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What does the dullness mean?

What does the dullness mean?

dullness noun [U] (LACK OF INTEREST)

the fact of not being interesting or exciting, or of not being interested in anything: She managed to get exquisite material out of the dullness of her home town.

What is another word for dullness?

In this page you can discover 78 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for dullness, like: monotony, aridity, depression, drabness, languor, boringness, forgetfulness, sameness, deadliness, mediocrity and tediousness.

What word describes dull?

adj.unintelligent. adj.insensitive. adj.boring, uninteresting. adj.not sharp. adj.uneventful.

What part of speech is dullness?

adjective, dull·er, dull·est. not sharp; blunt: a dull knife.

What is the sentence of dullness?

1. He found the dullness of his work scarcely bearable. 2. Did you notice any unusual depression or dullness of mind?

What is the opposite of dullness?

Opposite of the state of lacking in intelligence or mental acuity. brightness. cleverness. intelligence. quickness.

How do you use dullness in a sentence?

Which word in the text means dull sound?

Thud’ means a low dull a dictionary.

What is another word for dull and boring?

In this page you can discover 73 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for boring, like: dull, tedious, monotonous, dreary, uninteresting, tiresome, humdrum, irksome, weary, colorless and wearisome.

Is dull a feeling?

(dʌl ) adjective. mentally slow; stupid. lacking sensitivity; blunted in feeling or perception. dull to grief.

What is another word for unclear?

In this page you can discover 54 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for unclear, like: ambiguous, vague, fuzzy, hazy, indecisive, obscure, misty, blurry, irrelevant, cloudy and undecipherable.

What is the meaning of dreariness?

1 : feeling, displaying, or reflecting listlessness or discouragement cheer a dreary mind— George Berkeley. 2 : having nothing likely to provide cheer, comfort, or interest : gloomy, dismal a cold, dreary morning.

Does dull mean boring?

The definition of dull is someone who is stupid or boring or something that is not shiny or something that is not sharp. An example of dull is a book that is so boring you can’t get past page ten.

Is Dullened a word?

Verb. (transitive, nonstandard) To make dull or duller; to dull.

How do you say low noise?

  1. hushed,
  2. muted,
  3. noiseless,
  4. quieted,
  5. silent,
  6. soundless,
  7. still,
  8. stilly.

How would you describe a quiet sound?

Words to Describe Different Sounds
2. Words for soft or subtle sounds: Gentle noises can be challenging to describe. Here are some descriptors to use to evoke quiet noises: breathy, chime, droning, fizz, glug, gurgle, jingle, moan, sizzle, squish, swish, swoosh, tinkle, trill, wheeze, whir, and whoosh.

What is the opposite of — dull?

The antonym of dull is bright.

How do you speak dull?

How to Pronounce DOLE, DOLL, DULL – English Pronunciation Lesson

What word means vague unclear?

Some common synonyms of vague are ambiguous, cryptic, dark, enigmatic, equivocal, and obscure. While all these words mean “not clearly understandable,” vague implies a lack of clear formulation due to inadequate conception or consideration.

How do you say something is not clear?


  1. ambiguous.
  2. confused.
  3. fuzzy.
  4. hazy.
  5. imprecise.
  6. obscure.
  7. uncertain.
  8. unsettled.

Is insipidity a word?

Insipidity is a quality of being drab or boring.

What does Becast mean?

(transitive, obsolete) To cover or surround by casting (something) about. (intransitive, obsolete) To cast about; plan; plot; contrive.

How do you use dull in a sentence?

Examples of dull in a Sentence
His hair dulled as he aged. The dog’s eyes dulled as he got sick. She takes medicine to dull the pain.

What is a soft sound called?

whisper. noun. literary a quiet gentle sound.

What is another word for very quiet?

5 calm, serene. 9 unmoving. 14 still, hush, silence. 15, 17 lull, soothe.