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What items start with the letter U?

What items start with the letter U?

List of things that start with U

Umbrella Underwear
Uranus Uncle
Urchin Uterus
Universe University
Ukulele Uniform

What are toys that start with U?

Toys that Start with U

  • umbrella (maybe you have a fun kid’s umbrella or we have a penguin helicopter with umbrellas)
  • unicorn.
  • Unikitty (from the Lego Movie)
  • UFO.
  • uniform (like a costume of a sports uniform or police uniform)
  • ukulele.
  • Ursula (from The Little Mermaid)
  • Ugly Doll.

What starts with U around the house?

Things in the house with U (51x)

  • USB.
  • Ukulele.
  • Uncle.
  • Undies.
  • Unicorn.
  • Unicycle.
  • Uniform.
  • Urinal.

What do I need to bring to show and tell for letter V?

Show and Tell Letter V Ideas:

  1. villain.
  2. vulture.
  3. valentine.
  4. volcano.
  5. vegetables (We love this wooden food cutting set with veggies)
  6. violin.
  7. volleyball.
  8. violet.

What 5 letter word starts with U?

5 letter words that start with U

  • udder.
  • uhlan.
  • uhuru.
  • ukase.
  • ulama.
  • ulans.
  • ulcer.
  • ulema.

What 6 letter word starts with U?

6 letter words starting with U

  • ubiety 12
  • ubique 20
  • udders 9
  • uglier 10
  • uglies 10
  • uglify 15
  • uglily 13
  • ugsome 12

What starts with the letter U for kindergarten?

Kindergarten Words That Start With U

  • Uncle: Your parent’s brother or brother-in-law.
  • Under: Beneath, placed lower than.
  • Undo: To reverse something you’ve done.
  • Unfair: Unjust, unreasonable, wrong.
  • Unit: One thing, one instance out of many.
  • Up: Toward the sky, the direction opposite the pull of gravity.
  • Upon: On, on top of.

What toy starts with Z?

Toys that Start with Z

  • Zebra (see if your kiddo has a zebra in a Noah’s ark set or zoo set)
  • zebra fish.
  • zebra shark.
  • Zookeeper.
  • zoo (something like a zoo playset or zoo book)
  • zoo animal (any animal from the zoo: lion, tiger, bear, etc)
  • zucchini (check your in your kid’s play food)
  • Zurg (from Toy Story)

What object starts with Z?

Here is a list of some commonly used things or objects with names starting with Z.

List of Things that Start with Z.

Zip Zoo
Zeppelin Zest
Zinc Zombie
Zucchini Zookeeper

What household items start with Z?

Household Items

  • Ziplock bags.
  • Zipper.
  • Zester: grates citrus peels.
  • Zucchini spiralizer: slices zucchini into noodles.
  • Zinc oxide: cream for sunburn and diaper rash.
  • Zig-zag scissors: cut in a zig-zag pattern.
  • Zen garden: small tray with sand and a tiny rake for creating designs in the sand.
  • Zelda games by Nintendo.

What are good show and tell items?

Items from Nature and Travel

  • A flag from another country.
  • A plant that your child takes care of.
  • A really big or interesting rock.
  • A sand dollar or sea shell.
  • Flowers from your garden.
  • Seeds that your child can plant with classmates.
  • Ticket stub from an important event or flight.
  • A favorite souvenir from a trip.

What should I bring to school letter I?

Show and Tell Letter I Ideas:

  • insect.
  • inchworm.
  • iguana.
  • ice cream.
  • ice cream scoop.
  • igloo.
  • ice (from Don’t Break the Ice game)
  • inkpen.

What are 10 words that start with U?

ugly (adjective)

  • umbrella (noun)
  • umpire.
  • unable (adjective)
  • uncle.
  • under (adverb, preposition)
  • underdog.
  • undergo (verb)
  • What 4 letter word starts with U?

    4 letter words starting with U

    • udos 6
    • ughs 9
    • ugly 10
    • ukes 9
    • ulan 7
    • ulna 7
    • ulus 7
    • ulva 10

    What is a 5 letter word with u?

    5-letter words starting with U

    UARTs Ubaid
    ulnar ulnas
    ULOCs ulpan
    Ulsan ultra
    Uluru ulvas

    What are 10 words that start with u?

    10 letter words that start with U

    • ubiquitary.
    • ubiquities.
    • ubiquitins.
    • ubiquitous.
    • ufological.
    • ufologists.
    • uglinesses.
    • ugsomeness.

    What 5 letter word starts with u?

    Five Letter Words Starting with ‘U’

    • udals6
    • udder7
    • udons6
    • ugali6
    • ugged8
    • uhlan8
    • uhuru8
    • ukase9

    What toy starts with the letter A?

    Toys that Start with A

    • apple (from a play food set)
    • airplane.
    • ant.
    • Ant Man.
    • anteater.
    • aardvark.
    • alligator.
    • alphabet blocks.

    What starts with AZ?

    Words That Begin With AZ

    • azans.
    • azide.
    • azido.
    • azine.
    • azlon.
    • azoic.
    • azole.
    • azons.

    What are 100 words that start with Z?

    Descriptive Words that Start with Z

    • Zaftig.
    • Zany.
    • Zealot.
    • Zealous.
    • Zero.
    • Zeroth.
    • Zestless.
    • Zigzag.

    What things starts with AZ?

    5-letter words that start with az

    • azure.
    • azide.
    • azole.
    • azote.
    • azine.
    • azoth.
    • azoic.
    • azons.

    What to bring for show and tell for adults?

    How to Celebrate Show and Tell at Work Day

    • small collectible figures.
    • photos of a loved one or great memory.
    • a copy of a favorite artwork.
    • a cute succulent you’ve been nurturing.
    • a favorite book.
    • something you like to bake (extra points for this one!)

    Whats a good item for show and tell?

    Favorite sports jersey, an autograph, or a trophy they won with their team. Mini Me- Help your kiddo gather some baby photos and favorite *old* items to showcase their younger years at Show and Tell.

    How do I write a letter to my child teacher?

    Here are some tips to keep in mind when you prepare to describe your child to a teacher.

    1. Start with a blank slate. Assume your child’s teacher knows nothing about them.
    2. Talk about their strengths and their weaknesses.
    3. Be specific.
    4. Keep it friendly and upbeat.
    5. Be a partner.

    What 5 letter word ends with u?

    5 letter words that end with U

    • adieu.
    • barbu.
    • bayou.
    • bijou.
    • buchu.
    • butsu.
    • chiru.
    • cornu.