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What is a DB Card?

What is a DB Card?

BahnCard (German Bahn – Rail) is a discount subscription programme offered by Deutsche Bahn (DB), the German national railway company.

What is DB in Berlin?

The Deutsche Bahn AG

The Deutsche Bahn AG (IPA: [ˈdɔʏtʃə ˈbaːn]; abbreviated as DB or DB AG) is the national railway company of Germany. Headquartered in the Bahntower in Berlin, it is a joint-stock company (AG). The Federal Republic of Germany is its single shareholder.

How can I get a discount on Deutsche Bahn?

A BahnCard 25 or 50 will get you a discount of 25% or 50% on the ticket price. BahnCard 100 gives you total flexibility: you can travel as often as you want without needing to buy a ticket.

Can I take an earlier train DB?

Deutsche Bahn
If you are travelling less than 100km, you are able to take any train, at any time, travelling to the same destination on your reserved departure date. If you are travelling more than 100km then your validity period is 2 days.

Can you drink beer on German trains?

Currently there are no rules on drinking alcohol on trains in Germany, although over the last couple of years Munich and Hamburg have banned boozing on their metro systems.

Can you eat on German trains?

Food and drink are absolutely permissible on German trains. Just like with the food, you can purchase drinks on long distance trains and many RE trains as well. RB trains don’t always have someone selling items, since these journeys are much shorter.

Is DB private or public?

Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank Twin Towers in Frankfurt, Germany
Type Public (Aktiengesellschaft)
Traded as FWB: DBK NYSE: DB DAX Component
ISIN DE0005140008
Industry Banking Financial services

What DB means?

In electronics and communications, the decibel (abbreviated as dB, and also as db and DB) is a logarithmic expression of the ratio between two signal power, voltage, or current levels. In acoustics, the decibel is used as an absolute indicator of sound power per unit area.

Is it cheaper to buy German train tickets in advance?

Is it cheaper to buy train tickets in advance in Germany? If you are buying the single journey tickets, then yes, it is usually cheaper to buy in advance. Typically about 2-3 months in advance are often the best prices.

Is there food on German trains?

All ICE trains have a restaurant wagon where you can sit down and receive table service. It’s not a Michelin-starred restaurant, but you can eat plenty well on the train. Plus there’s something especially enjoyable about having lunch and seeing the countryside whiz by.

What if I miss my connecting train in Germany?

You can speak to the ticket inspector onboard to ask whether you can just jump on the next departing train using your original ticket. You might also be covered by the HOTNAT Railteam agreement which is explained below. For Deutsche Bahn trains, your connecting train may also wait if the delay is not significant.

Can you smoke on DB trains?

Smoking is not permitted on trains. Do not leave a train if it stops between stations.

Can you eat in German trains?

Where should I sit on a German train?

On most Regional and Local Trains, you can sit anywhere you want except for the front car that says “1” (First Class), unless you have a first-class ticket, which pretty much nobody needs anyways on local trains.

Do DB trains have WiFi?

Deutsche Bahn offers passengers and visitors 30 minutes of free Wi-Fi at 127 stations throughout Germany.

How good are German trains?

German trains are clean, comfortable, reliable and fast. Between the downtown areas of most German cities the travel time by train is as fast or faster than the travel time by plane, when you calculate in the time it takes to get to and from the airport.

How many trains does DB have?

Deutsche Bahn operates more than 40,000 trains daily on its more than 33,300 kilometer-long, modern rail network – which is also open to competition. The there are 5,700 train stations.

What is 1 dB?

One decibel (0.1 bel) equals 10 times the common logarithm of the power ratio. Expressed as a formula, the intensity of a sound in decibels is 10 log10 (S1/S2), where S1 and S2 are the intensity of the two sounds; i.e., doubling the intensity of a sound means an increase of a little more than 3 dB.

Why is dB used?

The decibel (dB) is a logarithmic unit used to measure sound level. It is also widely used in electronics, signals and communication. The dB is a logarithmic way of describing a ratio. The ratio may be power, sound pressure, voltage or intensity or several other things.

How fast do German trains go?

ICE – InterCity Express – is the brand name for Deutsche Bahn’s (German Railways) premier high-speed trains. There are various types, some of which can run at up to 300 km/h (186 mph) on Germany’s high speed lines and up to 230km/h (130 mph) on upgraded conventional lines.

Can I travel in another train if my train is late?

Yes you can. But you need to buy a new ticket for another train. In this situation you have to cancel the current ticket.

Can I get an earlier train with my ticket?

Can I get an earlier train with an Advance ticket? Advance train tickets aren’t flexible, so you must catch the train specified on your ticket. If you catch an earlier train, you may have to pay additional fees, so please check with ticket staff at the station.

Can you drink beer on a German train?

On long distance trains, drinking alcohol is no problem at all as long as you are still able to behave;-) Bringing two or three extra plastic cups can lead to pleasant encounters with fellow passengers.

Do DB trains have food?

Deutsche Bahn offers a wide range of varied options, whether hot or cold, savoury or sweet, small or large appetites. If for early risers for breakfast, all day for lunch or in the evening for a nice meal with a glass of wine.

Do DB trains have bathrooms?

Hygiene and cleaning
We have added disinfectant to the hand-washing facilities in the on-board toilets of many of our trains (incl. ICE/IC). Similarly, travellers can find disinfectant in a growing number of toilets at our stations.