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What engine does a John Deere LA115 have?

What engine does a John Deere LA115 have?

John Deere LA115

John Deere LA115 Engine
19.5HP Briggs & Stratton 499cc 1-cyl gasoline
Fuel tank 2.1 gal 7.9 L
2.25 gal (California model) 8.5 L
Engine details …

How many quarts of oil does a John Deere LA115 take?

John Deere LA115 Engine

Engine Oil
Oil capacity 1.5 qts 1.4 L

How do you adjust the mower deck on a John Deere LA115?

Now adjust the nut on the threaded rod up or down depending on where level is on your mower deck we had to raise the right side up quite a. Bit. Next remove the blocks. Raise and lower the mower deck.

How do I find my John Deere part number?

Finding your model number and serial number is as easy as locating the identification tag on your machine. As seen in the example, the model number will be displayed below the MODEL heading (Example: Z235), and the serial number will be underlined on the top-right corner of the tag (Example: 130002).

How big is a John Deere LA115?

John Deere LA115 Dimensions

Wheelbase 48.9 inches 124 cm
Length 68.75 inches 174 cm
Height 42.5 inches 107 cm
Weight 450 lbs 204 kg

What spark plug does a John Deere LA115 use?

CHCJ7Y Spark
John Deere 115 Lawn Tractor Parts for 42 Mower Deck

Tune-up for John Deere 115 Lawn Tractor Parts for 42 Mower Deck
Part Number Description
CHCJ7Y Spark Plugs
TY23017 Battery
1.5 Quarts Engine Oil Capacity

What type of oil does a John Deere tractor use?

Turf-Gardâ„¢ Multi-Viscosity 4-Cycle Motor Oil

Recommended for lawn and garden tractors, riding mowers, walk-behind mowers, edgers, generators and other outdoor equipment with four-cycle gasoline engines.

What oil do riding mowers use?

SAE 30 the most common, and is is typically used in warmer climates. SAE 10W-30 is best for varying temperature ranges and is best for starting in cold climates. The trade off here is the potential for higher oil consumption. Synthetic oil is also an option for your riding lawn mower.

Should my mower deck wheels touch the ground?

Mower deck gauge wheels should be properly adjusted to prevent scalping grass on uneven terrain. The bottom of the wheels should sit approximately 1/8-1/2 of an inch from the ground, depending on your cutting height.

Should front and back of lawnmower be same height?

For most effective results, a lawn mower deck should have a pitch of 1/8-inch to 1/2-inch between the height of the deck rear to the height of the deck front.

How do you tell what year a John Deere mower is?

This metal plate attached to the frame of the mower provides you with the tractor’s model and serial number. Tags may be located under the hood or along the front on older models.

How do I tell what year my John Deere is?

Identify the letter and numbers in positions nine through 12 in a 17-symbol VIN. In order, these identify the security code, calender year of manufacture, transmission code, and wheel or track designation. The calender year of manufacture will be denoted by an A for 2010, B for 2011 and so on.

How do you move a John Deere lawn mower?

How to Move a None Running John Deere Tractor – YouTube

How do you put a John Deere tractor in reverse?

Reverse With Blade in Operation
Locate the RIO button on the controls area beneath the steering wheel. Press in on the RIO button and hold it down. Then press down on the reverse foot pedal, located on the right foot rest, with your right foot. Release the RIO button and drive the mower in reverse.

What is the spark plug gap for John Deere LA115?

0.76 mm
Automatic Model LA115
Ignition Module (Armature) Air Gap 0.253 – 0.356 mm (0.010 – 0.014 in.) Intake Valve Clearance 0.076 – 0.127 mm (0.003 – 0.005 in.) Exhaust Valve Clearance 0.13 – 0.18 mm (0.005 – 0.007 in.) Spark Plug-Gap 0.76 mm (0.030 in.)

What spark plug does a John Deere take?

John Deere Spark Plug (NGK BPR5ES) – M802138.

How often should I change the oil in my John Deere tractor?

John Deere recommends you check your oil level before each use and to change your oil once a season. That’s about every 50 hours of lawn tractor use.

Can I use regular oil in my John Deere?

Recommended Oil Viscosity Grades
John Deere prefers that 10W-30 be used in all its gasoline-powered engines, including those on riding mowers. The “W” indicates that the oil was tested at low air temperatures. A 10W-30 weight engine oil is viscous even at temperatures as low as negative 4 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can I use SAE 30 instead of 10W30 in my lawn mower?

Basically, SAE 30 works great in older mowers, but most newer mowers call for 10w30. SAE 30 is also better in warm conditions while 10w30 can accommodate colder ones as well. Aside from these factors, be sure to consider what the manufacturer recommends for your lawn mower.

Can you put synthetic oil in a John Deere lawn tractor?

In conclusion, yes, you can use a synthetic oil in your mower engine.

Should a mower deck be level front to back?

For most effective results, a lawn mower deck should have a pitch, or height difference of 1/8-inch to 1/2-inch between the front of the deck to the back of the deck.

Should mower deck wheels touch the ground?

What size mower deck gives the best cut?

A small, 1/2-acre lawn is suited to a deck size of 40 inches or fewer. If your lawn is 1/2 to 2 acres, then a riding mower with a deck that is 42 to 48 inches wide would be appropriate. If the lawn is 3 acres or larger, the deck should be at least 50 inches wide.

How do you tell what year a John Deere tractor is by the serial number?

What do the numbers on a John Deere tractor mean?

Decal. The tractor model numbers are comprised of four positions. The first number designates the family while the next three numbers represent the approximate engine horsepower. The fifth and sixth positions are represented by a letter. The first letter indicates the level of capability or price a tractor has.