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What does CP mean in auto insurance?

What does CP mean in auto insurance?

Collateral protection insurance typically covers physical damage to the vehicle. It may also include medical expenses and liability coverage.

What does REPL mean on an auto estimate?


Repl=Replace. R&I=Remove and Install. R&R=Remove and Replace. Rpr=Repair. RT=Right.

What does RR mean in insurance?

All property-related damage losses covered by the policy. This includes the following: property damage (PD), comprehensive damage (COMP), collision damage (COLL), Fire/Theft Combined Additional Coverage (FTCA), rental reimbursement (RR), or uninsured motorist property damage (UMPD).

What does MCA stand for in automotive?

The Maneuvering Collision Alert (MCA) is a generic collision warning function for all vehicle types (e.g. agriculture, construction, material handling).

What does DWG mean in insurance?

Broad Form Dwelling Policy (DWG-2 or DP-2)
In addition to the main structure, other structures, personal property and fair rental value covered under the Basic Form policy, the Broad Form Dwelling policy adds additional living expense coverage.

What does PPA mean in insurance?

Your Preferred Provider Access Plan (PPA) provides convenient, low-cost coverage in our network . . . plus the option to go out. Page 1. Your Preferred. Provider Access Plan (PPA) provides convenient, low-cost coverage in our network . . . plus the option to go out of network when you wish.

What does R&R mean on an auto estimate?

remove and replace
What Does R&R Stand For? R&R on an auto body estimate stands for “remove and replace.” Remove and replace occurs when a part is removed from a vehicle that cannot be repaired. As a result, the removed part is replaced with a brand new part.

What does CEG mean on an estimate?

Collision Estimating Guide
Estimating Tip: Mitchell – Mitchell CEG Update > “Additions to Labor” Update. Mitchell has made recent language updates to their CEG (Collision Estimating Guide). One area of updates is the Additions to Labor Time section for NOT INCLUDED operations.

What does OTP mean on insurance estimate?

General Contractors charge for Overhead and Profit (“O & P“) as line items on repair or rebuild estimates. Insurers sometimes balk at paying O & P, but they are legitimate costs of doing business and policyholders are entitled to collect insurance benefits to cover them in most scenarios.

What R&R means?

rest and recreation
Britannica Dictionary definition of R & R. rest and recreation; rest and recuperation; rest and relaxation.

What does BCA stand for?


Acronym Definition
BCA Bachelor of Computer Applications
BCA British Crystallographic Association
BCA Black Contractors Association (various locations)
BCA Business Cooperation Agreement (various companies)

What does CMC stand for in cars?

The Cooper Motor Corporation, also known as CMC Motors Group Limited, is the fifth-largest importer of vehicles and fifth-largest car-assembly company in Kenya, the largest economy in the East African Community.

What is PSD in insurance?

The Product Specification Diagrams (PSD) are a notation dedicated to the modelling of insurance products, and provide a way of representing complex insurance products at a level suitable in the graphical notation for business users.

What does PCD mean in insurance?

As part of being introduced to this new dental plan, eligible participants should have received mailings from the Benefit Funds advising them that they, along with their dependents, were required to select a Primary Care Dentist (PCD) in Aetna’s network to access care.

What does MPP mean in insurance?

Mortgage Protection Plan insurance
Related Definitions
MPP insurance means Mortgage Protection Plan insurance, an optional creditor group insurance product insured by Manulife.

What does PL and PD mean in insurance?

personal liability and property damage insurance
PLPD stands for personal liability and property damage insurance. It is more frequently called liability insurance and is an extremely common form of automobile insurance. PLPD insurance does not reimburse you for damage to your own property.

What does D&R mean in automotive?

D&R. Design and Release. Engineering, Design, Engineer.

What does OTL mean in insurance?

An Obvious Total Loss or OTL is during which the damages to a automobile are so in depth by way of restore and/or placing the structural integrity of the automobile in danger with a restore, that the automobile is decided to be an OTL. Some examples of an OTL are: Fire Damage. Rollover.

What does EST mean estimated?

abbreviation for estimated, used to show that a figure has been calculated using some guesses and may not be exact: Est.

What does ACV mean on an estimate?

Actual Cash Value
If you have Actual Cash Value (ACV) coverage, your policy will pay the depreciated cost to repair or replace your damaged property.

What does R&amp B mean?

rhythm and blues
The term “rhythm and blues,” often called “R&B,” originated in the 1940s when it replaced “race music” as a general marketing term for all African American music, though it usually referred only to secular, not religious music.

Does R&R mean rest and relaxation?

R&R, military slang for rest and recuperation (or rest and relaxation or rest and recreation or rest and rehabilitation), is an abbreviation used for the free time of a soldier or international UN staff serving in unaccompanied (no family) duty stations.

What does BBA stand for?

Bachelor of Business Administration
The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is one of the most marketable and in-demand undergraduate degrees. Nearly every form of employment is related to a business organization, and understanding the field of business can be beneficial to your career.

What is the meaning of VCA?


Acronym Definition
VCA Voluntary Corrective Action
VCA Varying Channel Assignment
VCA Virtual Computing Appliance (NVIDIA)
VCA Veritas Christian Academy (various locations)

What does CCR stand for in automotive?

Capacity Constraint Resource (CCR) Definition.