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Is Destin FL good for a family vacation?

Is Destin FL good for a family vacation?

Discover for yourself why Destin is known as one of America’s top family travel destinations and is one of the best places to vacation with kids.

Can kids go to Crab Island in Destin?

Crab Island is generally safe and wonderful for kids. However, you should be aware of the tides. Typically Crab Island will have two tidal changes a day. High tide is the best time on Crab Island.

What is there to do on Crab Island for kids?

The Crab Island Adventure Tour offers an inflatable water park (that is set up and taken down daily), kayaks, paddleboards, and snorkeling at the Gulf Islands National Seashore (5 minutes from Crab Island by boat), followed by a stop at the Crab Island sandbar, where you can relax and enjoy the scenery.

Is Destin a family-friendly beach?

Situated on Florida’s Emerald Coast, in a northwest corner facing the Gulf of Mexico, Destin is popular with anglers and water sports enthusiasts. You’ll also find family-friendly parks, attractions and restaurants, as well as the laid-back white-sand beaches that grace this part of the state.

What is the best month to go to Destin Florida?

The best time to visit Destin is in April and May when the water is warm, the sun is shining and the temperatures are comfortable (expect highs in the mid-70s and 80s). If you visit any earlier, you risk cooler weather and chilly water. A summer trip will put you among the crowds and the peak prices.

Is Panama City better than Destin?

If your family wants to fish, eat seafood, play golf, enjoy a vibrant nightlife, and go shopping, then Destin is the perfect vacation spot for you. However, if you want a more laid-back family vacation with excellent waterfront lodging and many children’s activities, then Panama City Beach is the way to go.

Is Crab Island worth going to?

Just off the Destin bridge, Crab Island offers breathtaking views and warm, crystal clear water. The shallow, underwater sandbar means that swimmers, boaters, and outdoor enthusiasts of all ages can enjoy this one-of-a-kind adventure! For these reasons, Crab Island has become a hotspot for locals and tourists alike.

Does it cost to go to Crab Island?

Crab Island Shuttle Boat Rates:

$45 per seat – standard 2.5 hour excursion. $55 per seat – extended 3 hour mid-day excursion. $32 for children 5 & under (all trips)

Does Destin Florida have a zoo?

Destin-Fort Walton Beach Zoos & Aquariums
Traveling with animal lovers? The Gulfarium and Emerald Coast Zoo are perfect for excursions beyond the beach.

How far is Disney from Destin?

416 miles
Yes, the driving distance between Destin to Walt Disney World is 416 miles. It takes approximately 6h 59m to drive from Destin to Walt Disney World.

What’s the cheapest month to go to Destin Florida?

November through February are the cheapest months to visit Destin, Florida. As it’s well-known as the off-season, the cost of airfare, accommodations, and rental cars drop considerably. You can usually find great deals on attractions as well because the companies just want to get people through the doors.

What months are jellyfish most active in Destin?

However, higher numbers of jellyfish tend to show up in the Destin area around mid-summer (July), and can be seen there until the waters start to cool in September/November. Even during the colder winter months you may happen to see one, but they’re not as plentiful here during the colder months.

What is the best day of the week to go to Crab Island?

If you want to be extra careful to avoid the party scene, plan your visit on a weekday (Mondays and Fridays tend to be the least crowded) and avoid major holidays, like Memorial Day weekend or the 4th of July.

Can you swim in Crab Island?

No, you cannot drive your car to Crab Island. You can’t swim or walk there, either. The only safe way to get to Crab Island is by boat. You can either rent a boat, charter a boat, or do an excursion, like the Crab Island Shuttle Boat or Crab Island Adventure Tour.

What is the best time to go to Crab Island?

high tide
Crab Island is open 24 hours, but the best time to go is during the day. The activities and food vendors will be open and that’s also when most people will be there. Furthermore, if you’re hoping to go when the water looks the best, go during high tide. Especially the first couple hours after high tide.

Can you swim at Crab Island?

You can’t swim or walk there, either. The only safe way to get to Crab Island is by boat. You can either rent a boat, charter a boat, or do an excursion, like the Crab Island Shuttle Boat or Crab Island Adventure Tour.

Can you swim with dolphins in Destin Florida?

There are no swimming with the dolphin activities in Destin.

What is there to do at the Destin aquarium?

Destin Aquariums

  • Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park Admission Tickets.
  • Discover Dolphins Encounter at Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park.
  • Discover Turtles Encounter at Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park.
  • Kids Reptile Safari at Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park.
  • Discover Sea Lions at Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park.

Which is better for families Destin or Panama City beach?

Are there any sharks in Destin Florida?

Are there sharks in Destin? Yes, of course there are sharks in Destin! We are situated along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, sharks’ natural habitat, and there are a wide variety of sharks that live in the Gulf, such as nurse sharks, hammerhead sharks, reef sharks, and bull sharks.

How many shark attacks happen in Destin Florida?

Shark sightings are extremely rare on Crab Island in Destin, Florida, and shark attacks around Destin are even rarer. According to the international shark attack file, there have only been four recorded shark attacks in Destin Florida, and the Okaloosa area, with the last attack occurring about 140 years ago in 1882.

Do you have to pay to go to Crab Island?

How Do I Get to Crab Island? Crab Island cannot be accessed without renting/owning a boat, kayak or other watercraft. Let us recommend some options that will help you get to the sandbar within your budget. Our sponsor TripShock offers easy online booking and discount to many Destin rentals and excursions.

Can you swim with the dolphins in Destin Florida?

Which is nicer Pensacola or Destin?

As far as which is nicer between Destin and Pensacola, they are pretty similar. Pensacola tends to have a more natural feel though with areas of undeveloped beaches between PCola Beach and Navarre or Ft. Pickens. And also less crowded.

Are there alligators in Destin FL?

Want to see alligators on your trip? Gator Beach in Destin has a great gator viewing area where you can even feed gators from a cane pole.