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What is medisafe used for?

What is medisafe used for?

Medisafe helps you manage and take your medication on time with our first-of-its-kind cloud-synced mobile medication management platform. Medisafe allows your family, friends & caregivers to aid (if you so choose) by being alerted as to whether or not you took your medication.

How much does medisafe cost?

Price: The standard Medisafe app is free for iOS and Android. The premium iOS app is available for $4.99 a month or $39.99 a year. The premium Android app is available for $2.99 a month or $39.99 a year.

Is medisafe free?

The basic version of the Medisafe App is free. The cost of the premium version differs, according to the mobile operating system a person uses. On iOS, the premium version is $4.99 a month or $39.99 a year.

Is medisafe a good app?

This is an excellent app. When entering medications it offered well managed suggestions that allowed us to easily select the correct medication. For all of our test medications it provided a very nice, accurate picture of the pill; it was easy to make sure we were dealing with the right medication.

How does medisafe make money?

Medisafe generates revenue primarily from pharmaceutical companies, such as Merck (NYSE: MRK) and Boehringer Ingelheim, who fund the app’s usage in order to receive anonymized data that could help them understand patient behavior, the spokesperson says.

Where is medisafe based?

Boston, Massachusetts

Medisafe is located in Boston, Massachusetts, United States .

Is there a pill taking app?

Dosecast: My Pill Reminder App (free/paid, iOS, and Android) Dosecast is free, but it also has premium features you have to pay to unlock. Dosecast’s basic feature includes inputting your oral medications to set up reminders.

Is pill reminder app free?

Get the free “MUST HAVE” award-winning pill reminder and medication tracker ranked #1 by pharmacists, physicians and patients. Join the millions of people using Medisafe who are taking control of their medication management with our free app – stay on track and never miss another med.

Who owns medisafe?

Omri Shor – Founder, President & CEO – Medisafe® Medication Adherence Platform | LinkedIn.

Who created medisafe?

7wireVentures Presents: Top of the Ladder Featuring Medisafe Founder and CEO Omri Shor.

How do I remember if I took my pill?

How to remember to take your medication

  1. Keep a list of all your medications, including over-the-counter ones.
  2. Take your meds at the same time every day.
  3. Leave yourself notes to help you remember.
  4. Use a pillbox with the days of the week.
  5. Keep a calendar to write down doses and when refills are due.

How do I remind myself to take pills?

are a few helpful tips that can help you remember to take your medication:

  1. Create A Routine. Keep It Visible.
  2. Set An Alarm. Post A Note.
  3. Use A Pillbox. Flip Pill Bottle Over.
  4. Carry Extra Doses. Record Each Dose.
  5. Mobile Medication Reminder Apps **Available on Apple and Android devices. CVS.

Does medisafe sell data?

We will not sell any Personal Information nor will we use this data for advertising purposes. Please note that when you share information with third party apps, such information will be subject to their privacy policy, over which we have no control.

Who owns medisafe app?

What happens if I take 2 birth control pills?

If you’ve accidentally taken any extra pills, carry on taking the rest of your packet as normal at the same time you usually take it each day. For example, if you usually take your pill at 8am every day: on Monday, you take your normal pill at 8am, but then take an extra pill by mistake at 8.15am.

What happens if I accidentally took 2 birth control pills?

What will happen. Most likely nothing. Taking two birth control pills in one day won’t have any long-term health effects and probably won’t cause any symptoms. The extra dose could cause you to feel a bit nauseous that day, but it’ll pass quickly.

How do you remind an older person to take pills?

8 Effective Medication Reminder Strategies for Seniors and…

  1. Build a Morning or Bedtime Routine.
  2. Set Up Timed Reminders.
  3. Wear a Trendy Reminder Device.
  4. Take Meds With Your Meals.
  5. Make Medicine Bottle Labels.
  6. Find Pill Sorting Services.
  7. Get Reminders via Mobile App.
  8. Set Up Smart Home Reminders.

How can I memorize pills?

Is medisafe secure?

Medisafe is a HIPAA and GDPR-compliant solution and ISO 27001:2013 certified, which means we have put the most stringent security measures in place to protect your information. We use technical, contractual, administrative and physical measures in an effort to protect against unauthorized access.

Is 12 hours late a missed pill?

The manufacturer’s advice may be more cautious and say there’s a risk of pregnancy if you have missed 1 pill or a pill is taken more than 12 hours after the usual time.

What age should you stop taking birth control pills?

Both the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the North American Menopause Society recommend that women continue contraceptive use until menopause or age 50–55 years (333,334).

Can I take my friends birth control if I forgot mine?

No. If you’re interested in using the pill, it’s best to get your own prescription from a nurse or doctor. The pill is a kind of birth control that you have to get with a prescription. That’s because there are lots of different types of birth control pills out there.

What is the most common medication problem in the elderly?

Drug-related problems are common in older adults and include drug ineffectiveness, adverse drug effects, overdosage, underdosage, inappropriate treatment, inadequate monitoring, nonadherence, and drug interactions. (See also Overview of Drug Therapy in Older Adults.

How can you encourage patients to take medication?

There are several ways to increase motivation to take medication as prescribed.

  1. Think about why you are taking the medication in the first place.
  2. Track progress in a journal.
  3. Take your medication at a similar time each day.
  4. Use a medication planner/pill box.
  5. Enlist family and friends to help with these strategies.

How do you take pills 3 times a day?

When the medicine label on the medicine says to take three times day it generally means ‘take every 8 hours’. For example we divide 8 hours into 24 hours which gives us 3. Therefore four times a day would be ‘every 6 hours,’ (24 divided by 6 = 4).