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What Space Movie is liv tyler in?

What Space Movie is liv tyler in?

Space Station 76
Starring Patrick Wilson Liv Tyler Matt Bomer Marisa Coughlan Kylie Rogers Kali Rocha Jerry O’Connell Keir Dullea
Cinematography Robert Brinkmann
Edited by Sharon Rutter
Music by Marc Fantini Steffan Fantini

What space movie came out in 1977?

Star Wars (1977)

1. Star Wars (1977)

What space movie came out 1975?

Dark Star (film)

Dark Star
Distributed by Bryanston Distributing Company
Release dates March 30, 1974 (Filmex, Los Angeles) January 16, 1975 (Theatrical, Los Angeles)
Running time 83 minutes
Country United States

What space movie came out in 1970?


Title Director Subgenre/Notes
Beneath the Planet of the Apes Ted Post
Colossus: The Forbin Project Joseph Sargent Thriller
Crimes of the Future David Cronenberg

What was the movie Armageddon about?

When an asteroid threatens to collide with Earth, NASA honcho Dan Truman (Billy Bob Thornton) determines the only way to stop it is to drill into its surface and detonate a nuclear bomb. This leads him to renowned driller Harry Stamper (Bruce Willis), who agrees to helm the dangerous space mission provided he can bring along his own hotshot crew. Among them is the cocksure A.J. (Ben Affleck), who Harry thinks isn’t good enough for his daughter (Liv Tyler), until the mission proves otherwise.Armageddon / Film synopsis

What happens in Armageddon movie?

After New York City is damaged by hundreds of small meteorites, NASA discovers an asteroid the size of Texas is on a collision course with Earth. They recruit the world’s best deep-core driller, Harry Stamper, to train astronauts who will go to the asteroid, drill into the center and detonate a nuclear warhead.

How much did Star Wars gross in 1977?

775.8 million USDStar Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope / Box office

What was Star Wars called in 1977?

Star Wars (retroactively titled Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope) is a 1977 American epic space opera film written and directed by George Lucas, produced by Lucasfilm and distributed by 20th Century Fox.

What is the film Dark Star about?

A satiric look at the problems experienced by a crew of bumbling astronauts on a mission to destroy rogue planets.Dark Star / Film synopsis

What was the budget for Dark Star?

60,000 USDDark Star / Budget

How do you find a movie you can’t remember the name of?

How to Find the Name of a Movie You Can’t Remember

  • Run a Google search.
  • Use a film search engine.
  • Scour IMDb to find the title.
  • Check an actor’s filmography.
  • Post on Filmfind.
  • Ask around on Reddit.
  • Ask a friend.
  • Check your viewing history.

What space movie was made in 1969?

The film was released less than four months after the Apollo 11 Moon landing, attracting enormous public attention.

Marooned (1969 film)

Based on Marooned 1964 novel by Martin Caidin
Produced by M. J. Frankovich
Starring Gregory Peck Richard Crenna David Janssen James Franciscus Gene Hackman

What does the name Armageddon mean?

It is thought that the word Armageddon is derived from Megiddo, since the prefix har means “hill” in Hebrew; hence, Armageddon means “Hill of Megiddo.”

How big was the asteroid in Armageddon?

1,000 km wide
For comparison, the fictional asteroid from Armageddon was a massive 1,000 km wide, or about 100 times the size of the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs.

What happens at the end of Armageddon?

At the end of Armageddon, after the hole in the asteroid is finally dug and the bomb is placed, the characters are appalled to realize that they’ve lost the ability to detonate it remotely, meaning that one of them must stay behind to do the job manually.

Who detonated the bomb in Armageddon?

Harry detonates the bomb exactly at the deadline, causing the asteroid to split in two and miss the Earth by 400 miles, at the cost of his own life. In the wake of one of the massive pieces is the Freedom, heading for home.

What was the most expensive movie ever?

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides officially holds the record, with a budget of $378.5 million, while The Hobbit trilogy stands as the most expensive back-to-back film production, with combined costs of $623 million after tax credits.

Which Star Wars movie sold the most tickets?

That’s only part of the story though. Taking ticket price inflation into account, the original 1977 Star Wars film is still the most successful one. While at the time “A New Hope” generated $776 million in worldwide box office earnings, that translates to more than $3 billion in today’s ticket prices.

What did Princess Leia call Chewbacca?

“Will someone get this big walking carpet out of my way?” — Leia as she pushes aside the hairy Wookiee, Chewbacca. “Someone has to save our skins.

Who is Anakin’s father?

A vergence in the Force, Skywalker was born on the desert planet of Tatooine in the Outer Rim Territories in 41 BBY. He was the son of Shmi Skywalker, a slave who conceived a child without a father.

Are dark stars real?

Dark stars only exist at high redshifts, making them an observing challenge. The infrared Ultra Deep Field (opens in new tab) images taken by Hubble were used to look for dark stars, but none were found.

Is a dark star the same as a black hole?

As it turns out, any star greater than 3 solar masses must eventually form such a “dark star” after thermonuclear reactions have ceased, since no known source of pressure can support it. These objects are called “black holes” and this term was first coined by the physicist John Wheeler.

Who is Dark Star?

George Hutton “Dark Star” Chapple (b. 4-20-1946, d. 6-1-2012, aged 66) was an on-air personality at WCCO and KFAN. He was also a veteran of the Vietnam War.

Can Shazam identify movies?

The app uses Shazam-like technology to automatically identify movie scenes and then pinpoint products in those scenes, so that you can instantly buy them.

Is there an app that can identify a movie?

Movsea is a mobile application that allows you to identify movies just recording a fragment of a movie. It is useful when you need to know the title of the movie that you see somewhere on the screen.