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What is the difference between BERNINA BSR 1 and 2?

What is the difference between BERNINA BSR 1 and 2?

BSR has 2 modes. Mode 1 is used for designs with points and corners. Mode 2 is used for curvy designs and ruler work.

How much does a BERNINA 580 cost?

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Bernina B 580 Sewing and Embroidery Machine Janome MB-4Se Four-Needle Embroidery Machine w/ FREE BONUS (MB4 or MB4N Upgrade)
Price Call for Details $5499.00
Customer Rating
Embroidery Area 10″ x 5.7″ 9.46″ x 7.88″
Built-in Embroidery Designs

How much is a BERNINA 770qe?

$6,999 MSRP, $9499 MSRP with Embroidery – Special In-Store Pricing! The Bernina 770 Quilters Edition is the ultimate quilting machine.

What is the oldest BERNINA sewing machine?


In 1963, the first Bernina sewing machine with a patented knee-activated presser foot lifter, the 730, appeared on the market.

Is the Bernina Stitch Regulator worth it?

To me, it makes it MUCH easier to quilt when you can see where you are stitching and where you have stitched. This large, cupped sole moves excellently over raised areas making it a favorite for those who are art quilters, who quilting over applique/ornamentation on quilts or who like to use thicker batting.

What Bernina models have BSR?

The BERNINA Stitch Regulator (BSR)
The BERNINA 750 QE is equipped with the BSR function. The BSR foot provides high-speed free-motion stitching assistance with both straight and zigzag stitch options.

What year did Bernina 580 come out?

The BERNINA 580 was released late in the summer of 2011 along with the 530 and 550.

What embroidery format does Bernina 580 use?

EXP format
The 830, 780, 750, and 580 BERNINA machines need the EXP format for designs.

How much does a Bernina embroidery module cost?

Embroidery Module (MSRP: $2,499)

Does Bernina make an embroidery only machine?

The BERNINA 700E is a large-scale embroidery-only machine. It features a multi-spool holder for easy color changes, 70% more thread capacity in …

How do you tell what year your BERNINA was made?

The first two digits of the serial number mean the year of production. As shown in the picture 1. (Bernina 530 Record) 59 = 1959 So, the Bernina 530 Record example was produced in 1959.

Does BERNINA make an embroidery only machine?

Which Bernina has a stitch regulator?

The BERNINA 750 QE provides an exclusive level of stitch control.

What is the stitch regulator used for?

What is a Stitch Regulator? A stitch regulator, like BERNINA’s (BSR=BERNINA Stitch Regulator), detects the speed of the quilt moving under the needle and adjusts the speed of stitching to maintain a designated stitch length. The quilter dials in the desired stitch length, then begins moving the quilt to create motifs.

Which Bernina machines have dual feed?

The innovative, built-in Dual Feed System available on both the BERNINA 820 and BERNINA 830 makes working with multiple layers of fabrics and ribbons so easy.

How much does Bernina 580 weigh?

24.2 lb
Features & Functions

Memory (short-term/altered stitches)
Language selection
Eco Mode
Eco Mode Stand-by mode saves energy and offers child-proof lock.
Machine weight 24.2 lb

What format does a Bernina embroidery machine use?

The correct embroidery format for a BERNINA embroidery machine is . EXP or . DST. Only these two formats can be read in the BERNINA embroidery machine.

What size is Bernina MIDI hoop?

Comfortable hooping and removing the fabric. Maximum tension with little effort. No waste of stabilizer anymore. Maximum area for embroidery: 10.5 x 6.5 inch​ / 265 x 165 mm.

What type of file does BERNINA embroidery machine use?

The correct embroidery format for a BERNINA embroidery machine is . EXP or . DST. Only these two formats can be read in the BERNINA embroidery machine.

What is a BERNINA 830 worth?

The machine retails for $12,900 (without all the additional costly accessories included in this sale) It is a true state of the art work horse and technologically the best in the industry.

How do I find my BERNINA model number?

Where do I find the serial number? You will find the serial number on the back of your machine.

Is dual feed the same as walking foot?

The Walking Foot moves all layers at the same time and pace according to the movement of the feed dog. The Dual Feed function affects the top layer and the feed dog controls the feed of the bottom layer. The Walking Foot has no motor and the foot, dependent the feed dog movement, moves all layers at one time.

Is an even feed foot the same as a walking foot?

The Even Feed Foot, sometimes called a “Walking” Foot, is helpful when sewing several layers of fabric together. Most often used when quilting, the Even Feed Foot easily “walks” over the fabric layers. This is because the foot has its own set of feed dogs that work in conjunction with the machine’s feeding system.

Which Bernina has the largest throat space?

Meet the BERNINA Q 16. It’s the longarm machine made for quilters who need more quilting space. It has more throat space than your domestic, a spa- cious 16 inches.

How much does a Bernina 535 cost?

$3799/$5399 MSRP – Come in to try out the Bernina 535 and get special pricing! In-Store purchase and pickup includes send-home service, where we make sure you know how to wind a bobbin, thread the machine, do cleaning and maintenance, and get started sewing right away.