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What movies is the song if you leave in?

What movies is the song if you leave in?

Pretty in PinkIf You Leave / Featured in film

Did OMD write if you leave for pretty in pink?

In this excellent interview with, he explains how OMD came to write and perform the classic song If You Leave for the John Hughes movie Pretty in Pink: “It came about quite simply because John Hughes was a huge fan of British music.

What OMD album is if you leave on?

Pretty in Pink (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)If You Leave / Album

Who wrote the song if you leave?

Martin CooperPaul HumphreysAndy McCluskey
If You Leave/Composers

What songs are on the Breakfast Club soundtrack?

Don’t You (Forget About Me)WaitingFire in the TwilightI’m the DudeHeart Too Hot to HoldDream Montage
The Breakfast Club/Songs

How did OMD get their name?

The name was gleaned from a list of song lyrics and ideas that were written on McCluskey’s bedroom wall; and was chosen so they would not be mistaken for a punk band. Given that OMD intended to play only one gig, the duo considered their moniker to be inconsequential.

Why do they call him Duckie in Pretty in Pink?

The Duckie shoes should be mine!” 24. The movie got its name from the song of the same name by The Psychedelic Furs, one of Ringwald’s favorite bands. 25.

Why is it called Pretty in Pink?

In a joint interview with “Seventeen” magazine, “Pretty in Pink” screenwriter John Hughes revealed that he would hear Molly Ringwald listening to The Psychedelic Furs’ “Pretty in Pink” while they were filming their earlier movie “Sixteen Candles”, which led to their next film’s title.

What does OMD mean?

“Oh My Days!” is the most common definition for OMD on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. OMD. Definition: Oh My Days!

What’s the song at the end of Pretty in Pink?

“If You Leave,” the love ballad that closes out Pretty in Pink, was written specifically for the film. Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark wrote the song in just two days, and it ended up becoming one of OMD’s biggest hits.

What was Chicago’s first number one hit?

Chicago X was nominated for a Grammy Award for Album of the Year, and it won a Grammy Award for Best Album Package. The album produced Chicago’s first number one single in the United States, “If You Leave Me Now”.

What song does Butters always sing?

“If You Leave Me Now” is a soft rock ballad by Peter Cetera of Chicago. It has been sung by Butters in two episodes; the Season Seven episode, “Casa Bonita”, and the Season Eight episode, “AWESOM-O”.

What song plays during the dance scene in Breakfast Club?

The Breakfast Club Dance Scene The drunk antics of Jeff and Abed is yet another direct homage to the classic 1985 John Hughes movie “The Breakfast Club”. This references the scene in where the students smoke John Bender’s stash of marijuana and then dance to the same song “We Are Not Alone”.

What was the song played at the end of The Breakfast Club?

“Don’t You (Forget About Me)” was written and composed by the producer Keith Forsey and the guitarist Steve Schiff while they were scoring the 1985 film The Breakfast Club.

What does the group OMD stand for?

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD) are an English electronic band formed in Wirral, Merseyside, in 1978.

How old is Andy McCluskey?

63 years (June 24, 1959)Andy McCluskey / Age

Why did they change the ending of Pretty in Pink?

“That young audience, they did not want Molly to end up with Jon Cryer. The girls were like, ‘Forget the politics. We want her to get the cute boy.” Test audiences hated the idea of Andie ending up with Duckie so much, Hughes quickly wrote a new five-page ending having Andie wind up with Blane.

Who does Andy end up with Pretty in Pink?

‘Pretty In Pink’ still shocks at 35 with changed ending: Andie chose rich Blane over poor Duckie.

What is the song at the end of 16 candles?

A Spy In the House of Love.

Does Andie end up with Duckie?

To hear director Howard Deutch tell it, the people rose up during the first test screening, boo-ing the film’s original ending – a never-released version that saw Andie (Molly Ringwald) end up happily with her fellow other-side-of-the-tracks comrade, the utterly devoted Duckie (Jon Cryer).

What does OML mean?

oh my Lord
OML is an acronym in texting that means oh my Lord, and it’s also a social-media hashtag for the Linkin Park song, “One More Light.” Related words: oh my lord. NFG. OMG.

What does OML mean on TikTok?

124. Stg. It means on my life 😐

What song was playing at the prom in Pretty in Pink?

If You Leave
They enjoyed or enjoy the end of high school, the big prom, all the pressures all the worries, the dating — everybody resonates with that scene and that song.” And fans can expect to hear “If You Leave” when OMD hit the road with Howard Jones and the Barenaked Ladies this summer.

What is the most popular Chicago song?

Hard to Say I’m SorryIf You Leave Me NowYou’re the InspirationSaturday in the ParkWill You Still Love Me?25 or 6 to 4

Who was the best lead singer for Chicago?

Peter Paul Cetera (/səˈtɛrə/ sə-TERR-ə; born September 13, 1944) is an American musician best known for being a lead vocalist and the bassist of the rock band Chicago from 1967 until his departure in 1985, before launching a successful solo career.

Peter Cetera
Labels Warner Bros, River North