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What is the relationship between Levi and Isabel?

What is the relationship between Levi and Isabel?

Isabel refers to Levi as “nii-chan/san” (aniki in the anime) which means “older/big brother” in English. While they are not related, it is common in Japan to refer to a slightly older male you respect or are close with, as “nii-san.”

Does Levi like Isabel?

Levi was extremely protective toward Isabel, even willing to kill some people who had harmed her and cut her hair. Isabel tended to take any criticism Levi sends to her very seriously, showing how much Levi’s opinion mattered to her.

Who was Isabel to Levi?

Levi found Isabel among some garbage in the underground prior to the beginning of the story. After that, the two grew so close that Isabel saw Levi as a brother figure, often calling him ‘aniki’ or ‘Levi-aniki,’ meaning older brother.

What age did Levi meet Isabel and Farlan?

I headcanon Isabel to be 17-18 in ACWNR, so that would mean that she has known Levi for 5-6 years. And Furlan has known Levi for 6-7 years. That would make Levi 19-20 and Furlan 17-18 when they met each other.

Who killed Isabel and Farlan?

However, during the 23rd Exterior Scouting Mission, Furlan and Isabel are killed by an Abnormal Titan. After Levi kills the Titan, Erwin reveals he knew all along of the true intentions of the trio, and encourages Levi not to regret his decisions.

How old is Levi in a choice with no regrets?

According to the manga writers, Levi Ackerman is definitely older than 30 years old. Based on Levi’s profile on, he is 34.

Who does hange have a crush on?

Keith Shadis

Hange had a crush on the Survey Corps former Commander, Keith Shadis.

What was Petra and Levi relationship?

Levi was Petra’s captain and Petra his subordinate. The two had their first encounter when the newly formed Special Operations Squad held their first meeting after Levi personally handpicked Petra as one of his members.

How did Levi react to hange’s death?

Before sacrificing their life, Hange says goodbye to Levi, saying that they feel their time has come. Upon hearing this, Levi’s eyes grow hollow and depressed. In response, Levi puts his hand to Hange’s heart and says “dedicate your heart” — for the first time ever since he joined the Survey Corps.

Is AOT no regrets canon?

2 No Regrets: Is 100% Canon To The Main Series
It is directly referenced in the main series and doesn’t retcon anything from Hajime Isayama’s original story. Mikasa’s story in Lost Girls, on the other hand, retcons Attack On Titan a couple of times, though Annie’s can be considered canon if fans want it to be.

What did Erwin say to Levi in no regrets?

Erwin tells Levi that the Survey Corps is built upon countless sacrifices and that there is much they have yet to learn about the outside world. He assures Levi that no one would regret dedicating their hearts to the cause of taking back the world for humanity.

Who is Levi in love with?

While there are many characters that he respects, Erwin Smith is perhaps the only character that Captain Levi has truly loved, which puts Erwin at the very top of the list. Levi’s loyalty and devotion to Erwin also indicate that the two were meant to be together.

Is Pieck in love with Porco?

Pieck and Porco are close friends and there is a common fan theory that one might have feelings for the other (most believe this to be Porco, due to some fans interpreting Porco’s reaction when Pieck hugged another male character in her team as jealousy), although it’s never really shown due to the lack of appearances …

Who was Levi in love with?

Does Levi have any love interest?

Another one of Levi Ackerman’s love interests is Petra, whose father decided to marry her to him after knowing her feelings toward him.

Are Lost Girls and no regrets canon?

Mikasa’s story in Lost Girls, on the other hand, retcons Attack On Titan a couple of times, though Annie’s can be considered canon if fans want it to be.

What episode did Levi cry?

Smoke Signal (Episode)

Is Levi asexual?

Levi comes out to Erwin as asexual during their senior year of high school, and Erwin is there to reassure him that there is nothing wrong with him.

Who is Levi shipped with?

Less controversial than the Levi and Eren ship – and nearly as beloved – is the ship that pairs Levi and Commander Erwin Smith. It’s hard to deny the two have a certain chemistry, and they seem to trust and respect one another more than the other soldiers they work with.

Did Jean and Pieck end up together?

Considering both horse and cart goes well together the ship tends to be joked around. It is also present the Love Doctor reddit series where Pieck and Jean get married.

Did hange have a crush on Pieck?

And Hange responds by saying “I’ll charm her yet. You watch”, clearly showing their attraction to Pieck and their wish to get closer to her, by “charming” her. When Hange realizes they cannot all leave as someone will have to stay on the boat, they put on a cheerful mask and say goodbye to the rest of the group.

Who Will Levi marry?

Petra and Levi have never even been engaged, for the simple reason that there is no love between them. Nothing in the various profiles of the official documents speaks about it and if both had been engaged, it is the kind of thing which would appear in first place in their background.

Who is Levi’s crush?

Is Levi no regrets canon?

Is Lost Girl OVA canon?

Though this spin-off isn’t canon to the main series, it is a great read for fans who want to learn more about Annie and Mikasa.