine?

What are the odds of killing a 200 inch deer?

How rare is a 200-inch buck? If we’re talking a net 200-incher, you can take heart in the fact that your odds of killing one are better than one in a million. In the 188 years since the Boone & Crockett (B&C) Club started keeping tabs, hunters have recorded a little more than 3,000 net 200-inch whitetails.

Is a 140 class buck good?

By comparison, most hunters consider a buck whose antlers score 120 inches in B&C system to be desirable. A 140-inch buck is a slammer, and a 150 is the buck of a lifetime for about 99 percent of today’s hunters.

Is a 130 class buck good?

But the fact is a 130 inch buck, is a very good, solid animal for most parts of the country. Sure, there are 140’s, 150’s and higher roaming the woods. But a 130 whitetail (in the wild, not on a preserve) is a fine buck.

How much are real deer antlers worth?

Hard whites are averaging $8 to $11 per pound, with chalk at $1 to $3. Brown deer sheds will see prices anywhere from $10 to $14 per pound, hard whites from $6 to $8, and chalks at $1 to $2. Every year sees different average prices, and every area will be slightly different as well.

Is there blood inside antlers?

Regrowth begins in April and usually ends around August. During this growing period the buck’s antlers are covered in a soft layer of skin tissue called ‘velvet’. Underneath this velvet layer are nerves and blood vessels that support the fast antler growth.

What is the rarest buck?

Melanistic deer, as they are known, are considered the “rarest of rare,” according to the North American Whitetail website – even more uncommon than the albino whitetail. A genetic mutation creates the color variation by causing the body of a melanistic deer to produce too much pigment known as melanin.

What kills deer the most?

Human hunting is by far the greatest source of mortality on yearling and adult deer. If a goal is to increase deer numbers, hunters must kill fewer antlerless deer.

Where is the hole in the horn buck?

The original set of antlers was purchased with Larry’s entire collection of Legendary Whitetails by Bass Pro Shops in 2002. The mount now hangs in the King of Bucks collection in the American National Fish and Wildlife Museum in Springfield, Missouri.

Is 150 inch buck big?

What is the most hunted animal in Maine?

Maine is well known for its wildlife. Our state has one of the biggest moose and black bear populations in the “Lower 48”. Bear and moose, along with white-tailed deer are arguably the most sought after mammals for viewing and hunting.

What kills a deer instantly?

Shoulder Shot
Unlike a lung shot that makes the deer lose oxygen slowly and escape, this shot will kill the deer instantly, which means you won’t have to track it down.