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What is the mileage of Polo diesel?

What is the mileage of Polo diesel?

Volkswagen Polo 2015-2019 Mileage

The Manual Diesel variant has a mileage of 21.49 kmpl. The Manual Petrol variant has a mileage of 18.78 kmpl. The Automatic Petrol variant has a mileage of 17.21 kmpl.

Is the VW Polo 1.0 underpowered?

please suggest whether vehicle is underpowered. Volkswagen Polo’s 1.0 MPI engine delivers 75.10bhp@6200rpm of power and 95Nm@2950-3800rpm of torque. That is sufficient enough for the city commutes.

Is a VW Polo fuel efficient?

Volkswagen claims a best of 53.9mpg (on the combined cycle) for the 94bhp version under the latest WLTP test, with CO2 emissions from 119g/km. Add the seven-speed DSG gearbox and the figures drop slightly, with maximum fuel economy of 50.6mpg and CO2 emissions of 127g/km.

Is Polo 1.2 TDI a good car?

It is definitely a hot hatch which is quick and under control all the time. Even though it doesn’t have the initial of a GT TDI, it doesn’t disappoint you and leave you with a smile on your face once you ride it. The braking is a big highlight of the car.

How can I increase the mileage of my VW Polo?

Fuel Efficiency Tips

  1. Make every drop count. We can’t change the price of gas or how much it increases in the spring and summer.
  2. Drive smooth.
  3. Keep filters clean.
  4. Engine maintenance.
  5. Proper tire pressure.
  6. Avoid excess weight.
  7. Use Volkswagen Synthetic Oil.
  8. Cruise control.

Which car gives best mileage?

The most popular Top Mileage Cars include BMW 7 Series (39 kmpl), Volvo XC90 (36 kmpl) and Maruti Grand Vitara (27 kmpl). The top manufacturers that produce best mileage cars are BMW, Volvo, Maruti Suzuki, Toyota, Honda.

Is a 1 Litre Polo fast?

With 94 BHP, the turbocharged 1 Litre 12v Inline 3 petrol engine accelerates this Polo 1.0 TSI 95 to 62 mph in 10.8 seconds and on to a maximum speed of 116 mph.

Is Volkswagen Polo good for long drive?

It’s good to ride. but make sure the chassis wont touch the ground. it’s well protected with fibres.

Which VW Polo is the most fuel efficient?

Volkswagen Polo Vivo 1.0 TSI GT – 4.6 L/100km
The range-topping Volkswagen Polo Vivo GT is fitted with a 1.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine that offers 81 kW and 200 Nm of torque and is mated with a 6-speed manual transmission.

How many miles can a VW Polo do on a full tank?

Combined with a fairly small fuel tank (45 litres), the Polo auto should in theory manage around 400 miles from a tank.

Is Polo Bluemotion diesel?

Power comes from a new 1.2-litre three-cylinder diesel engine, which produces 74bhp.

How many cc engine does a Polo diesel have?

1498 cc
Volkswagen Polo Trendline 1.5L (D) Key Specifications

Price ₹ 7.39 Lakh
Mileage (ARAI) 20.14 kmpl
Engine 1498 cc
Transmission Manual
Fuel Type Diesel

Does a full tank get better mileage?

However, keeping drivers tanks full reduces the space for condensation to form, so you are less likely to have issues with water in the fuel tank. A full tank of fuel weighs more, driving round with additional weight in a car or van will reduce fuel economy.

Why is 55 mph the most efficient speed?

It turns out that when it comes to wind resistance, at 30 mph wind resistance is four times as great compared to when a car is going 30 mph. When wind resistance hits 55 mph, the curve begins to rise almost vertically, so at 65 mph, wind resistance is greater than at 55 mph.

Which car gives best mileage in diesel?

10 most fuel efficient diesel cars in India

  • Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Smart Hybrid.
  • Maruti Suzuki Baleno.
  • Honda Jazz. ARAI Certified: 27.3kpl.
  • Honda Amaze. ARAI certified: 27.4kpl.
  • Tata Tiago. ARAI certified: 27.28kpl.
  • Ford Aspire. ARAI certified: 26.1kpl.
  • Honda City. ARAI certified: 25.6kpl.
  • Ford Figo. ARAI certified: 25.5kpl.

How can I increase the mileage of my diesel?

12 Tips to Improve Diesel Fuel Mileage

  1. Turn your engine off.
  2. Use shore power when you can.
  3. Avoid revving the engine.
  4. Find your engine’s sweet spot and run with it.
  5. Use your air conditioner as sparingly as possible.
  6. Anticipate upcoming traffic lights.
  7. Maintain an extended following distance.

Which engine is best for VW Polo?

Our pick of the Volkswagen Polo’s engine line-up is the 1.0-litre TSI 95. While its 94bhp output might sound a little weedy, this engine actually pulls strongly from low revs thanks to how promptly its turbocharger spins into life.

Does 1 litre Polo have a turbo?

It’s so easy to nip around town in, with its responsive steering and smooth gearbox. It’s nippy away from traffic lights, too, thanks to the 1.0-litre turbo engine, while the compact dimensions make the Polo simple to park.

Is VW Polo worth buying?

Talking about whether the Polo is a good choice in 2021, well the simple answer would be yes! As hatchbacks continue to be a hot selling product in the pre-owned market, the Volkswagen Polo is a promising vehicle that will give you a sense of pride.

Is Volkswagen Polo a reliable car?

Unfortunately, the Polo isn’t the most reliable of cars, according to our latest What Car? Reliability Survey. The Polo came in 20th place out of a class of 21, with owners citing problems with the air conditioning, engine start/stop system and infotainment screen.

How many miles can a VW Polo 1.2 do on a full tank?

504 miles

Power 69 bhp
Torque 112 Nm, 83 ft-lb
CO2 Emissions 128 g/km
Euro Emissions Standard 5
Miles Per Tank 504 miles

Which car has lowest fuel consumption?

Most Fuel-Efficient Compact Cars

Rank Make & Model Overall mpg
1 Hyundai Elantra Hybrid Blue 48
2 Toyota Corolla LE Hybrid 48
3 Toyota Corolla Hatchback SE 36
4 Kia Forte LXS (2.0L) 34

How far can you go on 0 miles to empty VW Polo?

42 miles
When my fuel light comes on, how much petrol is left?

Car model Remaining mileage
Volkswagen Polo 42 miles
Audi A6 41 miles
Land Rover Range Rover 40 miles
Ford Fiesta 37 miles

What car can go 700 miles on one tank?

The Fusion Hybrid is pretty thrifty out of the box, and the EPA says it’s good for 41 mpg and 36 on the highway. The tank carries 17.5 gallons of gas, and Ford says it’s got a range of 700 miles.

Is the VW up fuel efficient?

Combined fuel consumption is 4.7 l/100km with CO2 emissions of 108 g/km.