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What does a DSP5 switch do?

What does a DSP5 switch do?

The hardwired DSP5 switch works by selecting different voltages for the ECM to measure, from these voltages the ECM can determine which program you wish to run.

What are the 5 tunes on EFILive?

Our tunes are opt.stock, tow (w/ turbo braking), street, hot and race. Please specify in the stated area if you want any other specific tunes. The tune will be sent via email, and you will need an EFILive V2 or AutoCal to load the tunes into your vehicle.

Are all DSP5 switches the same?

The switches are the same. Just the pins and wire colors are different.

What is a LMM Duramax?

The LMM Duramax refers to Chevrolet Silverado HD and GM Sierra HD trucks equipped with the 6.6L Duramax diesel engine between the years of 2007.5-2010. It was very similar to the LBZ, but it featured an all-new emissions device, a diesel particulate filter.

What does DSP5 stand for?


Acronym Definition
DSP5 Department of State Proforma for Permanent Export (data)

What is a DPS 5 switch?

A five position switch that when used in conjunction with our DSP5 tuning is used to change tunes on the fly. *Includes Switch with two wires, Knob, Allen Key, Conduit, and Face-plate.

What is a burger tune?

What is a JB4? The JB4 is a plug and play tune available for turbocharged vehicles. The JB4 tuner installs between your car’s sensors and its DME/ECU (computer) and manipulates vehicle performance through these connections making your vehicle much faster.

What does EFILive do for Duramax?

Available for ’01-’16 Duramax-powered GM’s and ’06-’16 Cummins mills, EFI Live makes it possible for the end user to electronically infiltrate the factory ECU and TCM to access and alter data. No other tuning platform allows you to view and change so many different parameters.

How many miles are LMM good for?

LMM life expectancy is advertised at 300,000 miles.

How many miles is a LMM Duramax good for?

Overall, a properly cared for Duramax engine should last over 300,000 miles. However, consumers report having Duramax’s lasting in the 500,000-mile range! Nonetheless, proper maintenance is a must to increase the life expectancy of your engine.

How do you know if your Sotf switch is working?

Troubleshooting your DSP5 or SOTF Switch

If the tune or power level changes when you turn the switch, it’s working. Check to see if there is a button on the back of the switch. If so, with the key on, press the button at each position and note the results.

What is a DSP switch?

Your DSP switch is a voltage switch, each click is a different voltage. Depending on the voltage a different tune will be loaded. You only have to plug in the EFI live for diagnostics, loading tunes, etc.. In addition to programming the ECM you can program the TCM.

What is a DSP 5?

• A Permanent Export License (DSP-5) is for the permanent export of unclassified articles or. hardware as found in the U.S. Munitions List (USML) under the ITAR. The DSP-5 can include hardware, software, or documents as well as approval for marketing and the hiring of foreign employees.

What is a piggy back tune?

A piggyback tune is similar to a “chip” tune in that it plugs directly into the ECU (also known as the DME). It does NOT re-write the factory ECU tune, though. Rather, piggyback tunes alter certain signals and sensors to accomplish the tunes goal.

What makes a ButterBurger a ButterBurger?

What a lot of folks don’t know is why it’s called a ButterBurger. We call our ButterBurgers “ButterBurgers,” not because they’ve been cooked, marinated, dunked, fried or drizzled with butter but because we lightly butter the crown of the bun for an extra touch of goodness.

Can you tune a Duramax without deleting it?

You bet you can still do the tuning on there the only thing you need to worry about is higher EGTs as well as more regen cycles.

Is EFILive still available?

Only 3 hours remain to place orders for FlashScan/AutoCal for 2019 shipping. EFILive will be closing on Friday 20th December 2019 and will reopen on Monday 6th January 2020.

How do I know if my LMM is regenerating?

On a LMM You can tell its in regen by noticing: higher rpm @ Idle, engine sound @ Idle, mpg avg goes down, smell, & oil life remaining % drops.

How much HP can LMM handle?

A Dyno-Proven, 500-Plus HP
In best-case scenarios, the LMM’s stock turbo, injectors and CP3 high-pressure fuel pump can support 530 to 540rwhp.

What years should you stay away from a Duramax?

Quick Answer: Avoid Duramax Year Models 2001-2010
The first engine was the 6.6L Duramax LB7 used in the 2001 – 2004 Chevrolet Kodiak, Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Topkick, and GMC Sierra HD. It was the simplest in the lineup because it did not have a diesel particulate filter (DPF) or exhaust gas recirculation (EGR).

What is a DSP Sotf switch?

Ford DSP/SOTF Switch allows you to easily change your Tunes on your custom tuned ECU at the Twist of a knob. 5 POSITION SWITCH. ADJUSTABLE TO DESIRED RPM. PLUG N PLAY 2020+ FORD.

Does EZ Lynk stay plugged in?

It only needs to be plugged in while you flash your tunes, however, it doesn’t hurt to leave it plugged in. In that case, you can run it through the firewall of the truck.

What is a DSP sensor?

LaserGauge® DSP Sensors are portable 2D and 3D Scanning Sensors that offer fast, flexible, and accurate measurements on a wide variety of surface types.

Does a DSP make a difference?

At the simplest level, a DSP can be considered a glorified yet extremely precise tone control. When you combine the features of a processor with measurements from a real-time analyzer, a properly trained technician can dramatically improve the tonal balance and accuracy of your audio system.

What does a DSP help with?

A DSP’s information can be used by a computer to control such things as security, telephone, home theater systems, and video compression.