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What is the sentence for regicide?

What is the sentence for regicide?

Regicide is the act of killing a king. He had become czar through regicide. A regicide is a person who kills a king. Some of the regicides were sentenced to death.

What is a regicide mean?

a person who kills a king

1 : a person who kills a king.

How do you use fratricide in a sentence?

How to use Fratricide in a sentence. This piece was played after the fall of the Terror, but the fratricide of Timoleon became the text for insinuations to the effect that by his silence Joseph de Chenier had connived at the judicial murder of Andre, whom Joseph’s enemies alluded to as Abel.

How do you use stricken in a sentence?


  1. She raised her stricken face and begged for help.
  2. We went to the aid of the stricken boat.
  3. stricken with/by something Whole villages were stricken with the disease.
  4. He was stricken by a heart attack on his fiftieth birthday.

What do you call someone who commits regicide?

1. regicide – someone who commits regicide; the killer of a king. killer, slayer – someone who causes the death of a person or animal.

Why is regicide such a crime?

Social and historical context
A king in Shakespeare’s time was thought to rule by ‘divine right’. This meant that God had chosen that person directly to rule over others. The killing of a king (known as regicide) was therefore considered to be just about the worst crime that anyone could commit.

Who has committed regicide?

The two most famous regicides are probably those of Mary, Queen of Scots, who was executed on the orders of Elizabeth I, and Charles I, who was executed by a team of conspirators during the English Civil War.

Is Regicidal a word?

n. 1. The killing of a king.

What is the act of killing a sibling called?

Sororicide (from Latin soror “sister” + -cide, from caedere “to cut, to kill”) is the act of killing one’s own sister.

What is fratricidal war?

A fratricidal war or conflict is one in which people kill members of their own society or social group.

Is Strickening a word?

A past participle of strike.

Is strucken a word?

Strucken definition
They destitute and bare Of all their virtue: Silent, and in face Confounded, long they sat, as strucken mute: Till Adam, though not less than Eve abashed, At length gave utterance to these words constrained.

Is there a word for killing a queen?

Regicide is the purposeful killing of a monarch or sovereign of a polity and is often associated with the usurpation of power. A regicide can also be the person responsible for the killing. The word comes from the Latin roots of regis and cida (cidium), meaning “of monarch” and “killer” respectively.

What is the word for killing a spouse?

mariticide (“murder of one’s spouse”)

What is killing a queen called?

Regicide is the killing of a king (or queen). The word derives from the Latin regis, meaning “king,” and the ancient French cide, meaning “killer.” Today, the word regicide can also be applied to politicians who topple a president or prime minister.

What is a zealot person?

Definition of zealot
1 : a zealous person especially : a fanatical partisan a religious zealot. 2 capitalized : a member of a fanatical sect arising in Judea during the first century a.d. and militantly opposing the Roman domination of Palestine.

What is nigh Omnicide?

: the destruction of all life or all human life (as by nuclear war) As our understanding grows, so does the horror. What we face now is not merely slaughter or genocide, but “omnicide,” the obliteration of all humans and all living species.

What is 1st 2nd and 3rd degree murders?

First degree murder involves the willing and premeditated killing of a person. Second degree murder on the other hand involves the killing of a person which is not premeditated. Lastly, third degree murder involves the killing of a person as a result of committing a felony/crime.

Is fratricide allowed in Islam?

The majority of the ‘ulemā (Muslim scholars) permits the fratricide”[15]. The permission of fratricide in this aspect was interpreted not only to mean brothers of the sultan but also all male descendants of brothers (nephews, grandsons of brothers, etc.).

What is the meaning of fratricide in Urdu?

fratricide [ Synonyms: friendly fire] Fire that injures or kills an ally. وہ فائر جو اپنے ہی اتحادی کو مارے یہ زخمی کرے۔

What does it mean to be Sticken?

Definition of stricken
1a : afflicted or overwhelmed by or as if by disease, misfortune, or sorrow. b : made incapable or unfit rescuers were sent to the stricken ship.

What is the slowest acting poison?

The whole point of using a slow-acting poison like thallium is that it’s hard to detect. Thallium is apparently uncommon enough that doctors didn’t even bother testing for it until days after Wang entered the hospital. It’s a time-delay kill strategy.

What is the term for killing your uncle?

avun·​cu·​li·​cide ə-ˈvəŋ-kyə-lə-ˌsīd. plural avunculicides. : the killing of an uncle by his nephew or niece.

What’s the word for killing your mother?

the act of killing one’s mother. a person who kills his or her mother.

Is there a word for killing cousins?

Is there such a term for killing a cousin specifically? It’s usually a regrettable state of affairs when one goes from kissing cousins to killing cousins. Kinslaying! [cit.]