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What if there is no available slot for passport appointment?

What if there is no available slot for passport appointment?

There are no available slots for passport appointment. Can I walk in instead? ONLY EXCEPTIONAL AND EMERGENCY CASES are allowed on walk-in basis at Courtesy Lane in DFA Aseana and other Consular Offices in the Philippines. Non-emergency applicants must secure an online appointment at

How can I get appointment slot for passport?

Passport appointment slots are free of charge and may be accessed through ( PIA-NCR)

  1. dfa.
  2. foreign affairs.
  3. passport.
  4. slots.

What time usually DFA open slots?

Appointment slots are made available at 12:00 noon and 9:00 p.m. Mondays to Fridays except holidays for ALL DFA Consular Offices. This is done in order to prevent passport appointment assistance accounts from hoarding passport appointment slots. Thank you!

How do I schedule my passport appointment in DFA?

Upon receipt of the certificate, applicant should set an appointment online through the DFA Passport Appointment website ( Applicants who are eligible under the courtesy lane facility, may opt not to set an appointment online.

What time does DFA open slots for appointment 2022?

What time does the DFA open slots for appointment in 2022? For 2022, the DFA said there’s “no exact time when the slots will be opened to avoid overloading the system.” With that in mind, you can try checking the passport appointment system at off-peak hours like midnight or dawn to check for available slots.

Can I walk in for passport application?

The DFA said walk-in applicants should be fully vaccinated, qualified to avail of the courtesy lane, and able to present core passport application requirements along with the following required documents: Senior citizens: senior citizen identification card (may be accompanied by one adult)

How much is Philippine passport appointment?


Regular Expedite
Aseana and Consular Offices (Within Metro Manila) PHP950.00 12 business days PHP1200.00 6 business days
Consular Offices (Outside Metro Manila) PHP950.00 12 business days PHP1200.00 7 business days
Foreign Service Posts $60.00 28-60 days

How can I renew my passport online 2022?


  1. Confirmed Online Appointment.
  2. Accomplished Application Form.
  3. Personal appearance.
  4. Current ePassport with photocopy of data page.
  5. Original PSA authenticated documents that will support the change of name. Marriage Contract. Annotated Birth Certificate.

How much is rush passport in the Philippines?

Applicants may choose rush or expedited processing when making an appointment in the Passport Online Appointment System (OAS), and an additional fee of PHP 250 will be added on top of the PHP 950 passport processing fee.

Who can use courtesy lane in DFA?

The DFA said the courtesy lane is for senior citizens, pregnant women, solo parents, persons with disabilities, minors aged seven and below, and overseas Filipino workers.

How much is the renewal of Philippine passport 2022?

Php 950

Passport Fee – Php 950. PRF Fee – Php 250. Special Processing – Php 1,200.

How do I renew my expired Philippine passport 2022?

Can I get my passport in one day?

Can you get your passport on the same day? Of course, you can! If you are in an extreme rush, emergency or just last-minute panic, then you can get your passport expedited with 24 Hour Passport and Visas and receive it in as soon as 8 hours.

Can you get your passport the same day Philippines?

For applications made at Consular Offices in Metro Manila, processing and releasing of passports take 12 working days for regular processing and 6 working days for expedited processing.

Who are qualified for walk-in passport application?

The following may avail of the Courtesy Lane Facility:

  • Senior citizens. A senior citizen applicant may be accompanied by one (1) adult.
  • Persons with disability (PWDs)
  • Pregnant Applicants.
  • Minors aged seven (7) years and below.
  • Solo Parents.
  • Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs)
  • Exceptional and emergency cases.

Can I go walk-in for passport renewal?

Who Can Walk-in in DFA for Passport Processing? There are special groups of people allowed to process passport as walk-in applicants. These individuals must bring their appropriate valid ID together with all other requirements for passport first-time applicant or passport renewal.

How many days does a passport renewal take?

While the standard timeline for receiving the normal passport is 30 days from the date of submitting the application, typically it takes two to three weeks to get a fresh passport or get your passport renewed. If applying for Tatkal, you can get a passport within one to three days.

How long after expiration can you renew a passport?

five years
Answer: Yes, you can. You may renew your passport your passport anytime during its validity and up to five years after expiration.

How much is a 1 day passport?

Rs. 15,000
3,500 and the one-day service charge for issuing passports, which was previously at Rs. 10,000, has been increased to Rs. 15,000. The service charges for issuing passports for children under the age of 16 has been increased from Rs.

What is the fastest you can get a passport?

Processing Times

Routine 7 to 10 weeks
Expedited 4 to 6 weeks
Expedited at Agency Must have international travel within 14 calendar days

How long does it take to get a passport Philippines 2022?

Regular passport applications received from Philippine Embassies/Consulates will be available from four (4) to six (6) weeks from the date of application. Applicants are advised to plan trips or interviews where they will need valid passports only after receiving the new passport.

Can I walk-in for passport application?

How many ID do I need for passport?

Valid Government-issued ID of either parent with one photocopy. – Voter’s ID or Voter’s Certification from the Officer of Election with Dry Seal. [Update: As of Aug 2022, the DFA website states this: Voter’s ID or Voter’s Certificate issued from COMELEC main office in Intramuros, Manila.] Marriage Certificate.

How can I renew my passport quickly?

By applying for an urgent renewal, you can get a new passport in as little as two days. To apply for an urgent passport renewal you must book and attend an appointment at your nearest passport office. You can book and pay for your renewal online at the website up to three weeks in advance of your appointment.

What happens if you renew your passport after it expires?

If your passport has expired, then you will need to renew it before you travel internationally. The process usually involves submitting your old passport to the government passport agency, either in person or by mail. Therefore, you will need to hold on your expired passport at least until you apply for your new one.