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What oil is compatible to Honda GN4?

What oil is compatible to Honda GN4?

Pro Honda GN4 4-Stroke Motor Oil 10W-30 32 oz.

Is Pro Honda GN4 4-stroke oil Synthetic?

New Pro Honda HP4S is Honda’s first fully synthetic four-stroke motorcycle oil and was quite literally years in the making.

Is Honda GN4 oil conventional?

Registered. It is listed as Conventional Oil on several websites.

What weight is Honda GN4?

7.5 pounds
Technical Details

Package Information ‎Bottle
Manufacturer ‎HONDA
Item Weight ‎7.5 pounds
Product Dimensions ‎7 x 3 x 11 inches
Item model number ‎08C35-A141L01

What is the difference between 10W 30 and 10W 40 oil?

The higher the number, the more viscous or thicker, the oil is at higher temperatures. This means that at 100oC, 10W30 engine oil has the viscosity of an SAE 30 single grade oil, and 10W40 oil has SAE 40 viscosity. 10W40 oil has a higher viscosity, retaining more thickness than 10W30 as the temperature rises.

What oil does a Honda Grom take?


The Honda Grom oil type should have a viscosity of 10W-30. You can also use 10W-40 if the former is unavailable.

What is the difference between 10W-30 and 10W-40 oil?

Is Honda 10W30 oil synthetic?

Is a 100% synthetic premium oil designed and approved by Honda R&D for on-road, high-performance, four-cycle sports bikes of Honda.

Is GN4 for wet clutch?

Product Description. Genuine Pro Honda factory GN4 4-Stroke 10W-40 SJ motorcycle oil. This oil is specially formulated for motorcycles and it works well with our vintage wet-clutch Honda’s!

What type of oil does a Honda motorcycle take?

Honda Pro Honda HP4 4-Stroke Motor Oil 10W-40 32 oz.

When should you use 10W-40?

10W-40 motor oil’s greater tolerance for hotter temperatures means that it’s better at resisting thermal breakdown and reducing deposit formation. So, if you drive in a warm climate — especially more than 32°C (90°F) — or have an engine that runs hotter than others, 10W-40 oil viscosity is a good option.

Is 10W-40 good for summer?

They are both available in pure conventional form or as high-quality synthetic grades. Either 10W30 or 10W40 for summer use is fine; however, 10W-40 motor oil will better protect your engine.

Can I use 10W40 in my Honda Grom?

The Honda Grom oil type should have a viscosity of 10W-30. You can also use 10W-40 if the former is unavailable.

What is the difference between 10W-30 and 10W 40 oil?

Which engine oil is best for Honda?

American Honda recommends using Honda Genuine Motor Oil, sold and available at Honda dealers . If Honda Genuine Motor Oil is not used, conventional motor oil of a premium-grade or an ultimate full synthetic blend may be used and must contain the specified viscosity grade indicated in your Owner’s Manual.

Does Honda recommend synthetic oil?

Can I use synthetic oil in my Honda engine? Honda engines are developed, tested and certified with petroleum based motor oils as a lubricant. Synthetic oils may be used; however, any motor oil used in our engines must meet all oil requirements as stated in the owner’s manual.

What is SJ oil?

SINOPEC SJ Gasoline Engine Oil is specifically formulated to offer all round engine protection against starting friction, heat stress and engine deposits. The oil will help extend engine life by reducing engine wear, maintain high power and performance, reduce oil consumption and ultimately save on maintenance costs.

Can I use 10W40 in my motorcycle?

If your motorcycle requires a 10W40 engine oil, there is no need to go for 5W40 oil. The 10W40 will just work well with your motorbike. Since the 5W40 is a thin motor oil, it will get your motorcycle’s engine parts moving effortlessly.

Is 10W40 good for summer?

Is 10W-40 Good for petrol engine?

10w/40 SL/CH4 is suitable for normally aspirated and turbocharged, highly stressed diesel engines and petrol engines in passenger cars and light commercials particularly modern vehicles. It is miscible with all synthetic and mineral based engine oils. Product Benefits: Semi-Synthetic formulation.

Is 10W40 better for older engines?

The main difference between the two oils is that 10W-40 is better for high temperatures and older engines, while 10W-30 is better for newer engines and improved fuel economy.

Can I use 10W-40 instead of 10W-30 in my motorcycle?

There’s not much difference between 10W-30 and 10W-40 motor oil. What sets them apart has more to do with temperature fluctuations and engine load. For moderate weather, either engine oil grades should work fine. Your choices will become more critical when you start getting into high-heat situations.

Why does Honda use 10W30?

Offers better fuel efficiency, less harmful emissions, better cleaning performance and oxidation protection. This environment-friendly oil protects the engine from wear and prolongs engine life while saving more fuel. Exceptional performance at high and low temperatures.

Is Honda oil full synthetic?

FUll synthetic oils are produced without the types of chemical compositions found in conventional oils that contribute to oil oxidation and sludge buildup. Honda Ultimate Full Synthetic motor oil is developed for Honda vehicles to enhance engine performance at extreme temperatures or under severe driving conditions.

What oil brand is best for Honda?

American Honda recommends using Honda Genuine Motor Oil, sold and available at Honda dealers .