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What I wish for my country?

What I wish for my country?

Some of my wishes are: a peaceful country, an educated country, a country whose citizens are loving, caring and understanding and many more. The utmost wish of mine for my country is to establish a secular country. We all know that according to our Indian constitution, India is a secular country.

What I can for my country?

9 Little Contributions You Can Make To Make Our Country Better

  • How Can You Contribute to the Development of Our Country?
  • Stop littering around.
  • Be environment-friendly.
  • Help support a child’s education.
  • Stop participating in corruption.
  • Be better Neighbours.
  • Pledge to donate your organs.
  • Donate blood.

What should I write about my country?

My country is a land of villages and fields full of bodies. I am proud of his village from which the Indian civilization flourished. Most of the great leaders of our country came from villages. Our fields are fed by mighty rivers like Ganges, Yamuna, Brahmaputra, Godavari, Narmada, Krishna and Kavery.

What do you want to do for your country five lines?

As a true citizen I would like to do something for my country by changing some system. First of all I want to change our education system by removing reservation law. I feel that every student should have equal rights in a field of education. We cannot make rules for education based on their castes.

What was the wish for the country Class 10?

a) The wish for the country was that it must remain free forever and no oppressor must rule over them.

How do you wish an Indian Independence Day?

May the glory of Independence Day be with us forever. Here’s wishing you a very happy Independence Day! Freedom in mind, Faith in our heart, Memories in our souls. Let’s salute the Nation on Independence Day!

What is a 10 line essay?

10 Lines Essay is considered one of the most enjoyable and fun-filled experiences to express thoughts, enhance spoken and written English Skills. Enhance your Vocabulary and Creativity by going through 10 Lines on diverse topics in English.

How do you start a country essay?

How to Write an Essay about a Country – YouTube

Why do I love my country five lines?

I love my country very much. India is a beautiful country, rich in culture and tradition. India has fertile plains, green valleys, forests, rivers, mountains and more. The country is surrounded by the three oceans – Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal and Arabic sea.

What is the wish of the country child?

to live in a town

The country child wishes to live in a town.

What does the poet wish for?

The poet wishes to return to his eternal home that is, God at the end of his life just like birds return to their nests in the evening after the day’s long journey. Was this answer helpful?

How do I wish my country happy independence?

Short Greetings for Text Messages

  1. Let’s salute the nation!
  2. I pledge that the labor of our past heroes shall not be in vain.
  3. I feel proud to be a part of a prosperous nation.
  4. Happy Independence Day!
  5. Nothing is as good as living in an independent and self-sustaining nation.
  6. Best wishes and happy Independence Day!

What are 5 things you appreciate about India?

While some said it was the varied culture and heritage, others spoke of the beauty of the country.

  • Unity in diversity. India is a land of different cultures, heritages, many languages and religions.
  • My soul — India.
  • Land of peace.
  • I am an Indian.
  • I love festivals.
  • Best place to be.
  • Unique country.
  • Incredible India.

Why do I love my country India essay?

I love my country because India is a nation with unity in diversity. It is a proponent of peace. Peace especially through spirituality is a basic and unique quality of India. People from other nations are getting attracted towards India to achieve peace of mind.

Why is English important 10 points?

It is the language of science, aviation, computers, diplomacy and tourism. Last but not least, it is the language of international communication, the media and the internet. Whether it is for professional or personal reasons, understanding the importance of English will help you reach your goals.

How do you write a short essay?


  1. Get straight to the point.
  2. Introduce your thesis (main argument); incorporate the language of the question to frame your thesis.
  3. Include a sentence that previews the points you will discuss.
  4. Keep it short.
  5. Be specific.
  6. Provide minimal contextual detail.

How do I start my essay writing?

Intriguing ways to start an essay

  1. Share a shocking or amusing fact.
  2. Ask a question.
  3. Dramatize a scene.
  4. Kick it off with a quote.
  5. State your thesis directly.
  6. Pick the right tone for your essay.
  7. When you’re stuck, work backwards.

Why do you love your country in 3 words?

1) Everyone loves their country and so do I. 2) I love India because it is one of the best countries in the world. 3) My nation and countrymen support and secure each other. 4) India has a rich heritage and culture.

Why I am proud of my country?

I am proud to be an Indian because I have the freedom to speak, write and protest against evil doings. We have the right to stand up and fight when we see human cruelty . India is a country where people respect elders. People of India live in peace and harmony.

Where does the country child wish to live?

The country child wishes to live in a town. He also wishes that someone lived near his home. Was this answer helpful?

What does the poet wish for the country?

The poet wants his countrymen to not ill-treat anyone on the basis of his caste, creed, religion or language. He wants his countrymen to be free from every kind of discrimination. He also wants them to be fearless, confident, honest and modest. He wants them to work tirelessly and strive for perfection.

What does the earth wish and why?

The earth wishes us to take care of it so as to take care of ourselves. The earth expects us the use the resources in an eco-friendly manner and to help our upcoming generation to use them as we do. The earth provides us place to live, gives us food, shelter, air, and everything else necessary for us to survive.

How do you wish students Independence Day?

Happy Independence Day to everyone, I wish you all faith in the words, freedom in the mind and pride in your souls. Let’s salute this glorious nation on its Independence Day! Freedom is something that money can’t buy, it’s the result of the struggles of many Bravehearts. Let us honour them today and always.

How do you start a speech on Independence Day?

Hello Everyone, I am here to present a welcome speech for Independence Day. Today it’s our 72nd Independence Day and we should feel proud to be a part of an Independent nation that has freedom of speech, freedom to live life in our own way.

Why do I love my country?

Firstly we born on the land which we called Motherland. This land gives us a place to live,a place to expand our knowledge, it gives a great platform to represent ourselves. It give an identity to show that I belongs to this particular nation . It’s government do everything which we want.