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What is plethora in a sentence?

What is plethora in a sentence?

a very large amount of something, especially a larger amount than you need, want, or can deal with: There’s a plethora of books about the royal family. The plethora of regulations is both contradictory and confusing.

Is it correct to say a plethora of?

Plethora is usually written as a plethora of, and even though it is singular, it implies a plural. Because of this, plethora can take singular or plural verb depending on the context and the writer’s disposition, being written as “a plethora of examples are” or “a plethora of examples is.”

What is an example of a plethora of something?

Plethora means an abundance or excess of something. If you have 15 different people who want to take you on a date, you have a plethora of romantic possibilities.

Is plethora a good thing?

Plethora of Is Usually Not a Good Thing

Maybe there’s not enough food, or maybe there’s not enough oxygen, but having too many fish is causing a detrimental effect. The meaning of plethora in this sense is what it was originally intended to mean: “too many, excessive, an overabundance.”

What is the synonym of plethora?

deluge, excess, glut, overabundance, plenty, profusion, surfeit, flood, much, overflow, overkill, overmuch, superabundance, superfluity, surplus, many.

When should you not use plethora?

‘Plethora’ is a formal, more high-level word, and is usually not appropriate for use in Speaking Parts 1 and 2. For instance, it would sound strange to say, ‘I do a plethora of activities on the weekend. ‘

What is a synonym for a lot of?

What is another word for a lot of?

many lots of
substantial great
ample abundant
sizable plentiful
immeasurable profuse

Can plethora be used for people?

While a ‘plethora’ is a collection of something, or a large number or amount of something, the WORD ‘plethora’ is singular. Therefore, ‘there IS a plethora of people’ is correct.

What is a word for a lot of something?

What is another word for a lot?

lots plenty
an abundance a plethora
a slew a stack
a variety a wealth
loads oodles

What’s another word for a large amount?

What is another word for large amount?

power abundance
load lot
mass sizeable amount
substantial amount tonneUK
tonUS vast amount

Can plethora be used as a noun?

“Plethora” is a singular noun, like “plenitude” or “abundance,” so it’s quite normal to write “there is a plethora of,” no matter what comes after “of.” However, it’s also quite normal to use “plethora” with a plural verb like “are.”

What is a word for a large collection of things?

2 accumulation, aggregation, mass, heap, pile, hoard, store.

What is a large quantity of something called?

abundance. noun. formal a very large quantity of something.

What’s another word for a lot of something?

What word means a lot of something?

synonyms for a lot of
enough. full. great. heaps. loads.

What is a fancy word for collection?

assemblage, assortment, compilation, lot, number, selection, set, store, acquiring, acquisition, agglomeration, anthology, assembling, assembly, batch, caboodle, clump, cluster, collation, combination.

What do you call a random collection of things?

A hodgepodge is a random assortment of things.

What is a large amount of something?

plenty. adverb. a large amount of something, or a large number of things or people, usually more than enough.

What is a large quantity of something?

Bulk, of course, means a large quantity. We import a large quantity of eggs. They use a large quantity of water.

What is a word for large quantity?

What is another word for large quantity?

wealth abundance
lot plenty
oodles much
mass heap
quantity bundle

What is a bunch of things called?

We also use collective nouns to refer to groups of things. Depending on the word, a collective noun can refer to a group of physical objects and/or abstract ideas. Examples: bunch, stack, pile, supply, set, pack, collection, trove, horde.

What is a large collection called?

arsenal. noun. a large collection of things you can use to achieve a particular purpose.