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What are common Polish last names?

What are common Polish last names?

The Most Common Surnames in Poland

  • NOWAK. 203,980.
  • KOWALSKA / KOWALSKI. 137,981.
  • WÓJCIK. 99,098.
  • KOWALCZYK. 97,537.
  • KAMIŃSKA / KAMIŃSKI. 94,829.

Why is ski at the end of Polish names?

Polish last names are also derived from places, nicknames, and occupations. Names derived from places usually ended in -ski, meaning “of,” and for a long time, they were reserved for nobility.

How do Polish surnames work?

Wives and children typically take on the husband/father’s family name or can use both family names (often hyphenated). However, a woman’s family name often has a feminine suffix/ending. Most Polish family names end in a suffix, such as –WICZ, e.g. IWASZKIEWICZ. Many suffixes vary between the masculine or feminine.

What are some Z last names?

Last Names That Start With Z

  • Zabala.
  • Zabawa.
  • Zabel.
  • Zabielski.
  • Zabinski.
  • Zabka.
  • Zablocki.
  • Zaborowski.

Do all Polish names end in ski?

Adjectival names very often end in the suffixes, -ski, -cki and -dzki (feminine -ska, -cka and -dzka), and are considered to be either typically Polish or typical for the Polish nobility. In the case of ‘-ski’, it holds true if the surname contains the name of a city, town, village or other geographical location.

What is a typical Polish name?

Top baby names in Poland 2017

Boy names in Poland Girl names in Poland
1. ANTONI (Anthony) 1. JULIA
2. JAKUB (Jacob) 2. ZUZANNA (Susan)
3. JAN (John) 3. ZOFIA (Sophie)
4. SZYMON (Simon) 4. LENA

What is the most common name in Poland?

If you are not satisfied with TOP 10, see the full list of most popular baby names in Poland in 2017 here.

Top baby names in Poland 2017.

Boy names in Poland Girl names in Poland
1. ANTONI (Anthony) 1. JULIA
2. JAKUB (Jacob) 2. ZUZANNA (Susan)
3. JAN (John) 3. ZOFIA (Sophie)
4. SZYMON (Simon) 4. LENA

What is the longest Polish name?

54 letters, is the genitive singular form of an adjective meaning roughly “of nine-hundred and ninety-nine nationalities”. Konstantynopolitańczykowianeczka is considered by many people to be the longest Polish word. It means a young woman from Constantinople.

What are some unique last names?

Unique Last Names

  • Barlowe.
  • Caddel.
  • Hart.
  • Katz.
  • Laurier.
  • Madden.
  • Elrod.
  • Whitlock.

What last names start with K?

Most common surnames starting with K

Surname Rank*
King 1
Kelly 2
Kennedy 3
Kelley 4

What is the most common Polish name?

What are Polish men called?

Top baby names in Poland 2017

Boy names in Poland Girl names in Poland
2. JAKUB (Jacob) 2. ZUZANNA (Susan)
3. JAN (John) 3. ZOFIA (Sophie)
4. SZYMON (Simon) 4. LENA
5. FRANCISZEK (Francis) 5. MAJA (Maya)

What is the hardest Polish word?

1. ‘Żółć’ This word is comprised purely of Polish letters ‒ Latin letters that were modified with Polish diacritic signs. In terms of pronunciation, English-speakers still stand a chance, but they would need to know the sound every letter stands for…

What is the oldest name in Poland?

According to linguist Witold Taszycki, Gniewomir is one of the oldest Polish names, and many a Gniewomir crops up in histories of Mediaeval Poland.

What is the rarest surname?

Here are 100 of the Rarest Last Names in the U.S. as of the 2010 Census

  • Tartal.
  • Throndsen.
  • Torsney.
  • Tuffin.
  • Usoro.
  • Vanidestine.
  • Viglianco.
  • Vozenilek.

What last name means powerful?

Kratos. This surname means “powerful” and has origins in Greek.

What are last names that start with P?


  • Pacyna.
  • Paczkowski.
  • Padalino.
  • Padberg.
  • Paddack.
  • Padden.
  • Paddock.
  • What is a common French last name?

    Most common French surnames

    A list including the births between 1891 and 1990 shows : 1 – Martin, 2 – Bernard, 3 – Thomas, 4 – Petit, 5 – Robert, 6 – Richard, 7 – Durand, 8 – Dubois, 9 – Moreau, 10 – Laurent.

    What is the most Polish name?

    What is the most common Polish girl name?

    The most common name for girls and women in Poland is Anna, but Julia, Maja, Zuzanna and Lena have been favourites among Polish parents in the last couple of years.

    What is Poland’s first name?

    Rzeczpospolita. The full official name of the Polish state is Rzeczpospolita Polska which translates to “Republic of Poland”.

    What is the nickname of Poland?

    Names of Poland. There’s Sarmatia and Scythia, Polonia, Poland and Polska. But how about Lenkija, Lengyelország or Lehistan?

    What is the oldest last name in the world?

    The oldest surname known to have been recorded anywhere in Europe, though, was in County Galway, Ireland, in the year 916. It was the name “O Cleirigh” (O’Clery). Enter your last name to learn its meaning and origin.

    What are some powerful last names?

    Powerful Last Names That Mean No One Will Mess With You

    • Allard – French origin. Means “noble friend.”
    • Almond – Middle Eastern origins. Means “noble protector.”
    • Bardin – German origin.
    • Barrett – German origin.
    • Barron – Hebrew origin.
    • Brando – German origin.
    • Caddel – Welsh origin.
    • Carnell – English origin.

    What last name means God?

    Kamiyama (Japanese origin), meaning “God”. This is a pretty big surname for your character to live up to.