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What is the DSCP decimal value of EF traffic?

What is the DSCP decimal value of EF traffic?

DSCP value

Decimal DSCP Description
38 AF43 Class 4, Bronze (AF43)
40 CS5 Class 5 (CS5)
46 EF Expedited Forwarding (EF)
48 CS6 Control (CS6)

Which is the DSCP value for voice traffic EF ):?


The Expedited Forwarding (EF) model is used to provide resources to latency (delay) sensitive real-time, interactive traffic. The EF model uses one marking — DSCP 46.

What are the DSCP values?

DSCP Value. Decimal. Value. Meaning.

  • Drop. Probability. Equivalent IP. Precedence Value.
  • 101 110. High Priority. Expedited.
  • 000 000. Best Effort. N/A.
  • 001 010. AF11. Low.
  • 001 100. AF12. Medium.
  • 001 110. AF13. High.
  • 010 010. AF21. Low.
  • What is DSCP EF PHB?

    Last Updated on Fri, 12 Aug 2022. RFC 2598 defines the expedited forwarding per-hop behaviors. This RFC defines a very simple PHB (low latency, with a cap on bandwidth), and a single DSCP (EF) to represent it.

    What is EF in VoIP?

    Expedited forwarding (EF)
    EF keeps the high-priority queue very small to control delay and to prevent starvation of lower-priority traffic. As a result, packets can drop if the queue is full. Usually, EF is most appropriate for VoIP.

    What is EF PHB?

    Description of EF per-hop behavior The EF PHB is defined as a forwarding treatment for a particular diffserv aggregate where the departure rate of the aggregate’s packets from any diffserv node must equal or exceed a configurable rate.

    What is the best DSCP value?

    Use a DSCP value of 34. Best-effort (BE) traffic Standard traffic, including any traffic not marked with a DSCP number, that should be handled after either of the preceding two queues. This traffic should have a DSCP value of 0, which is the default if no DSCP value is specified.

    Which DSCP mark is best for gaming?

    udp ports and icmp are marked 48(CS6), this marking worked best for me. You can also try 56 (CS7), 46 (EF) or 40 (CS5). Change to the udp ports your games use.

    What is the Cisco recommended DSCP value for voice traffic?

    Voice traffic should be marked to DSCP EF per the QoS Baseline and RFC 3246. Loss should be no more than 1 percent. One-way latency (mouth to ear) should be no more than 150 ms. Average one-way jitter should be targeted at less than 30 ms.

    What is DSCP 48?

    DSCP 48 is control traffic CS6 for voice usually so it shouldn’t be in the priority queue , looking at my switches running mls its the same , queue 2. ! mls qos map cos-dscp 0 8 16 24 32 46 48 56.

    How are DSCP values set?

    Go to Computer configuration > Windows Settings > Policy-based QoS and right click on “Create new policy”. Check “Specify DSCP Value” and use the desired value (for example, 8). Click “Next”. Check “Only application with this executable name:” and fill with Process Name (executable).

    What is the value range of the DSCP field in the IPv4 header?

    This new field is called the Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP). That gives you 64 or 26 possible values that can be used to prioritize traffic. Although there are 64 possible DSCP values, only 14 are used typically.