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What is the revenue of Wipro?

What is the revenue of Wipro?

813.7 billion INR (US$10 billion, 2022)Wipro / Revenue

What is the revenue of Wipro in 2020?

The revenues of WIPRO stood at Rs 644,725 m in FY21, which was up 1.0% compared to Rs 638,626 m reported in FY20.

How much debt does Wipro have?

In fiscal year 2022, the total debt of Wipro Limited amounted to about 152 billion Indian rupees, up from about 83 billion Indian rupees in the previous fiscal year. This was a significant increase in the debt of the company in recent years.

What is debt to equity ratio of Wipro?

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Wipro Debt/Equity Ratio Historical Data
Date Long Term Debt Debt to Equity Ratio
2020-03-31 $3.42B 0.46
2019-12-31 $3.78B 0.50
2019-09-30 $3.77B 0.52

Is Wipro in profit or loss?


Profit & Loss account of Wipro (in Rs. Cr.) Mar 22 Mar 18
Revenue From Operations [Gross] 59,574.40 44,710.00
Less: Excise/Sevice Tax/Other Levies 0.00 0.00
Revenue From Operations [Net] 59,574.40 44,710.00
Total Operating Revenues 59,574.40 44,710.00

Is Wipro profitable?

The profit for the period (attributable to the equity holders of the company) stood at Rs 3,242.6 crore in the year-ago period. IT services company Wipro Ltd on Wednesday reported about a 21 per cent year-on-year fall in its consolidated net profit to Rs 2,563.6 crore for the first quarter ended June 2022.

Is Wipro a zero debt company?

How Much Debt Does Wipro Carry? You can click the graphic below for the historical numbers, but it shows that as of March 2022 Wipro had ₹151.7b of debt, an increase on ₹83.3b, over one year. But it also has ₹344.8b in cash to offset that, meaning it has ₹193.1b net cash.

Is Wipro fundamentally strong?

Wipro also has a lower voluntary attrition rate of 14.7% as compared to the Industry rate of around 20%. Overall the company has a wide economic moat due to its scale, market presence, innovation and workforce but it is still not a monopoly. Therefore this category gets 4 stars in Wipro fundamental analysis.

Is Wipro debt free?

What is the target of Wipro share?

NSE -0.75 %. is Rs 410.4. NSE -0.75 % Ltd. price can reach defined target. Wipro Ltd., incorporated in the year 1945, is a Large Cap company (having a market cap of Rs 226969.16 Crore) operating in IT Software sector.

Market Dashboard. NSE. BSE.

Tata Motors 397.50
03:59 PM | 26 Sep 2022 -508.50 (-5.44%)

Why is Wipro stock falling?

#2 High attrition rate

This is happening in all of the top IT firms. Most Indian IT firms reported an employee attrition rate of more than 20% in the final quarter of financial year 2021-22. Wipro experienced 23.8% attrition in the March 2022 quarter.

Which company has highest debt in India?

High Debt Companies

S.No. Name P/E
1. F A C T 12.98
2. Netwrk.18 Media 28.22
3. Gravita India 13.39
4. JSW Steel 9.72

Which company has lowest debt in India?

Here are the seven zero debt companies in the benchmark Nifty 50 index:

  • Tata Consultancy Services. Indian IT giant TCS is the largest listed company with zero debt on its books.
  • Infosys.
  • Hindustan Unilever.
  • ITC.
  • Maruti Suzuki India.
  • SBI Life Insurance.
  • Divi’s Laboratories.

Is WIPRO good stock for long term?

10,000/- investment in Wipro in 1980 will be worth a whopping Rs. 545 crore today. That is why equities are so powerful in the long run. In annualized returns terms, that works out to a CAGR of 42.9% consistently over the last 37 years.

Is WIPRO UnderValued or OverValued?

Current WIPRO Current Valuation
If the real value is higher than the market price, WIPRO LTD is considered to be undervalued, and we provide a buy recommendation. Otherwise, we render a sell signal. Enterprise Value can be a useful tool to compare companies with different capital structures.

Is TCS a zero debt company?

Indian IT giant TCS is the largest listed company with zero debt on its books. It has a market cap of nearly ₹12 lakh crore, with over $26 billion in revenue in FY22 and net profit of over $5 billion.

Is Wipro good for long-term?

Currently, Wipro Limited (ADR)’s price-earnings ratio is 18.4. Wipro Limited (ADR)’s trailing 12-month revenue is $10.2 billion with a 14.0% profit margin. Year-over-year quarterly sales growth most recently was 17.9%. Analysts expect adjusted earnings to reach $0.283 per share for the current fiscal year.

Is Adani debt free?

The Gautam Adani-led Group has seen its debt levels increase over the past five years from Rs 1 trillion to Rs 2.2 trillion, fueled by the expansion of the ports business, investments in green energy, the acquisition of transmission business, and venturing into newer areas (Adani Enterprises) such as airports, roads …

Which company is debt free in India?

debt free companies

S.No. Name CMP Rs.
1. Tips Industries 1589.25
2. Axita Cotton 310.75
3. Tanfac Inds. 827.50
4. Life Insurance 656.35

Is ITC debt free?

ITC is well-known for being in the category of ‘Debt-free companies that pay dividends’.

Is Wipro a blue chip company?

Shares of IT blue-chip companies such as Infosys, TCS (Tata Consultancy Services), HCL Technologies and Wipro were among the top gainers on the domestic bourses in Thursday’s trade.

Is Wipro is good for long term?

Is Tata Power debt Free?

What Is Tata Power’s Debt? As you can see below, at the end of March 2022, Tata Power had ₹481.7b of debt, up from ₹431.7b a year ago. Click the image for more detail. However, it also had ₹70.3b in cash, and so its net debt is ₹411.4b.

Is Tata Motors debt free?

Tata Motors has been promising its investors a net-zero automotive debt by fiscal year 2024 for quite some time. Tata Sons chairman N Chandrasekaran also said that at the company’s AGM last year. And in its latest earnings announcement, the company management reiterated that target.

Which company has most debt in India?

Top Companies in India by Debt – BSE

Sr Company Debt
1 SBI Add to Watchlist Add to Portfolio 4,477,577.50