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Is Gun Gale Online anime finished?

Is Gun Gale Online anime finished?

Manga creator Tadadi Tamori announced on October 27 that the Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online manga will end in three chapters, and the manga’s fourth volume will be the final volume.

Can I watch Gun Gale Online first?

Do I Need To Watch Sword Art Online II? Since Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online is a spin-off set in the Sword Art Online universe, it’s not entirely necessary to watch the first two seasons of the original series to enjoy it.

Does Netflix Have Gun Gale Online?

If you missed out on this fan-favorite spin-off when it originally began its run last April, then now’s your chance to check it out as Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online is now streaming on Netflix in both an English dub and its original Japanese with English subtitles.

Is Gun Gale Online the same as SAO?

Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online (GGO) (Dengeki Bunko Series) is a spin-off of Reki Kawahara’s original work: Sword Art Online (SAO) (Dengeki Bunko Series). The series’ universe exists in the same world as the VRMMO (Gun Gale Online) where Kirito and Shinon met in SAO’s second season: Sword Art Online II.

How old is Kirito?


Kirigaya Kazuto
Series Sword Art Online
Age 14-5 (Aincrad Arc) 16 (end of Aincrad Arc; Fairy Dance Arc) 17 (Phantom Bullet Arc; Alicization Arc)
Birthday October 7, 2008
Sex Male

Why is Kirito a girl in Gun Gale Online?

Kirito played SAO for a long time, so its data of Kirito’s playtime got transferred when converted to ALO and to GGO. Thus, the system rewarded him with that “female” avatar. 2. The system got “confused” when scanning Kirito’s appearance, and ended up with a male avatar that looks like a girl.

Is Gun Gale a girl?

Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online USA Official Website. A petite female player, less than 150 cm (4’9′) tall. Possessing high AGI, her specialty is close combat that maximizes her speed.

Will Kirito appear in GGO alternative?

No. None of the main SAO cast take an active role in AGGO, but Sinon will possibly have a cameo or two. On the other hand, Kirito is only indirectly referenced.

Is asuna in Gun Gale Online?

But with the premiere of the third season, Sword Art Online: Alicization has finally brought Asuna to Gun Gale Online and fans see just how effective she can be here. Along with a whole new look for the fan-favorite heroine, the season premiere reveals that Asuna fights much like Kirito does.

How old is asuna in Gun Gale?

Kirito and Asuna reveal their true names as Kazuto Kirigaya and Asuna Yuuki, including their ages of 16 and 17.

Is Kirito a girl in Gun Gale?

There are only a couple other important new characters in GGO, but they are both male. In fact, Sinon is one of very few girls that plays GGO, and Kirito is one of very few males who’s avatar doesn’t look like an action hero.

How did Kirito stay alive for 200 years?

The 200 years they spent in Underworld were attributed to Fluctlight’s technology effect; time acceleration. After Kirito and Asuna leave the Underworld after 200 years, they decide to remove their memories of the VR world.

How does Kirito live for 200 years?

Kirito confirms Asuna was Queen and that they discussed the necessity of a memory-wipe and the possibility of their Underworld experiences being copied. Above all, 200-year-old Kirito vows to fight for Underworld’s rights so the real world will keep it alive.

Does Kirito have a wife?

While Kirito loves Asuna as his fiancĂ©/wife, Kirito loves Yui as his own daughter. In the real world, Kazuto uses his skills and resources to make a device for Yui to view the real world even whilst she is in virtual reality and gives her the ability to communicate with them. Yui is one of Kirito’s most beloved people.

Why is Kirito stuck for 200 years?

Is Kirito a boy?

Not only that, Kirito even earned some fans among other players who like his cute looks despite knowing that he is actually a guy.

Why is Kirito a girl in GGO?

Who will Asuna marry?


Asuna and Kirito quickly began their leave of absence from the Knights of the Blood Oath and once buying their new home, they get married and begin to enjoy their honeymoon.

Is Kirito GGO avatar A girl?

Who did Asuna marry?

Is Kirito 200 years old?

Above all, 200-year-old Kirito vows to fight for Underworld’s rights so the real world will keep it alive. Kirito and Asuna were known as Star King and Star Queen of Underworld, ruling the land for their 200 years spent there.

Who is the girlfriend of Kirito?

Yuuki Asuna. Asuna is Kirito’s partner and main love interest in the series. Among all the people Kirito has met, she is the closest and dearest to him.

Will Kirito marry?

No, they are not engaged. The ring from the end of the movie was just a “promise” ring.

Why can’t Asuna log out?

Asuna was one of the few that couldn’t log out because she was trapped in ALO. If you watch the ALO arc, there is a scene where Asuna tries to log out using the administration console. If she was successful, she would have been able to remove the NervGear without a problem.

Is Eugeo a copy of Kirito?

For the thousandth time, the only reason Eugeo and Kirito look similar is because Japanese series suffer from “Same Face Syndrome”. Just because the characters look similar does not mean they are related in any way.