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What is Test Track?

What is Test Track?

Test Track is a high-speed slot car thrill ride located in World Discovery at Epcot, a theme park at the Walt Disney World Resort in Bay Lake, Florida.

Is Test Track Open 2022 Epcot?

6 days ago

Test Track closure September 21 2022. UPDATE 6:00pm – Test Track has reopened this evening. ORGINNALLY: Test Track at EPCOT is facing a period of extended downtime today.

What is the Test Track ride like?

Take the Ultimate Test Drive
Accelerate through straightaways, maneuver switchbacks through inclement weather, hug curves banked at 50-degree angles and scale hills up to 3 stories high. Reach speeds of up to 65 miles per hour as you put your car through its paces.

Is Test Track like cars ride?

Test Track is a fun ride. It’s like going really fast on a highway, but not all little ones may like it. There are darker areas as you ride through, along with quick turns and abrupt stops. Plus, you speed around a track at 65 miles per hour.

How scary is Test Track?

While the overall ride doesn’t have any big drops, Test Track does have some small dips and bumps. None of them are significant enough to be counted as scary, but it’s not a flat, smooth ride. Your kids will experience starts, stops, accelerations and some dips throughout the testing experience.

What age can go on Test Track?

Epcot – Test Track

Age: Attraction Review:
ages 5-10 This ride is one of the most popular rides for kids in Epcot.
ages 11-15 Preteens and Teenagers love Test Track. It is one of the best rides at EPCOT.
ages 16-adult Older teenagers and Adults really like Test Track.

How long is the wait for Test Track?

Test Track

Loading speed Moderate-fast
Wait per 100 people ahead 4.5 minutes
When to go The first 30 minutes the park is open, just before closing.

Is Test Track scary for kids?

Is Test Track a rough ride?

While Test Track may sound like a white-knuckled thrill ride, it’s surprisingly tame in comparison to Tower of Terror or Rock n’ Roller Coaster. The tests are mild with the exception of some jerky movements and a few close calls, and that high-speed exterior lap is pure fun.

How many G’s is Test Track?

EPCOT – Test Track (65MPH)
Things really kick off for the finale. Your car picks up speed as you burst out of the building and onto a coaster-like track outside. These final, exhilarating turns reach 0.6 g-force, making it an amazing thrill ride.

Does Test Track make your stomach drop?

There are no coaster-like hills or stomach-churning drops, but Test Track, which lets guests design their own concept car and then test it out, does offer some eye-popping visuals and some abrupt starts and stops.

Is Test Track scary ride?

How many times do you go around on Test Track?

Test Track breaks down more often than any ride in Walt Disney World—roughly 4 out of every 10 days of operation. It’s also one of the attractions most likely to be down at park opening. Ask a cast member whether it’s operating before you trek to this corner of Future World.

Is Test Track a roller coaster?

Those concerned about motion sickness should note that Test Track is not a roller coaster. There is a section at the end where the cars drive quite fast, but it is mostly for the sensation of speed and it is not nearly as intense a roller coaster. Test Track attracts some of the longest lines in Epcot.

Is Test Track scary for little kids?

Is Test Track faster than Radiator Springs?

Disney even reduced the speed to make Radiator Springs Racers more palatable for families. Its top speed is only 40 miles per hour, a full 25 miles per hour behind Test Track.

Does Test Track feel fast?

Believe it or not, Test Track is the fastest attraction at the Walt Disney World resort. Reaching top speeds of 65 miles per hour, you’ll definitely feel windblown after embarking on this high-speed adventure! Although the ride reaches only 65 miles per hour, it was originally planned to speed up to 95 miles per hour.

Can a 5 year old ride Test Track?

As long as they meet the height requirement of 40 inches, most young children should be able to enjoy this low-level family thrill ride. We think ages 5 and up are generally good to go, but even younger can experience Test Track if loud noises and darkness do not upset them.

Why does Test Track always break down?

Why does Test Track tear up so much? In a way, it’s the deluxe version of Space Mountain. The ride system is largely computerized. There’s a master ride controller plus sensors throughout the attraction…and that’s a lot since Test Track takes place indoors and outdoors, with several well-themed, distinct sections.