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What is the difference between Specialized Epic and Epic EVO?

What is the difference between Specialized Epic and Epic EVO?

The Epic is designed wholly for full gas pedalling around an XC racetrack, while the Evo has adapted the Epic platform to smash XC trails.

How much does a specialized epic weigh?

The Specialized Epic Frame

Claimed frameset weight is 1,947g (4lb 4oz), so there is the potential to build a very light overall build. That is not, however, a word that I would use to describe the Epic Comp, weighing 11.82kg (26lb, 1oz) without pedals and with tubes installed.

What type of bike is Specialized Epic?

The Specialized Epic is a race-ready, cross-country beast. It is not designed for rowdy technical terrain. Specialized offers the Epic in standard and EVO versions. The EVO version has an additional 20mm of travel in the fork.

How much travel does a Specialized Epic have?

The standard Epic race bike has 100mm (nearly four inches) of travel in front and rear. The EVO version adds 10mm (0.4 inches) to the rear suspension and 20mm (0.8 inches) to the front fork, which may not sound like a lot but makes a huge difference.

When did the Epic Evo come out?

4 June 2020
The Specialized Epic and Epic Evo will be available from retailers on 4 June 2020.

What does Epic Evo weigh?

The American brand also relies on their in-house components for the wheels and tires, combining a Roval Control 240 carbon wheelset and 2.35” Ground Control tires, both in the Control casing and new T5 rubber compound, which suits the intended use of the bike and brings the total weight to 11.4 kg.

What does Specialized Epic Evo weigh?

Suspension travel generally sits between 110 and 125mm, and they’re fitted with relatively light, fast-rolling tyres on 29in wheels. Dropper posts tend to feature too, for maximum trail flow.


Price GBP £6750.00
Weight 11.11kg (M) – without pedals
Brand Specialized

How much does the 2021 Specialized Epic Expert weight?

The S-Works Epic, which is built from FACT 12m carbon fibre, is claimed to weigh just 1,869g (medium size, including shock, thru-axle, hanger and hardware).

How heavy is the S Works Epic hardtail?

Weighing a remarkable 1240 grams, the Roval Control SL wheelset not only increases strength and reduces weight, but also features a new 29-millimeter-wide internal width rim profile that improves pinch-flat resistance by 22-percent.

How does the Epic brain work?

Our Brain technology employs an inertia valve that blocks oil flow in the shock when closed, creating an efficiently firm pedaling platform on smooth terrain. The inertia valve opens instantaneously when a bump force is encountered, allowing suspension to compress and absorb the impact.

What is an Evo bike?

Shop Talk: What Evo Means – YouTube

How do you change the flip chip in Epic Evo?

How to Quickly Change the Flip Chip in a Stumpjumper – YouTube

What kind of bike is Epic Evo?

It’s a perfect blend between a cross country speeder and trail tamer. Using carefully selected components I trimmed my bike to 24 lbs 2 oz, vs my Epic hard tail which is at 23 lbs.

What does a Specialized Epic Evo expert weigh?

Suspension travel generally sits between 110 and 125mm, and they’re fitted with relatively light, fast-rolling tyres on 29in wheels. Dropper posts tend to feature too, for maximum trail flow.

How much does the pivot Trail 429 weight?

27.9 lbs
First of all, it is quite light, at 27.9 lbs without pedals (Pro XT/XTR Enduro build w/ Reynolds carbon wheels). This low weight was immediately apparent when climbing, and resulted in a snappy, nimble feel.

How much does the Epic Hardtail Comp weight?

I set it up tubeless, put a carbon seatpost and handlebar with my favorite foam grips on it, and it weighs in at 22.6lb with pedals, bottle cages, and GPS mount in size XL.

How much does the epic hardtail expert weight?

around 1175g
So we thought to ourselves, ‘What better time than now to shake things up with a modern, revolutionary design?’ Say hello to the Epic Hardtail Expert. It’s one of the lightest frames we’ve ever made, tipping the scales around 1175g.

How do you add your mind to an epic?

To find it, click on the Epic button on the top left after logging in, and then go to the Help section. The Brain is helpful for many but not everyone.

What is specialized Brain suspension?

Brain suspension adjusts between firm and plush faster than human reaction, without the need to flip any levers, assuring the suspension is always in the appropriate setting for any given terrain. And because this is automatic, you stay in the zone, focusing solely on riding your line and putting power to the pedals.

What does Evo mean?

the evening of one’s life.

What does Evo mean MTB?

What does the flip chip do?

The flip chip allows riders to quickly adjust the geometry of their Maestro-equipped mountain bike to better suit how and where they ride. It lets riders change the headtube angle, seattube angle and bottom bracket height using eccentric (offset, two-position) hardware located in the upper rocker arm.

What does the flip chip do specialized?

“Flip the chip”
Our Flip Chip is a unique feature which allows you to alter the frame’s geometry with ease. By flipping the chip, you change between two settings, high and low, effectively changing the bottom bracket height by 6mm and head tube angle by half a degree. Versatile, as ever!

What does Evo mean in specialized bikes?

Advertisement. In short — or long, I guess — the Stumpjumper EVO is a supersized version of the bike, with a far longer reach, a slacker head angle and a much lower BB than the regular model.

How heavy is an epic Evo?