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What is the difference between Comfortline and Trendline Polo?

What is the difference between Comfortline and Trendline Polo?

Picking the difference between the Polo Trendline and Comfortline takes an eagle eye, but the easy way to tell are the steel wheels on the Trendline with the Comfortline having 15-inch alloy wheels and a chrome grille.

Which colour of Volkswagen Polo is best?

The Reflex SIlver and Deep Black is the best contrasting colour combination offered with the Polo. It’s great for resale value too, as second-hand buyers are more in favour of neutral colours.

What is special about Volkswagen Polo?

The Volkswagen Polo is powered by a 1.0-litre, three-cylinder, TSI petrol engine that produces 109bhp and 175Nm of torque. Also on offer is a 1.0-litre, three-cylinder, MPI petrol motor that produces 75bhp and 95Nm of torque.

What is the difference between comfortline Trendline and Highline?

highline comes with audio system, airbags and abs system, comfortline is midpriced version and comes in many colours, trendline is basic model only white and red colour available, power windows only at front.

Is Comfortline or Highline better?

The only difference between the Polo 1.0 Comfortline and 1.0 Highline Plus is of features rest all specifications remain the same. Volkswagen Polo 1.0 MPI Highline Plus comes equipped with Automatic Climate Control, Rear AC Vents, Multifunction Steering Wheel, Cruise Control, etc.

What is Polo Trendline?

Volkswagen Polo Trendline 1.0L MPI is the petrol variant in the Volkswagen Polo lineup and is priced at ₹ 6.49 Lakh.It returns a certified mileage of 17.7 kmpl. This Trendline 1.0L MPI variant comes with an engine putting out 75 bhp @ 6200 rpm and 95 Nm @ 2950 rpm of max power and max torque respectively.

Which car color fades the fastest?

Even though it seems like some vehicle paint colours fade faster than others, most notably red or black, there is no scientific evidence to suggest that any particular colours will fade quicker than others. It really just depends on how long the paint on a vehicle will last before it begins to fade.

What does TSI mean?

Turbocharged Stratified Injection

What is a TSI engine? A TSI engine is a type of petrol engine produced by Volkswagen. It stands for Turbocharged Stratified Injection, and in basic terms refers to the engine being turbocharged. It’s an evolution of Volkswagen’s TFSI (Turbocharged Fuel Stratified Injection).

Why Polo is discontinued?

The German brand getting penalised in Dieselgate and toughening regulations in India crippled Polo’s further development. With great effort, the hatchback still sailed through the BS6 norms by getting a new set of 1-litre engines. But, accumulating losses on the car meant finally pulling the plug.

Is Volkswagen Polo good for long drive?

It’s good to ride. but make sure the chassis wont touch the ground. it’s well protected with fibres.

What does VW trendline mean?

1 Answer: Asyraf Abdullah. – Trendline+ models remove rear-passthrough seat, rear centre armrest, exterior cover for driver’s door lock.

What is the difference between Trendline and Highline?

Electric windows and heated electric mirrors are standard, but Trendline adds an armrest, side door storage and additional sound deadening. Opting for top-spec Highline adds a heated windscreen, automatic lights and wipers, climate control and a leather-covered steering wheel.

What does trendline mean in VW?

the entry level model
It’s hard to know exactly what you want to know, but briefly the Trendline is the entry level model, the Comfortline the mid-range model, and the Highline is the one with all the gear. The list of standard equipment increases with each model.

What colour car looks best?

White, Black, Gray, and Silver continue to top the list of best colors for cars.

Top 8 Colors for 2022

  • Silver/Gray (34% – up 3%)
  • White (24% – down 2%)
  • Black (18% – down 1%)
  • Blue (12% – up 2%)
  • Red (7.5% – down 1.5%)
  • Red (9%)
  • Green (2%)
  • Natural (1.5% – down 1%)

What color car lasts longest?

White is the longest lasting colour among all car paint options. Or, if you choose to pick faster fading car paints such as red and blue, keep the vehicle shaded to protect it from dust, dirt and UV rays.

Is TSI or TDI better?

Direct injection results in more efficient fuel combustion, allows for improved pulling power and reduces exhaust emissions. While most modern TSI engines are capable of excellent fuel economy of 45mpg or more, they generally fall short of TDI engines, some of which manage over 65mpg.

What does GT stand for in polo?

GT or ‘Grand Tourism’ refers to cars that are very high on performance of course, but were historically meant for long distance travels. Polo GT has an award winning TSI engine along with state of the art DSG (Dual Clutch) automatic gear box and both these you won’t find in other variants of Polo.

What will replace VW Polo?

After 12 long years in the Indian market, Volkswagen India are all set to stop manufacturing the Polo hatchback and Vento sedan. The ageing Vento will soon be replaced by the Virtus sedan.

Why is Polo so popular?

Polo was famous and popular among people due to many positive traits, and reliability was one. The European build quality and the performance package was always at the driver’s fingertips. Be it a regular drive or even a rally; Polo seamlessly went through it all.

Is VW Polo worth buying?

Talking about whether the Polo is a good choice in 2021, well the simple answer would be yes! As hatchbacks continue to be a hot selling product in the pre-owned market, the Volkswagen Polo is a promising vehicle that will give you a sense of pride.

Is Polo Good for highways?

What’s better Trendline or Highline?

What’s the difference between Trendline and Highline?

What color car stays cleanest?

Beige, light blue, light gray, and silver are the best car color choices for those who want to keep their vehicles clean. In addition, white paint can hide dust and debris well.

What car color is attractive to a girl?

The study also found women are 11.2 percent more likely to prefer gold-colored cars than men. After gold, women prefer silver (7.1 percent more than men) followed by beige (5.6 percent more than men).