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What is the best gun in BO2?

What is the best gun in BO2?

With nearly 65% of the vote, the BO2 MSMC has been voted the Best Gun in CoD History from BO2 and onward!

Is the M27 in BO2 zombies?

The M27 appears in Zombies. It can be found in the Mystery Box. The ammo count is 30/240. Using the Pack-A-Punch Machine will upgrade the M27 to the Mystifier.

What is the fastest gun in Black Ops 2?

Skorpion EVO

The weapon shoots at an insane 1200 RPM, this is the fastest default rate of fire in any call of duty game, and with rapid fire it goes to 1800 RPM, but you get a range penalty and increase in recoil.

Is the AN 94 good in BO2?

Overall, the AN-94 is one of the most popular assault rifles in Black Ops II, despite the very late unlock. It’s a very versatile rifle that is very competitive at medium ranges thanks to its rock solid three hit kill range, very clean iron sights, and predictable recoil.

What is the best SMG in BO2?

You get the PDW-57. The best SMG of BO2. The gun blows the Evo, MSMC, and the MP7 all out of the water because of the facts I just stated.

Is The peacekeeper good BO2?

It has superb accuracy and low power. This weapon has a low fire rate, it goes well with the Rapid Fire attachment. Because of the Low fire rate it might be some trouble killing an enemy in close quarters, but as stated above it will go well with the Rapid Fire attachment.

How much does an M27 cost?

The USMC initially planned to purchase 6,500 M27s to replace a portion of the M249 light machine guns employed by automatic riflemen within Infantry and Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalions.

M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle
Designed 2008
Manufacturer Heckler & Koch
Unit cost US$1,300
Produced 2010–present

What does SMR stand for gun?

Multiplayer. Semi-automatic assault rifle.

Why is the AN-94 mag tilted?

Like most other Red Steel students, AN 94 has cat ears (fluffy tail status: unknown). Unlike most students, she wears a military uniform, which in the NATO school, are only worn by teachers. She has a permanent head-tilt, because the AN 94’s magazine has to be tilted slightly to make room for all the loading mechanism.

Who uses AN-94?

The AN-94 was designed as a potential replacement to the AK-74 series of rifles currently in service with the Russian Armed Forces.

Mass 3.85 kg (8.49 lb)
Length 943 mm (37.1 in) stock extended 728 mm (28.7 in) stock folded
Barrel length 405 mm (15.9 in)
Cartridge 5.45×39mm

Is the Hamr or RPD stronger?

The RPD and HAMR have the same ammount of ammo in total. 500. And they are around the same in terms of damage and time to kill.

What is the best LMG in bo2?

The LSAT LMG is the best gun in its class in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. It is unlocked at level 13 and is the third unlocked LMG in the game. Like most LMG’s, the LSAT is stronger than most other weapons but at a loss of mobility.

Is the b23r a real gun?

The Beretta 93R is an Italian selective-fire machine pistol, designed and manufactured by Beretta in the late 1970s for police and military use, that is derived from their semi-automatic Beretta 92.

What peacekeeper says for honor?

Latin: “Saltem te tentavisti!” – English: “At least you tried!”

What rifle do seals use?

M4A1 carbine
The M4A1 carbine is the primary weapon used by SEAL operators. A shorter, more compact version of the M16A2 rifle, it was specially designed for U.S. Special Operations ForcesU.S. Special Operations ForcesUnited States special operations forces (SOF) are the special forces of the United States Department of Defense’s United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) within the United States Armed Forces, used for special operations. › wiki › United_States_special_operati…United States special operations forces – Wikipedia.

Is the M27 better than the M4?

The rifle barrel is slightly longer and heavier than the M4 carbine, giving the M27 a slight range advantage over the carbine. The thicker M27 barrel can fire longer than the M4 before overheating, but will also disperse heat longer.

Is a kar98 a sniper?

Sniper variant
For snipers, Karabiner 98k rifles selected for being exceptionally accurate during factory tests were fitted with a telescopic sight as sniper rifles. Karabiner 98k sniper rifles had an effective range of up to 1,000 m (1,094 yd) when used by a skilled sniper.

What does AR-15 stand for?

ArmaLite rifle
• The AR in “AR-15” rifle stands for ArmaLite rifle, after the company that developed it in. the 1950s. “AR” does NOT stand for “assault rifle” or “automatic rifle.”

Is AK-47 better than 94?

AK-47 vs AN-94
The speed of bullets fired from this gun is 900 meters or about 3,000 ft/s, while the speed of bullets from AK-47 is 715 meters or about 2,400 ft/s. The AN-94 assault rifle has a range of 700 meters, which is almost double the 350 meter range of the AK-47.

Can AN-94 pierce bulletproof?

In the automatic mode, AN-94 can fire 600 rounds every minute at a speed of 900 meters per second. The AN-94 with a firing range of 700 meters can fire 1800 bullets simultaneously in burst mode. This deadly rifle is equipped with a magazine with 30 to 45 cartridges, as well as a magazine with 60 rounds.

Is Grau a real gun?

1987 г. / АН-94 «Абака́н», GRAU designation 6P33) is a Russian assault rifle. The initials stand for Avtomat Nikonova model of 1994, after its chief designer Gennadiy Nikonov, who previously worked on the Nikonov machine gun.

What is the best cod LMG?

The best LMGs in Call of Duty Warzone

  • Bren.
  • UGM-8.
  • PKM.
  • Bruen MK9.
  • MG42.
  • DP27.
  • RPD.
  • Stoner 63.

Is peacekeeper mk2 real gun?

The first question asked by most is if the Peackeeper is a real-steel weapon and the answer is a solid 100% no. While in the fictional world 2025, the United Nations Peacekeeper Organization uses a specialized weapon for their field actives forgoing of their individual national weapon of choice.

What gun is the peacekeeper based on?

The Peacekeeper is an original design by Treyarch. What inspiration did the art team take for the weapon’s look? Murad: Based on Anthony’s direction of creating a hybrid assault rife and SMG, we designed the Peacekeeper to have a compact rifle look.

How do you stab a peacekeeper?

For Honor Peacekeeper Advanced Guide – YouTube

How do you get Diamond Camo in BO2?

So as you can see for sniper rifles. There’s only four to get and as soon as you get gold camera for every single one it’ll automatically unlock the diamond camo.

How do you get prestige master in BO2?

After completing level 55 (max level) at Prestige 10 in Black Ops II, you will unlock a new Prestige level called Prestige Master.

How do you get gold camo in Black Ops 2?

Gold Camouflage is available in campaign. It is unlocked upon completion of the Strike Force level “Dispatch”, and can then be attached to weapons in the campaign loadout.

Can you get the mark 2 ray gun on town?

In which DLC is ray gun mark 2 for TOWN / SURVIVAL? You have to own the Vengeance DLC Pack in order to obtain the Ray Gun Mark 2 for all maps. In this case, you have to own the Zombies DLC map Buried to have the Ray Gun Mark 2.

Whats the best sniper in bo2?

Which is the best Sniper Rifle in Black Ops 2?

  • Ballista. 54.1%
  • DSR-50. 35.6%
  • XPR-50. 6.7%
  • SVU-AS. 3.6%

What was the last camo in bo2?

The final camo for each solitary weapon is the gold camo. However, there is another camo the player can unlock, if an entire group or type of weapon has the gold camo unlocked. This extra camo is the diamond camo and covers the weapon in numerous diamonds.

How do you get the cherry blossom camo in bo2?

Cherry Blossom is a weapon camouflage skin available in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. This Camouflage can only be unlocked after the Kryptek: Typhon Camouflage has been unlocked. It was also available in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 as a limited time purchasable item off Blackjack’s Shop.

How do you unlock everything on plutonium?

@kuba Unlock All – unlockall command added, open the console using the tilde key and type unlockall and then press enter to get the max rank and max weapons rank and max prestige which some tokens. You should then go join a server and play until the game ends.

How do you make a class in plutonium?

Type unlockall in console, then Online -> Public Match -> Create a Class.

Which guns do you need for Damascus?

Assault Rifles

  • Kilo 141.
  • FAL.
  • M4A1.
  • FR 5.56.
  • Oden.
  • M13.
  • FN Scar 17.
  • AK-47.

Is there a Ray Gun Mark 4?

Popular YouTuber and dataminer, TheGamingRevolution, has now found blueprints for the next zombies wonder weapons, the Ray Gun Mark 4 & 5. The deadly, explosive, and futuristic weapon is set to be back in a new build, having an array of zombies quivering at the knees.

Which DLC is Buried in bo2?

Vengeance is the third downloadable content pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops II. It contains four multiplayer maps which include Cove, Rush, Uplink and Detour and a new Zombies map Buried, featuring the Green Run group and set in an underground Western mining town.

What is the best sniper for Quickscoping in Black Ops 2?

To start, I would recommend that you use the Ballista or the DSR-50 as these are the two bolt action snipers in Black Ops 2 that seem to perform the best.

What is the bo2 Ballista based on?

The FN Ballista is a sniper rifle developed by FN Herstal. The company states that the Ballista’s design compares with the Remington MSR, the Sako TRG M10, the Armalite AR-30, and the Accuracy International AWM. The Remington MSR was selected as the winner of the US Military PSR competition.

How do you get the cherry blossom in bo2?

Does harp count as detected kills?

Get Detected, Stunned, or Blinded Kills Easier! (Flora Camo Tips

Does plutonium have aim assist?

IW5 Aim Assist#
This Aim Assist is custom made by Plutonium, this should feel similar to the Black Ops 1 Aim Assist on console. Be sure to enable your gamepad and Target Assist in your Gamepad controls menu in game. If the server you are on has Aim Assist forced off, you will see that in your Gamepad controls menu.

How do you unlock everything in plutonium T5?

How do you unlock everything in plutonium?


What is plutonium Cod?

For real though, plutonium is a free version of Black Ops 2’s Multiplayer and Zombies on the PC that comes with all the DLC and has support for dedicated servers. If you’re on PC and want to play Black Ops 2 Zombies, I’d highly recommend it.

Can you use DLC guns to get Damascus?

Andddd thus all the Damascus Camo’s have been unlocked for all the AR’s on #ModernWarfare (For those who don’t know, you can unlock Damascus on all the CORE guns but it wont unlock for the DLC guns until you get them gold).

How do I get Obsidian camo?

How to unlock Obsidian Camo fast? The obsidian Camo can be achieved by completing a challenge after you have unlocked Gold on a weapon. It will consist of having to get 15 or more kills in a game, multiple times, with the exception of Melee weapons and Launchers.

Can 2 people get Ray Gun mk2?

A player cannot carry the Ray Gun Mark II and the original Ray Gun at the same time; if the player has the original Ray Gun, it is impossible for them to receive the Ray Gun Mark II from the box, and vice versa. Multiple players can have the Ray Gun Mark 2 at one time however.

Who made pack-a-punch?

Jebediah Brown –
In the Aether Story, the Pack-a-Punch Machine was first created by Jebediah Brown – a blacksmith who lived in the Old American Western town known as Purgatory Point in the late 1800’s.