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Is there free printing at UF?

Is there free printing at UF?

The SG Print Lab houses PCs and printers that currently enrolled UF students may use to print up to 250 pages for FREE each semester (Fall, Spring, and Summer).

Where can I print free campus at UF?

UF Student Government provides an 250 impressions of free printing per semester for every UF student. The LIC Copy Room houses a Student Government printer that is located directly to the left of the Copy Room entrance. Please contact the Student Government Print Lab at (352) 273-4431 with issues or questions.

Is printing free at UIUC?

Select locations also have color printers. Undergraduate students must have Illini Cash on your icard to print.

How much does printing cost?

University Housing residents (does not include Private Certified Housing) Other users
Color $0.30 $0.40

How do I pay for UF printing?

Visit Choose your printing method (upload file, web print, email print, driver print). Walk to the print release station and release your job. Pay any charges via MyUFL.

Can you print at the Illini Union?

Document Services has served the university in mailing and printing for over 100 years. Whether you are looking to print a few pieces or thousands, Document Services can meet your needs.

How much does it cost to print at UIUC?

Public printing costs 10 cents per page for black and white printing and 30 cents per page for color printing. Users have options to pay for printing through their university account (login with their NetID), pay cash at the Undergraduate Library, or use a pre-paid account.

How do you 3D print at UF?

Submit via the 3D Submission Form at You will need to accept our agreement that you adhere to the UF Computer Use Policy and copyright regulations. Library 3D staff will process your model, normally by the next business day, and send you a quote to pay to proceed with printing.

Where can I print on UIUC campus?

Printer Locations

  • ACES.
  • Architecture and Art.
  • Grainger.
  • Main Library (first floor across from the Information Desk)
  • Main Library (University Archives – Room 146)
  • Music and Performing Arts Library (MPAL)
  • Vet Med.

Does Illini Union have printers?