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Is PHSA a government?

Is PHSA a government?

Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) is a publicly funded health service provider in the province of British Columbia.

How many people work for PHSA?

23,000 employees

With more than 23,000 employees, PHSA has a province-wide mandate to provide specialty health services across BC through our globally-recognized programs, services and divisions. At PHSA, you’ll discover a culture of teamwork and a life-changing career.

What is PHSA in BC?

Provincial Public Health Information System.

What is the biggest health authority in BC?

Fraser Health
Fraser Health is the largest of the five regional health authorities in B.C. working together with the Ministry of Health.

How long does it take to get hired at PHSA?

Overall process is almost a month & half , very slow unnecessarily but Interview process was a panel interview with 3 persons via zoom.

Is PHSA good place to work?

Fair and stable. The pension and benefits with PHSA are top notch. Management and workload are good but I found it difficult to advance my career there even after 4 years. Many positions are unionized and job security if very stable.

What does the PHSA do?

PHSA has a unique role in BC’s health authority system: to ensure that B.C. residents have access to a coordinated provincial network of high-quality specialized health-care services.

How is PHSA funded?

There are numerous sources of funding available to support research, including major federal and provincial granting agencies, universities, provincial and federal governments, and Canadian and international private or non-profit agencies.

Is PHSA Fraser Health?

Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) is most highly rated for Work-life balance and Fraser Health is most highly rated for Work-life balance.

Overall rating.

Overall rating 3.1 3.7
Management 2.6 3.3
Culture 2.7 3.4

Is PHSA Fraser health?