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What drugs does Trevor take?

What drugs does Trevor take?

Trevor Philips is a frequent methamphetamine user, and is the first protagonist in the entire series to smoke it at his own will. His business also distributes in meth and marijuana, among other drugs, in addition to guns.

What are the pills in GTA Vice City?

Adrenaline pills are items scattered around Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto III and Liberty City Stories as well as Vice City in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City that boosts the player’s strength and slows down the game’s time.

How high can you get in GTA?

There is a height limit in GTA 5 as well, yes. Previously, the one in GTA 5 is 12800 ft, which is around 4000m respectively. This wiki page has been updated on December 2014 to change these limits. It’s now indicate that the limit is 8100 ft (2470m), which coincide with Bens’ answer.

What mental illness does Trevor have?

Trevor is shown to care about people very close to him, despite his antisocial behavior and psychotic derangement. Trevor is considered one of the most controversial characters in video game history.

Was Lamar supposed to be a playable character?

Lamar was supposed to be a playable character when Franklin died in Ending C but his voice actor wasn’t available to add more lines/missions and they had to change it.

How do you get the full armor in GTA Vice City?

Body Armor pickup in GTA VC.


  1. Can be bought from any Ammu-Nation store in the game for $500.
  2. Two are found on the grounds of the Vercetti Estate after completing Rub Out; one on the east front lawn alongside other weapons that spawn as part of the hidden package reward program.

What do hidden packages do in Vice City?

GTA Vice City hidden packages are a collectible with a purpose, as building up your set of them will unlock armor, weapons, vehicles, and that all-important cash as you try to guide Tommy Vercetti to the apex of the criminal underworld.

What’s the highest GTA V rank?

From beginners at number 1 to the maximum attainable level of 8000, and everything in between. Many gamers still don’t understand how some of these incredibly high ranks can be earned. There are a couple of things that are worth knowing about players with a rank of 8000 in the game.

Can you do CEO missions in a closed friend session?

Starting July 26, players will be able to engage in business activities — including Sell Missions — in private Invite Only sessions. You’ll be able to register as a VIP, CEO, or MC President in Invite Only, Crew, and Friend Sessions, allowing business owners to source and sell at their own pace or with their friends.

Why is Lester in a wheelchair?

Biography. Lester suffers from a wasting disease which has gradually worn down his motor skills during his life and left him wheelchair-bound, though he is able to walk short distances with the use of a cane. Due to his limited mobility, Lester has grown considerably overweight, and he also suffers from asthma.

Why does Trevor wear a dress?

Trivia. Trevor’s dedication to his mother and the fact that he can wear dresses may be a reference to Norman Bates from Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 horror film Psycho. Trevor’s initial backstory was that he grew up in the rural American backwoods.

Why did stretch join the Ballas?

Stretch eventually convinced Lamar to go off on his own to the Ballas hideout in Paleto Bay and tell the Ballas that they are willing to sell drugs, as this would be a sort of a money making and peace making opportunity. In reality, this was a trap and Lamar ended up getting kidnapped by the Ballas.

How do you get 200 body armor in GTA Vice City?

To get 200 health and armor in GTA Vice City: Definitive Edition, you have to get 100% completion. This doesn’t mean completing the main story, and it doesn’t mean getting all of the trophies or achievements. It means getting 100% completion in your in-game stats.

What is a voodoo car in GTA Vice City?

The Voodoo is one of the Coupes Cars vehicles featured in GTA Vice City. The design of the Voodoo in GTA Vice City is based on a real-life 1959-1960 Chevrolet Impala; Chevrolet Bel Air Gen IV; 1960 Chevrolet Biscayne. The top speed of the Voodoo is 99.42 mph (160.00 km/h).

What happens when you find all 100 hidden packages in Vice City?

Collecting all 100 Hidden Packages is required for the City Sleuth trophy / achievement, as well as progress towards 100% completion. While collecting these, it is advised to save regularly as the game can rarely crash.

Is there a real Vice City?

Vice City is a fictional city in the Grand Theft Auto series and the main setting for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories in 1984 and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City in 1986. The city itself is based on 1980’s Miami, which was a major cocaine trans-shipment point for South America around that time.

Is Level 8000 Possible GTA?

RANK 8000 IN GTA ONLINE! – Is This Even Possible & How Long It Would …

Can you reach level 8000 GTA?

How long would it take to reach rank 8000 in GTA Online? – YouTube

Can you be CEO in solo session?

GTA Online offers its players the ability to play in a solo session. However, this session does not have the same features as a public lobby. Players can’t register as a CEO/VIP/MC President in a solo session, nor can they sell their cargo.

Can you sell nightclub in Invite only?

The easiest way to make big stacks of cash in GTA Online is through businesses. There are arcades, motorcycle clubs, weapons dealerships, nightclubs, and money laundering operations. Starting July 26, you can run all of these from private, invite-only lobbies.

Does Lester have a girlfriend?

As the crew celebrates, Georgina and Lester share a kiss, marking the beginning of their romantic relationship.

Why is Lester in a hospital gown?

It’s explained that he went for a checkup on something. Lester has a degenerative muscle disease, which could be ALS or MS.

What did Trevor do to Mr raspberry jam?

During the time Trevor lives in the apartment, he savagely defiled the toy several times, including tearing out an eye and pulling out some of its stuffing, much to the dismay of Floyd.

Can CJ join Ballas?

CJ is now part of the Ballas and the first antagonist of the MP.

Why was Stretch killed GTA?

They give a call to Lester, who tells them the current locations of their targets. Michael will agree to assassinate Stretch, due to his lack of any association with him.