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What size is a half size G5RV?

What size is a half size G5RV?

Type: Half size G5RV(standard) Frequency: 10-15-20-40 Metres. Wire length: 15.5 Metres of 1.5mm enamelled copper wire. Ribbon length: 4.6 Metres of high quality USA 300 Ohm.

What are the dimensions of a G5RV antenna?

8 x 8 x 3 inches
Product information

Product Dimensions ‎8 x 8 x 3 inches
Item model number ‎MFJ-1778
Customer Reviews 4.4 out of 5 stars 303Reviews
Best Sellers Rank #651 in Radio Antennas
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‎No

How long is a G5RV Jr?

52 ft. long

You hear strong signals from a G5RV Jr. on every band, day and night. It’s no wonder… it’s an efficient multi-band antenna that’s only 52 ft. long–shorter than a 40 Meter dipole!

How long is a full size G5RV?

102 feet
The full size G5RV is a HF amateur band recieve and transmit antenna covering the 80 metre to 10 metre bands. It’s overall length is 102 feet and should be fed with good quality 50 ohm coax (Recommended feed length 45 or 90 feet). The ribbon cable should hang vertically and forms part of the radiating antenna.

Do you need a antenna tuner with a G5RV?

The G5RV will require the use of a wide range antenna tuner in the shack. Often, the tuner built into the transceiver is not sufficient to the task. Every antenna installation may have unusual circumstances that cause unintended or unexpected operation.

Is the G5RV a good antenna?

Based on models and air testing the G5RV performs quite well as a 5-band antenna. Those bands include 80, 40, 20, 15, and 12 meters. The antenna will NOT work as well as a dipole on any other HF band. By adding a relay and a ground system the G5RV can be made to work quite well as a “T” antenna on 160 meters.

How high should my G5RV antenna be?

Ideally this dipole must be placed over 10m high. The antenna can be fed by any convenient type of feeder provided always that a suitable type of antenna tuner is used.

Does a G5RV need a balun?

G5RV antenna and balun
In order to feed the antenna and have the conversion from the balanced open wire or ribbon cable feeder to coax requires the use of a balun – a balanced to unbalanced transformer.

Do I need a balun with a G5RV?

How high does a G5RV antenna need to be?

The antenna is a 3/2 wave center-fed antenna and has a multi-lobe pattern on this band. On this band the G5RV is a good DX antenna at heights of 30-60 feet. The radiation angle is fairly low. The feedpoint of the antenna is approximately 100 ohms resistive, and the ladder line functions as a 1:1 ratio transformer.