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Is bomber lures still in business?

Is bomber lures still in business?

Bomber Lures and the Bomber Bait Company of Gainesville, Texas. One of my favorite lure companies. Owned by Pradco now and sadly they are not even producing the most iconic bait anymore, the original Bomber.


300 2 3/4″
400 3 1/4″
500 3 1/2″
600 4″

What are Bomber lures good for?

Bomber Lures, makers of the Fat Free Shad, Model A, Long A and other fish-catching baits, began with an idea – a lure that dives deep, fishes quickly and comes through the thick wood cover of emerging Texas reservoirs. Today Bomber Lures produces tournament-winning crankbaits and other lures that lead the industry.

How do you fish bomber lures?

I’m using a six-inch bomber long a in this video. And I replace the factory hooks with VMC 209 T 626 hooks and I remove the middle belly hook. I fish these plugs on slow. Retrieve.

What’s the best lures to use for walleye?

Here are five primary categories of lures, baits, and tactics for catching walleye: jigs, crankbaits, spinners, soft plastics, and live bait rigs. Best Walleye Jigs Legendary angler Al Lindner has said for decades that if he could only use one lure for all species and seasons it would be a jig.

Who made Bomber lures?

Turbeville and Ike Walker, two north Texas fisherman, founded the Bomber Bait Company out of their garage in 1946. They invented the ‘Bomber,’ a lure that wouldn’t snag, even when dropped deep into the water. Early Bombers were metal and wood, though the company also experimented with plastic in the late 1940’s.

When did Bomber lures come out?

The Bomber Lure Company has been around since 1946, but they didn’t introduce their version of the Finnish Minnow until the mid 1970s. Their objective was to make a minnow bait that had a different look and action and was tougher than the competition.

What is a Bomber lure?

How deep does a bomber model a dive?

It’s timeless design, durability, true-running dependability, and pure fish-catching abilities define the meaning of “go-to lure.” An affordable workhorse, the Model 6A dives 6 to 8 feet, is rigged with size 6 trebles, and is available in 12 colors.

What colors do walleye see best?

In clear water, the study found, walleye will strike white lures or almost any color. When the water is clouded by sediment, they are more likely to go for yellow or gold, and in green algae-laden waters, walleye eyes are best at seeing black.

What color jig is best for walleye?

With only a few exceptions, chartreuse and orange caught the most walleyes and saugers. This is consistent with the science that walleyes see in the red-orange-green portions of the color spectrum, being most sensitive to orange-red.

How do you fish a long bomber?

You Should Really Throw This Old School Classic Bait – YouTube

Who makes Bandit lures?

PRADCO Outdoor Brands

– PRADCO Outdoor Brands, the world’s leading manufacturer and marketer of fishing and hunting brands and products, has acquired Bandit Lures of Sardis, Mississippi. Bandit was founded in 1976 by Jim Winter, who launched a series of spinnerbaits at that time.

Can walleye smell bait?

Walleye fishing typically your looking for a reaction bite or an aggression bite, but in some instances some scent on your jig or plug or whatever your fishing is just what you need to get a finicky walleye to bite.

How far can walleye see?

Putting what we know together we can say that like most predator fish, walleyes in clear water can sense movements well at a distance—in the best light perhaps out to 50 feet or so. In dim light that distance is reduces to perhaps 5 to 10 feet at early twilight.

What colors can walleye not see?

A walleye lacks the blue and yellow cells, so it’s color vision is similar to that of the rare human beings with blue and yellow color blindness. What this means is a walleye most likely can see all colors as some shade of red or green.

What is the best size jig for walleye?

The most common sizes of weedless jigs for walleye fishing are 1/16- and 1/8-ounce models. Stand-up jigs are yet another sub-category of special-purpose jigs that are especially useful. Various head designs are employed to create a jig design that positions the hook point at about a 45-degree angle to the bottom.

What size hooks are on a Bomber Long A?


Model Size (in.) Hook Sz.
B15A 4.5 in. #4

Did Bandit Lures go out of business?

The Bandit brand will now be sold and represented by the PRADCO Outdoor Brands Sales Group. As part of POB, Bandit lures will be shipped to customers along with POB’s entire portfolio of brands from POB’s distribution center in Calera, Alabama.

How deep do Bandit lures dive?

27 feet
The Bandit Walleye Deep Diver excels at catching walleyes in deep water. The Deep Walleye Bandit will troll down to 27 feet and is a great lure for exploring deeper water. Walleye, zander and other predator fish love this slender minnow jerkbait.

Length Weight Diving Depth
4-3/4″ 5/8 oz 27′

What color is most visible to walleye?

Walleyes do have color vision that peaks in the orange-red-green portions of the spectrum. They see colors on both sides of each peak, but sensitivity declines. So they see wavelengths shorter than green and longer than orange-red, but not well. Overall, they see orange and red well, followed green and yellow.

What color attracts walleye?

On board were four anglers casting either purple, black, white or gold lures. While under clear conditions, none of the lure colors proved more alluring than another. In turbid water, gold worked best. In water green with algae, black was the walleyes’ preference.

What color do walleyes prefer?

In water green with algae, black was the walleyes’ preference. When no special water condition was noted, the gold-colored spinner produced the most fish among the casters, Gray and the team found. Walleye in inland waters are likely to respond similarly to colors, Gray said.

What’s the best color for walleye?

The most basic and most productive colors for targeting walleye are purple and green. These colors come in a variety of shades and can be used in a large range of depths. For sunny days, select bright or flashy purple or green, and for cloudy days try a solid, darker green or purple.

What colors are walleye attracted to?

Some of the research confirmed details that anglers have long suspected. In clear water, the study found, walleye will strike white lures or almost any color. When the water is clouded by sediment, they are more likely to go for yellow or gold, and in green algae-laden waters, walleye eyes are best at seeing black.

Who bought Bandit lures?