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What are Ofsted looking for 2022?

What are Ofsted looking for 2022?

Ofsted strategy 2022–27

The strategy sets out how we will continue our work to improve the lives of children and young people by raising standards in education and children’s social care.

What is the focus of the new Ofsted framework?

The new framework separates the former ‘personal development, behaviour and welfare’ judgement into 2 separate judgements – ‘personal development’ and ‘behaviour and attitudes’. On the whole, the way Ofsted inspects behaviour and personal development hasn’t changed.

What is the new EIF?

The new EIF provides much more opportunity for discussion with teachers and for them to explain their approach to teaching, so it’s essential that all staff know how to prepare for an Ofsted inspection. Prior to inspection, providers need to: Examine the EIF and consider its impact on the inspection process.

When was the new Ofsted framework introduced?

What is the New Ofsted Framework? Beginning in January 2019, Ofsted launched their consultation period on the new ‘Inspection Framework for Education Providers’. By May 2019, plans were confirmed for this new framework.

Are Ofsted still inspecting schools 2022?

Ofsted has reviewed and updated its inspection framework and handbooks for September 2022, as it prepares to end a curriculum grade period for schools in place since 2019.

What questions will Ofsted ask?

all logs that record accidents, exclusions, children taken off roll and incidents of poor behaviour. all logs of incidents of discrimination, including racist incidents. complaints log and/or evidence of any complaints and their resolutions. safeguarding and child protection policies.

What is Ofsted looking for in 2021?

What Ofsted is looking for in 2021 – covering curriculum, assessment, parental engagement and staff wellbeing.

What are the 3 I’s in Ofsted?

intent, implementation, and impact
What are the 3 I’s? When it comes to Ofsted nursery ratings, consider the 3 I’s. Separately they are: intent, implementation, and impact.

What are the 3 I’s for Ofsted?

When it comes to Ofsted nursery ratings, consider the 3 I’s. Separately they are: intent, implementation, and impact. However, it should be noted that your inspector will not judge them separately.

What are the 4 Ofsted judgements?

The new Ofsted framework renewed the key judgement categories examined by inspectors during school visits. The four areas that exist now are: quality of education, behaviour and attitudes, personal development, and leadership and management.

What are the 5 areas Ofsted inspect?

Judgements will be made about: Overall effectiveness; Quality of education; Behaviour and attitudes; Personal development; and Leadership and management. If the school offers early years provision and sixth-form provision, inspectors will also make judgements on these areas.

Does a new headteacher trigger an Ofsted?

Ofsted inspections are triggered differently depending on whether you’re a ‘new’ or established school, your previous rating, whether any concerns have been raised about the school and any other data which Ofsted holds about your setting.

What are the 3 main functions of Ofsted?

Our priorities

  • Inspections that raise standards: our inspections help education and social care recover and improve.
  • Right-touch regulation: our regulation advances high-quality care, education and safeguarding for children.
  • Making the most of our insights: we share insights through our research and analysis.

What do Ofsted ask on the phone?

During the initial notification phone call, the inspection support administrator will check: the number of pupils on roll at the school. the governance arrangements for the school. whether the school has any SEN or additional resource provision.

What are the 4 Ofsted areas?

The four areas that exist now are: quality of education, behaviour and attitudes, personal development, and leadership and management. We will look at the most important elements of all areas — for even more detailed descriptions, please refer to Ofsted’s Education inspection framework guidance.

What questions are Ofsted asking?

What might they ask?

  • How do you work to promote the British Values?
  • What should you be looking out for if a child spends a long time away from the setting?
  • How do you report a safeguarding issue?
  • What would be some warning signs for you that there was a safeguarding issue with one of your key children?

What are the 4 Ofsted Judgements?

Can Ofsted remove a headteacher?

Can OFSTED sack the headteacher? No. OFSTED has no power to fire a headteacher and they do not instruct governing bodies to do so either. However, a very poor OFSTED report may make a head feel they have no option but to resign.

Can Ofsted just turn up unannounced?

Unannounced behaviour inspections
The first a headteacher is likely to be aware of one is when they receive a call from HMI who declares they’re 15 minutes away. Inspectors arrive on site by 8.15am. These inspections can take place at any time and there are several possible triggers.

What are the 4 Ofsted grades?

Inspectors use a 4-point grading scale to make judgements during inspections:

  • grade 1: outstanding.
  • grade 2: good.
  • grade 3: requires improvement.
  • grade 4: inadequate.

What makes a good Ofsted inspector?

Skills and competencies for all contracted inspectors include “the ability to weigh up complex and conflicting evidence” and to use evidence and knowledge to provide “insightful professional advice and judgments”. The training to become an inspector is rigorous.

What documents do Ofsted want to see?

What documentation Ofsted will check during an inspection

  • The childcare providers registration details.
  • Information about individual associated with the registration.
  • Details of any concerns received.
  • Previous inspections reports – including any actions or recommendations mentioned in the previous inspection.

What safeguarding questions will Ofsted ask?

Are your staff trained to identify when a pupil may be at risk of neglect, abuse or exploitation and do they know how to report concerns? Do they evidence those concerns? Are your children safe from discrimination and bullying? Do your children understand how to stay safe online?

What are Ofsted inspectors looking for?

Inspections will focus on the real substance of education: the curriculum. Inspectors will spend less time looking at test data, and more time looking at what is taught and how it is taught. They will consider how a nursery, school, college or other education provider has achieved their results.

Who can sack a headteacher?

Yes, the governing body of any school or academy has the power to sack the headteacher.

  • For maintained schools the legal right to fire the headteacher comes from the School Staffing Regulations 2009.
  • Single academies and multi-academy trusts also have the power to fire the headteacher.